Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Eric Bowman wins Top Honor at Sonoma Plein Air

Artists Choice Award: "Valle De la Luna" (16x20) by Eric Bowman

Congratulations to Eric Bowman who won the highest honor of Artist Choice at Sonoma Plein Air with his painting "Valle De la Luna".

Congratulations, also, to participating Oregon Plein Air artists Anton Pavlenko and Gene Constanza. Only 39 artists were chosen to compete in Sonoma from 124 applicants.

(Eric Bowman was also featured recently in Outdoor Painter about his award winning painting from the 2012 Easton Competition. Read the article HERE.


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  2. I really like this. It's moody. It has a real 1950's flavor. It's the kind original piece my Aunt Sally would have had in her home. You would have to understand what that means to me. Sal & Sally. Sal died way too young. Both educators; Sally a woman who choose not to retire because education was so beloved. Both Sal & Sally appreciated and loved the creativity of exceptional talent. They had a peaceful demeanor and a logical, common sense foundation. They raised my cousins with this. Rich and Barbra became 2 highly talented musicians who have earned a tremendous amount of respect for their musical talent in the Bay area. Their mom & dad and parented them with love and life experience, which they and their children cherish the memories of Sal & Sally as blessed. The grandkids only know Sal through pictures and history Sally, Rich and Barbra told them. But they left their loved ones a wonderful legacy of love and love of creativity. Like I said this is the kind of original work I would have expected to see in my Aunt Sally’s home.