Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Art Discussion Meeting, Thursday, June 2, 9am, OConnors

Thursday, June 2, 9am*, O'Connors

Suggested table topic: "Good Habits" --have you developed some good habits as it pertains to painting? Specifically, what are they? Do you have good advise to share for how to form good painting habits? Let's discuss! 

...and as usual bring some of your current paintings and/or news about you...We’re interested!** 

P.S. Check our no-stress drawing club that meets after the Thursday meeting HERE . We meet at Medley Tea (within walking distance of O'Connors).

* Though you can order food during the meeting, if you want to be assured of getting your order in... come in advance of the meeting. (Some like to eat "leisurely" at 8am)

**(specific topic participation is always "optional"----and the "current" painting you bring doesn't have to apply to  the question)