Meeting Notes, Nov 15, 2018

At today's meeting:  Eunice, Sharon, Dave, Susan, Ken, Wendy, Tedd, Jim, Jennifer, Loretta, Raphael ,Leslie, Thomas, Chris, Jeanie, Geri, Joanne T and me, Celeste

Today's suggested topic: "Transformation" Has painting changed you? How? or--have you ever started out a painting in one direction, only to wind up with very different results? Explain :)

Celeste: It's hard to remember a time when I wasn't involved in art in some way. ..but there was that decade when I was in insurance claims (about as far away from art as one can get). During that time I couldn't bring myself to paint or draw. I don't keep my house near as well as I used to. I take solace in things that are written about the masters, and how they had many challenges, just as we do.  I am showing older work and a new gouache painting I did from my car.

Eunice: I haven't been painting! Currently I am reading books and watching Lifetime (Laughter)! 

Dave: Transforming myself from business to art was a thrill for me. And what else would I be doing? It's better than sitting in a bar. (Laughter)! I do know...just like with golf,  just when you think you've got it, you don't. I am showing a painting that I painted with Alizarin Crimson and Sap Green and white. 

Susan: I am showing a painting I did when I was 18 years old. It is a watercolor portrait. Does anyone know who this is? It is the lead singer for Jethro Tull, Ian Anderson. It got into a show and at that very tender age, I won Best of Show and Best Watercolor for it! My Mother was super proud of me, for winning the prizes...but when I got a chance to actually go to a Jethro Tull concert in Chicago I actually took the painting off the wall and took it with me ! Then I managed to even get backstage and I met him and impulsively gave it to him ! He then asked me to go to the after party show. I decided no...but what if I'd said yes? Might my life have been transformed by that decision?! I repainted the painting and that is what I'm showing here. I am also showing a demo I did from a recent workshop. 

Ken:  I see color and energy and vibrations all around me! Many years ago my kids bought me paints and canvas and that started me down this road.,..but then I didn't paint for 10 years. I'm in process. I am always in some sort of transformation. The way I paint..every time it starts out one way and ends up another. Once I turned the painting upside down and it looks like a bird with a long beak...and I went with that. (Laughter)! I am showing a recent painting.

Wendy: Just three years ago I started painting. Up until that time I drew some, but not all that seriously. And I've had my doubts...I've thought, "I  can't"! But then, I looked around and realized I've done things that I actually like!I work part time and I really can't paint or draw after work. What I have noticed, however, is that painting is now almost all I want to do! I'm looking forward to not working, so I can devote myself to it.

Tedd: Well, Another day older. (Laughter)!!  Lately I have been doing something really different...I am using palette knife. When you paint with palette knife you need to put it down right. You can't really go back into it. It makes you stop "dawbing". When I was 27 I visited Italy. There was a vendor there that had a big armoire built onto a bicycle. He had these small watercolors that were pre-printed in gray and when he was set up, he would paint in the color parts. I bought these two (and they were expensive even back then). 

Jim: Transformation is how we adapt and change throughout our lives. As a young person I was in school, I was headed toward a creative career, but then I got drafted. I was sent to SE Asia and came back. I got married. I dealt with PSTD from the war. I worked through that and went into business finance. I never painted at all during that was 37 years before I picked up a brush again. It was my wife who convinced me that it would be a good idea! Now, I intend to go on with it for as long as I can! I am showing a painting I painted yesterday in Dave McBride's paint out at Sellwood Riverfront Park. I thought I caught the feeling of the day.

Jennifer: I grew up in a creative environment, but I eventually got married and had children and had to put creativity aside. One thing I always wanted to do was to visit MOMA. I favor contemporary work and colorful painting. This group has really inspired me and made me want to try oil painting. I am showing a painting I did that was inspired by walking in the snow. I like the unexpected color in the winter time. I am also showing recent oil painting studies.

Loretta L: I am taking a class in sculpture! Working with 3 dimensions is helping me to understand 2 dimensions better! I really like it. I am showing a sculpture I did as an assignment. We learned Aluminum casting last week...complicated, but so interesting!

Raphael: I am in a transformative era! All my life I have enjoyed excellent health. Now I have issues that are physical and I find it so annoying. I really never had to deal with these things before. It is hard to accept (pain where it never was before)! But...I will always have the studio! I'll adapt no matter what. I spent some time recently with Mike Rangner. We were at the coast and I did an oil sketch. I went back into it to make it a finished painting. 

Leslie: When I read the topic, I thought, gee...I don't know, the question is personal. But! It made me think of how I struggled with temperature in portrait painting. I just couldn't quite understand what to do. Joanne Mehl worked with me. She can change the shadow side of a portrait from warm to cool..and back again! After spending time with her something clicked and I felt that "I got it"! I think that was a transformation. 

Thomas: I'm a Buddhist. Everything is in transition..nothing is fixed! I didn't come to this knowledge early, unfortunately. Now I know that every single thing is changing all the time. It is not just the sun in the sky that changes. I am showing a painting I did from life of my young neighbor "Lulabelle" (Lulubelle is her pseudonym). She has the run of our house and we almost consider her a granddaughter. Tedd's story about the Italian marketplace reminds me of when I painted in St. Marcos square. All the vendors showed up and glared at me. One was elected to come over and convince me to leave. Of course, the language barrier made it so neither of us could really communicate. It was in the early days of Google translate, so I used my phone to say things to him like "I don't understand" and he typed into the phone. It translated: "they don't want you here".  I just kept painting and typing and I stretched it out! I got most of the painting done while we "talked"! (Laughter)!!

Chris:  The whole time I worked in Graphic Design I longed to paint plein air landscape and I liked the idea of cityscapes too. But when I finally got the opportunity to paint I was more or less forced into doing portrait instead of plein air. I did not want to. It was the last thing I wanted to do! But, everyone I knew requested portraits. Recently I painted with this group at Cathedral Park. My "Cathedral Bridge" came out badly and I felt low because of it. I decided to paint a painting from a photo I took that same day ......Here is what I painted ! (I decided...why should I be the only person here who hasn't painted Tim Young!?!) (Laughter! Applause)!

Jeanie: I "transformed" when my husband passed away.  He had been my subsidy! I was a sculptor,  I sold a fair amount...but I couldn't make a living on it. So I "transitioned" into painting. I meant to paint outdoors, but I never have and I guess I accept that I am a studio painter. I am showing a recent painting.

Geri: All my life I have been drawn to two theater improv and the other painting and drawing. I was in business for a long time, but I always plugged away creatively. In Improv there is this thing called "Yes, And?" it has to do with what comes next. I had the book "Art and Fear" for a long time. I didn't read it until recently. The book touches on commitment and also "what comes next". It's a good thing to take things as they come. Everything is in transition. I am showing a recent acrylic painting. 

Joanne T: Some of you know I am now an inch taller! I had a bad hip surgery and the Doctor made me taller (but only on one side). I will have surgery to the other hip in the near future. I started out as a dancer and my parents were supportive. I took an aptitude test in my 30s and learned that I would do well in design fields. That surprised me. Me? But, it is true, I always drew and liked drawing. I was a nurse and circumstances made it so I could retire early.  It is all play to me! Currently I am very interested in palette knife and impressionism. I am showing two recent paintings.


Thanks for the great paint out at Sellwood Park, Dave McBride! Thanks Tim Young for the photos

Here is Thomas Kitts DVD:  He has another future instructional DVD/or stream in the works

Thomas also has an article in upcoming issue of Plein Air Magazine about painting on Mohegan Isle, Maine:

Congratulations on the great turn out at your reception, Jeanie Bates and thanks for the photographic report on Facebook, Chris Rectenwald.

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