Meeting Notes, Jan 25, 2018

At todays meeting, Loretta U, Judith, Annie, Ken, Elo, Tim, Diane, Lisa, Tom K, Stephanie, Jeanie, Tracie, Kristina, Geri, Chris, Susan, Becky, Loretta L, Joanne and me, Celeste

Today's topic "Being Yourself, how do you think you are doing in the realm of being yourself as it pertains to painting? What do you do differently from others?

(comments are in random and anonymous order)

I have painted a lot from my own experiences and from memory. I think my paintings do reflect and express my viewpoint.

I have made copies recently because I am studying composition. I am also inspired by my fellow artists in the Daily Painting Challenge! The subject matter they chose gives me ideas for my own paintings. It's important to remember the best way to be yourself is with racking up painting "Miles".
There is a book called "Stealing like an Artist". I haven't read it, but I know that the author says if you keep borrowing from the same are stealing, but if you broaden the sources to are "researching"! (Laughter)! 

I confess...I have wanted to paint expressly like my heroes! I would like to paint like Za and Aimee! BUT--I also realize that I have my own voice and I am different than anyone else. I think there have been big improvements in "being myself" as time has gone by.

I have had some trouble "being myself"! I am swayed by others. I like my paintings to tell a story. I appreciate narrative painting. I have been painting with more paint recently.

Once someone said to me "I always know which paintings are yours, because they are precise. Yes...I do spend time getting the drawing right. To me, the drawing has to be right. I guess that is *me*! I take the pains to see to it that my start is satisfying (to me)! I'm not likely to change that.

I have learned that if I am in a group doing something I can be distracted. I seem to do better with no distractions whatsoever. I had a studio for awhile and that is what I learned that *I* really enjoy doing the work in my own space without others around. That isn't to say that I don't like company--I do, but I've learned that my best work seems to come from the times I've been all on my own.

I have worked from books to learn to paint. It seems like a viable approach.

I have been doing all sorts of subjects recently (because of the daily challenge). It isn't easy to paint yourself without your glasses if you need glasses. (Laughter)! I have never been drawn to "standard" colors. I will put different colors where you might not expect them.

I'm not like the rest of you. I don't paint outdoors. I don't paint in a "painterly" style. I am more photo-real and my studio paintings are getting bigger. 

When I was a young kid I had an impulse to make a neighbor kid a guinea pig with one of my crazy ideas. He did as I told him and he got hurt and had to go to the hospital! I felt so awful! Even telling you this today makes me cringe. Why-ever did I do that! The neighbor kid had liked me drawing for him in the past so I decided to make pictures for him as a way to apologize to him. I made scads of pictures for him to try to make up to him. When I think back on it, I know that experience (of making those pictures) put me on the very path I'm on today. 

I always wanted to be a landscape painter--and yet I keep doing other types of art (especially figure). Why don't I paint outside and do landscape? It is where my heart is...but I wind up doing paintings that I know will be appreciated. (like paintings of my family and for my family). I'll get to landscape one day--! I will!

I think I do fine "being myself" ---not sure I could be anything else. Whoever you are seems to come through in painting, much like handwriting is unique to you. I have copied plenty of paintings and I make no apology for it. Singers can sing someone elses song and no one has any problem with that. When learning to paint there is nothing wrong about allowing others to inspire you. (Just make sure you return to your own ways)

I painted this the other night and tried to paint in a very chunky way. That is a departure from my "considered" more careful stroke. It's valid and important to change it up! We are all experimenters!

One thing I do "differently" is I use transparent orange in an underpainting.

Here I am....I am Me! (laughter)! I did a recent Facebook challenge and I enjoyed it...because you were asked to paint to certain concepts and ideas. That was different! 

I typically paint ideas from my own life and experiences. And I am lucky that my teachers have *allowed* me to be me (with whatever current ideas about subject or materials that interest me). I listen and get what I can from them, but the results always have my own spin on it. 

I have been on a trip and I am so happy to be back, painting. I have always found joy in painting ever since I started. It has never been any kind of burden and I have always done my own thing!

When I first moved to Oregon from another of the first things I did was buy a plaid shirt! (Laughter)! Then I bought other things, like a western hat, the right shoes --eventually a pick up truck! (Laughter)! It's in my nature to look for the story in each thing I paint. Just painting an object wouldn't work for me. I like the narrative of a story. 

I brought in this painting of a commonly painted object....because no one else has ever done THIS before (Laughter)! I think the better question might be... can you not be yourself?...try NOT being yourself. That's what isn't easy! (Laughter)!

Here is a painting I did where I put in all sorts of detail, beyond what perhaps was necessary? I seem to do that consistently. Maybe that is "my" penchant!

Other Notes:

Tom K: This painting is of a rock wall in Conn. The walls served a purpose when built...and now nature is reclaiming them.

Becky: I wanted to show you this "Painting garage" --if you use it with oil of clove, the paint seems to last forever!

Susan: I am so happy to be here--! It just seems right. I haven't painted yet, but I have been teaching. (I guess that is one thing that is *me*...I was always conducting "school" when I was a kid!(Laughter)! I was told often..."you're going to be a teacher".  (Editors note: We're glad you are back, Susan!)

Annie: These sketches are from a visit to a coffee shop. Ultimately there were three dogs in this coffee shop! I sketched them. (Laughter)!

Happy Birthday, Kristina Sellers!


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