Meeting Notes, Feb 15, 2018

At todays meeting, Ken, Geri, Tim, Diane, Lisa, Jeanie, Joanne K, Leslie, Dotty, Jerry, Leah Faure (new), Judith, Loretta L, Annie, Becky, Anna, Eduardo, Joanne T, Sharon, Aimee Erickson (new) and me, Celeste

Suggested Table Topic: Art instruction books, DVDs and online instruction...describe your experience(s), do you have recommendations? What are the pros and cons? 

Celeste: I do think there is a downside to DVDs...they can bore you to death and you might have to splash your face with ice water to stay awake! (Laughter)! Actually, I have learned good things from books, DVDs and youTube. I haven't signed up for any online seems really expensive (for example $400 for a year of "mentoring") I think right now I'm mostly in favor of in-person classes. I brought 3 books I especially like and some recent paintings. 

Ken: I used books long ago, but if I need a reference I am most inclined to use the internet (to Google it)! I am showing a large painting from my painting series.

Anna: I just completed the Max Ginsburg workshop. I'm someone who wants in-person instruction. I've been taking classes with Za Vue. I also take classes with Jennifer Diehl. Max Ginsburg had us obliterate and then add things back in. All my mentors have me thinking about avoiding the "outline" in painting. They all employ the "massing" approach. It is more of a sculptural thing. I've been working in black and white. This figure is from 2 days in the Ginsburg workshop.

Geri: One of my favorite books that I would recommend is by Danny Gregory, called "Creative License". Gregory is all about having fun and laughing...and we can always all use a laugh, can't we?
I am showing some recent work. I finished this one with the two people in it. This portrait seems to need something else...but what? Maybe a pack of cigarettes? (Laughter)!

Tim: I forgot the topic today...I brought in painting that have to do with 3s (last weeks discussion). I purposely painted this painting on the subject of three --and this one also (the character has three legs) (Laughter)! I also did this painting from a photo of Yong Hong Zhong "filling in" (substituting)  for a life model. (Laughter)!

Diane: I watch an artist on youTube who is very articulate. He shows his palette arrangement and explains things thoroughly. Many videos out there are purely bad --and a waste of time. 

Lisa: For myself, I just take in-person workshops! I'm just here for the food! (Laughter)!

Jeanie: I brought in two of my books from my old school days about anatomy. I don't work with figure much anymore, but you can see how much I used these and referred to them over time! I like watching videos by Michael James Smith. I have learned that painting small...and then doing another version of it larger is a good way to go! I am showing a small painting.

Aimee new--Welcome Aimee! (we all know her, but this is her first time at Alla Prima). I have been involved in building a new studio, so I haven't painted in a long time...but I think of art and painting as a wave. Sometimes the wave crashes and sometimes the wave is out to sea. It's ok to be sometimes out to sea! (Laughter)! It is part of the same process to "not paint" than "to paint". I am going to be offering new classes and one of my classes will involve showing the student how to fix a painting that doesn't seem satisfactory. David Leffel and Sherrie McGraw offer all of their videos in a subscription service. Twitch has purchased Bob Ross 

Judith: I'm glad to see Aimee here ! My Gallery called so I am working on paintings for the Gallery. I just steal ancient art! Laughter! I am inspired by coffee table books...I refer to classic paintings.

Joanne K: It took me 6 months to return a DVD to Joanne, so you may not want to loan me one! Laughter! I like the Quang Ho DVDs. I own a ton of books. I like Carlsons book on landscape. There is a danger in studying too much. You'll study too much and not "do"! I just finished the Max Ginsburg workhsop..these are paintings from last week.

Becky: I brought in Alla Prima II. It is really different than I thought it would be, but I find it valuable. For one thing, surprisingly, Richard Schmid subscribes to the idea that at some point you should throw the "rules" out the window. Some videos can be such a waste of time is certainly is interesting to see how many different ways there are to block in. I prefer in-person classes to other ways of learning...I learn better in person. I am showing a recent painting. 

Leslie: I haven't been here in a year --but I'm back  ! (Applause)! I have been on a sabbatical. I had a studio in Jerusalem and I worked on painting illustrations for a book there! I had to learn to be very neat with painting there because of the space. I am generally very messy! The name of the book is "Picture of health". I sandwiched this experience between two Max Ginsburg workshops! These are two paintings from life. If you can't get a life model you might try Croquis:

Sharon: I do like videos and if I have time, I watch them. I have been taking classes with Za Vue. the most recent class was on lost and found edges (where I did this black and white floral exercise). I am showing also a recent painting from a life session. 

Joanne T: I find videos helpful and I brought my library to show you! Many of these are great, but a couple were bad and I even wrote to someone to complain ! (Laughter)! The artist actually listened to me and improved his 2nd video. I am showing a recent painting that I did based on a paint out we all did on Sauvie Island. I take two workshops a year. I try to "play" and not get uptight!

Annie: I like James Gurney. I also liked a video by Quang Ho where he painted an interior and a figure. In that video he completes something before going ahead. It made me think about how important it is to finish things (and I mean just see it through, not get so meticulous that it winds up looking static--its a fine line). 

Loretta L: I read Ted Goerschners book. I found it helpful. I went to the Max Ginsburg demo and he often paints over an old painting. I did the same for this painting that I did in a Friday life session at OSA.

Dotty: I find watching DVDs a little challenging because I start to feel "antsy" --I'm more of a magazine junkie, myself (Laughter)! I am showing a recent pastel and a recent oil.

Jerry: I like this is my "go-to" book whenever I have an outdoor painting question. It is by Elizabeth Tolley. I just found out that Dotty is friends with her and has painted with her many times in California. I see the California influence in Dotty's work! I learn through reading other books about art besides "how to" books. I am reading this book, "The Masterpiece". There is a passage in here about the motivation behind the Boat Party painting. A friend of mine passed away recently. He and I and another friend experienced the Tetons I painted this expressly to honor put that memory in paint, to make it tangible. 

Leah: (new, Welcome, Leah)! I am a fan of the Claudia Nice series and also Emily Carr. I am interested in urban sketching in Portland. 

Eduardo: I like the Robert Hale videos about anatomy. I teach a class that is similar to the Hale approach. I brought in a favorite anatomy book. I am showing recent small studies.
Jennifer Cox was visiting O'Connors and I pointed her out...Jennifer has posed as a model for many of us. Great to see her today. She is also working on illustrating a book. (Applause)!


Check out this article about me (Celeste) and Joanne Radmilovich Kollman:

Reception plus sketching/painting Joanne Radmilovich-Kollman and Celeste Bergin Two-Person Exhibition Reception. Come have a look at our work and bring your sketching/painting stuff...because we'll sketch and/or paint somewhere outside somehow weather permitting....because that's what we do! We may just put a still life out there near the parking lot. Come hang with us! Wednesday, Feb 21, 1-3pm (painting sketching goes to whenever) Location: Wilsonville Campus/Clackamas Community College Commons Gallery 29353 SW Town Center Lp East, Wilsonville OR 97070

Thomas Kitts recently made a DVD with Eric Rhoads/Streamline Art Production. We'll watch for it!

Aimee Erickson will be starting all new classes with several options, Weekday, Weekend, Plein Air and critique. Get on her mailing list to learn more.

Eduardo Fernandez' classes are currently filled, but check out his blog and get on his wait list:

Yong Hong Zhong Solo Show 2nd Reception March 6  (5-6:30pm with painting Demo):
Experience Nature, Zhong’s plein air exhibit is on display at the Walters Cultural Arts Center from February 6 – March 26. Meet Zhong at the first Tuesday reception March 6 from 5 – 6:30 pm. Special Artist Demo on March 6.

Paint the figure Friday ("Fine Art Friday") at OSA Feb 16 1-4pm  with Joanne Radmilovich Kollman.
The model is Nicole Poole,  $20 drop ins are welcome.

Come paint with 
EXPRESSIVE OIL PAINTING & FRESH FLOWER SATURDAY (Drop Ins welcome) Saturday, Feb 17 1:30-4:30 pmwith artist Joanne Radmilovich Kollman $25 Questions? If you need assistance, instruction or help with supplies don't hesitate to ask, contact Joanne KollmanEmail or phone RSVP is helpful but Drop-ins are welcome. 503.752.3708

Joe Paquet workshop registration email Joe Paquet (begins Feb 17) at OSA

Saturday Feb 17
Large Painting Workshop
Saturday February 17th Morning Lecture- 9-12  $75.00 Full Day with afternoon Demo - Underpainting  $175.00

The lecture will be a combined introduction of the Prismatic Palette both history and application (underpainting, atmospheric progression, freezing an effect of light). 
I will also discuss Design and sound pictorial construction principals as well as the importance of subjective choice-making and ultimately creating a more personal visual statement.
Reserve a spot by emailing

(information from Kathy Johnson 2018 Willamette Valley/Oregon Lavender Paint Out):

You're invited to participate in the 2018 Willamette Valley/Oregon Lavender Paint Out and Art Show -- a plein air Paint Out taking place at beautiful lavender farms throughout Oregon that participate in the WV/Oregon Lavender Festival. You’ll have two weeks to paint -- from June 25 through July 12.  The Paint Out culminates with a show at the Willamette Valley Lavender Plein Air Art Show. The Chehalem Cultural Center will host the Lavender Festival & Art Show. Paintings will be hung in the Center's beautiful ballroom during the festival July 14 and 15. The show will be judged — cash and art material prizes will be awarded in both divisions.

Please read the rules in the Call to Artists and the Prospectus. The rules apply -- even if you don’t read them!

The show will be judged by Richard McKinley, an international award-winning artist from Medford, Oregon. He is a Signature Master Pastelist of Pastel Society of America and member of the Master Circle and President of International Association of Pastel Societies and also a member of the Salmagundi Club of NYC, and Oil Painters of America.

Over $5000 in Cash and Materials Awards!
Artists may choose to enter either the Open or the Professional division. 

Professional Division
1st Place, $600; 2nd Place, $500; 3rd Place, $400
6 Honorable Mention Awards, Artists Choice Award, People's Choice Award
Several Sponsor Awards

Open Division
1st Place, $300; 2nd Place, $200; 3rd Place, $100
6 Honorable Mention Awards, Artists Choice Award, People's Choice Award
Several Sponsor Awards

Registration will be limited to 125 artists
Registration opens March 1 and closes June 1.
New this year — no entries allowed after June 1. Please note that work must be completed at participating lavender farms. Registered artists will receive a package at a Meet-and-Greet for local artists early in June with maps and information about which farms are participating in the Paint Out. There will be about 20 farms located throughout Oregon from which to choose. We will mail packages to the out of area artists by June 10th. A lanyard will be included in the package and will be required while painting at lavender farms. New this year — 2 extra paintings allowed with $10 fee each, paid when delivered.

Please see the attached Call to Artists, Prospectus and Registration for additional information. We will have PDFs of these files on our web site: under the menu heading: “Oregon Lavender Paint Out”.

Please forward to artists or organizations that might be interested. 
Contact me if you have any questions at

Kathy Johnson, chair

The Hiatus Drawing Club

Next Meeting Thursday, Feb 22, Suggested table topic: Dominant color and/or Exaggeration (of color and/or scale) --Have you thought about this and planned a painting with "Dominance" and/or Exaggeration? Lets Discuss!

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