Meeting Notes, Jan 31, 2019

At today's meeting: Joanne Loretta Judith Susan Annie Chris Raphael Dianna Thomas K Tim Kristie Dotty Tom D Kathy Jeanie Sandy Jim Tedd Paul Vicki Ken Geri Wendy Eunice Peggie Donna Paula Yong Anna and me Celeste

Today's topic: "Well, that tanked". Show or describe a work that (in your opinion) missed the mark. Also (as a bonus) explain what you learned from it.

Celeste: I have so many paintings that tanked I could show! This is a painting I did on a plein air outing that took place at Eugenia's home. I couldn't find what I wanted to paint and I wasted a lot of time walking around. Finally, I saw this upside down canoe in the side yard so painted it fast to be able to show something in our noon time discussion.. When I presented my painting and started to talk about my experience someone asked..What *is* that....a fish"??? (Laughter)!  

Joanne: I have been painting in the Strada Challenge. This painting turned out really dark and sort of crooked. On the upside, this was painted on that Canson paper and if I wanted to I could crop it. I could also improve the color but, my tendency when I don't get the result I want is to just move to the next thing! I am also showing three paintings that I consider more successful than the dark one.

Loretta: When a painting tanks, I keep trying and trying! I go back into it again and again until it starts screaming! (Laughter)! I am showing this unfinished painting. I think it needed some diagonals. 

Judith: I pass :)

Susan: You may remember that I told you that I was selling my husband's and my business. The entire thing had been emotionally charged and ultimately it completely fell through..but paradoxically I accepted the outcome. I did this painting demo at OSA. I really enjoyed doing it -- it just came together! I realized that the act of doing this demo together with the subject matter matched my new positive outlook. I titled this painting "Breaking Through" (Applause)!

Annie: I thought maybe the topic was about things that went wrong out in the field. (Editors's note: sorry, Annie, I didn't hear your story of what went wrong). I have been doing paintings from my pencil sketches. I did this of my husband. I think the watercolor version looks like his forehead has been flattened. (Laughter) !

Chris: I was painting with a friend. I needed some purple, but the purple I could mix with what I had was dull. My friend offered me some tubed purple that she had and I used it! I (ultimately) realized that she gave me acrylic, but I was painting in oil! (Laughter) But, here's the thing-- that painting turned out really hangs on my son's wall (he loves it) and maybe no one will worry too much about the archival issues (for the next 50 years, maybe)? 

Raphael: One thing I have really learned is that it's best to be "authentic". For example, I did a river painting and later put a fisherman into it. It looked ridiculous! It was a "lie". But, I kept that painting to remind me to do right by the subject matter. I have been doing the Strada Challenge, painting every day. I especially enjoyed painting these houseboats on the river, across from Sellwood Park. 

Dianna: I recently organized all my paintings (because I moved). I came across this painting of a blacksmith and I realized it needed more light (from the fire)! I added it..yes, it needed that 2nd source of light! I also brought this large painting of a "conversation".  The strong shadow on the wall connects the people. 

Thomas K: I never keep any bad paintings...I do not keep them. I wipe them down and move on to the next one! I am showing the current issue of Plein Air Magazine. My featured article is in it and guess who else has an article in it? Yong! Well deserved, Yong! (Applause)! My article is about Mohegan Isle, Maine and there is one story between my article and Yongs. 

(Editor's note: Congratulations to both Thomas Kitts and Yong Hong Zhong, we're all super proud of you)!  Plein Air Magazine)

Tim: I take my horrible paintings to Goodwill. Someone can paint them over. I did this painting plein air. It's all wrong..the barn is squarely in the middle! The whole thing tanked, but hey, it was plein air (Laughter)! I am also showing one of my little bird paintings. I take my time with these. I want to do a series of them.

Kristie: I don't paint outdoors yet...but I figured I could come and listen and learn! I recently painted this and I have concerns about it! I'm not sure about it's "tank" status! (Laughter)!

Dotty: I didn't realize that I should bring the bad painting. I just sometimes work on something until it dies (Laughter)! I brought a recent painting. 

Tom D: It can be excruciating when they tank and really, they don't seem to tank as much as they used to! I painted this at the beach and I was pleased with the outcome.

Kathy: Lately I have been revisiting some of my older paintings and attempting to fix them. It sometimes works and looks a lot better (or it can look a lot worse)! It's a learning experience.

Jeanie: I don't make mistakes. (Laughter)! Ok, actually right now I am working on a 30x40 and it is going really wrong. (I'll see if I can get it back)

Jim: I didn't bring my "tanked" paintings...I figure I have already brought in enough of those (Laugher)! When I sense that it is irretrievable I just put another panel on the easel! I am showing three paintings I did during the Strada daily painting challenge. I painted this painting of a cup with hearts on it as a reminder that Valentines day is coming up! (I better not miss it)! (Laughter)!

Tedd: When things go wrong for me I scrape it off! I am showing two new palette knife paintings. 

Paul: I didn't bring anything on this subject...I had too many to choose from (Laughter)!

Vicki: I wanted to be really "environmentally correct" so I pared down my gear and set out my paints in advance onto a lightweight palette. I was poised to begin my painting when a big gust of wind blew my palette up right into my chest! (Laughter) 

Ken: I've been back East visiting my family. My daughter knows that my passion is when we had a family art session she talked me up by saying: "Just wait until you see what he can do"!....but of course, I didn't "do" anything too "wow" them (Laughter)! I'm showing a recent painting and I'm happy to report that a painting I had in a Yoga studio sold (Applause)!

Geri: Twenty years ago I took up art again. I hadn't done any art at all in 14 years. I was dating a guy and I was really beguiled by much so I did a painting "for" him as a gift! I don't know what got into me to do that and my choice of subject matter was so weird! The subject matter was a woman and there were like flames shooting off her. At the time this guy and I were both going to therapists. I found out that he actually took my painting to his therapist to show it to him! (Laughter)! He told me that the therapist said: "I think she digs you" (Laughter)! In time this guy and I started going places to sketch together. "That guy" is now my husband Jeff! (Laughter, applause)! The moral of the story is that you can stink at art and still get the guy! (Laughter)!

Wendy: I keep making plenty of mistakes!

Eunice: Kiss all your errors and put them in a closet! Be grateful for all the mistakes that you make ! :)

Peggie: I did a painting of a cat on a complex patterned rug. I scraped and repainted the cat's head so much the surface lost all of it's weave and became like painting on linoleum! I finally had to scrap the painting and start on a new canvas...but, of course, this time I know what to do it came together. I am showing a painting from Hawaii and another done right on the water in the glare of solid sunshine! I had to hold up a canvas to shield my surface to finish the painting.

Donna: I did this painting when I was down to just one paper! I tend to work through any discomfort and learn along the way. I learn more from my mistakes than from my successes. I did this vertical (textural) painting recently. 

Paula: When I painted this painting it was a real challenge...because the light was not strong. It seems a lot easier when there is sunlight and shadow! I am also showing a recent painting I did in a workshop.

Yong: I can't bring my tankers, too embarrassing! (Laughter)! I am showing a digital painting that I did at the figure session last Friday at OSA. I have been experimenting. When doing a "regular" painting often you'll be thinking..."oh I don't want to mess this up"! But,it is great with digital painting --if you make a mistake you can so simply un-do it and correct it!

Anna: I have been getting "tanked" paintings at one of my favorite plein air locations. I don't know why! I have been wondering if I should go back for round three or just give it a rest. I am showing paintings from the Strada Daily painting challenge.


Thomas Kitts and Yong Hong Zhong are both featured in stories in the current issue of  Plein Air Magazine) :)

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