Meeting Notes, January 18, 2018

At todays meeting: Eduardo, Loretta, Susan, Tom K, Jim, Tim, Judith, Joanne T. Joanne K, Eugenia, Annie, Diane, Lisa, Kristina, Jeanie, Geri, Vicki, Chris, Raphael, Mike, Eunice, Tracie, Brenda, Becky, Paula and me, Celeste.

Suggested table topic: Organization--(as it pertains to painting) do you have tips and/or insights about organization for artists?

Celeste: Cathleen Rehfeld wrote a checklist directly onto her wet canvas carrier with a big black marker pen. (It was a list of basic supplies for any plein air outing). I liked the idea and I wrote one up for myself that I keep near my gear. I check against the list every time, because it is so easy to forget things. I also brought in a new "organizer" for drawing. I like any container that I can see through. I am showing recent Daily paintings. 

Loretta: My studio is organized. I do like to paint the same size canvas (16x20) and that way they are easy to store (in a box).

Susan: Well, first of all, I'm a Virgo, so there is that (laughter)! All I have been doing is getting rid of things and organizing since my husband passed away. So, that is complete now and now I am ready to paint! (Applause)! I studied with Joe Paquet and he is so neat! He doesn't get even a little paint on his clothes. Joe is a Virgo too! I want to be as neat as he is..if you clean the opening of your paints everything is better. The cap goes on better and you don't get paint all over things. It doesn't take but a moment to do. I am showing two recent pastel paintings. 

Tracie: I really have no organization! I guess I am organized just enough to get things done. I am showing my Daily paintings for the Strada Challenge. The other day I had to do two paintings...because one was a commission (not from life) and I did a 2nd make sure I am still in the running to win an easel!

Jim: Organization. Well, I do have a wife! (Laughter)! She really does help keep me on track and she *lets* me do all this (Laughter)! I am showing recent Daily paintings for the Strada Challenge and a plein air from Cooper Mountain.

Tim: I like to embrace the chaos! For example...yes, I forgot white one time and I painted with Naples yellow in place of the white. It was a positive experience. I just "go with it"! I also have $1.79 ea brushes in my car. I keep them there...just in case I need them. (Laughter)! I am showing two recent plein air paintings. One is Dabney Park.

Eugenia: I move things around in my studio a lot. I'm trying to find logical places for everything. My most recent acquisition is a cloth roll up thing that holds 24 tubes of paint. For this painting of a tequila bottle I thought..I'm just going to have some fun! I also brought in a 2nd "Daily Painting"

Paula: I have a small studio and I struggle with organization. I like to set up drawers with specific that I can find them and return them to the same place. I am showing recent pastel paintings. 

Joanne T: I write out lists...and then I lose them (Laughter)! I am my mind! I have a Tim Horn calendar. I am going to Arizona next week to the Scottsdale school. I mailed my supplies there to my son's address. I love sending it all there direct! I like these new Source Tek panels. I have a 10 drawer system that I am using for materials. I am showing recent paintings.

Tom: I am too organized. Francis Bacon is a hero of mine. (Laughter)!

Kristina: I have been using my smart phone for my calendar....but recently I decided to go back to an old school "regular" planner. I like the old way of writing things down. I brought a recent painting. 

Jeanie: I have a very small studio. I have to use my kitchen island for projects on occasion. I do keep my inventory on my computer on a spreadsheet.

Geri: I buy plastic sleeves at Aaron Brothers. Those sleeves are so good for a number of reasons. They protect the work and keep me organized. I bought this camera bag and it serves as my art bag. It has velcro sections that I can move around to accommodate what I put inside. I'm showing a painting that I consider "nostalgic"

Vicki: I keep everything in a bag that I need for plein air painting. It's always ready. Recently I saw a thread on Facebook about separating tubes of paint according to color...I've never thought of doing that. I imagine it would save time, because I "fumble" around to find what I want! (Laughter)!

Chris: I'm surprised no one has said this yet...If I am nervous about doing a painting...I will "use" organizing to put off doing my work! It becomes my delay tactic (Laughter)! I got some white baskets at the Dollar store. I keep my paints in those baskets in rainbow order. The baskets were economical and they help me. I am showing a recent painting of my Grandsons.

Raphael: I brought in a painting I did for my wife of our little Frenchie dog. (collective awwww) and I painted this one at the coast. I had always wanted to try to paint the fog--so when it was there, rolling around, I thoroughly enjoyed trying to capture it. This was in the summer near Newport. I have a big studio and it is multi-purpose so it is an organizational nightmare! I have to stay on top of it, or it really gets out of hand. 

Mike: Why do we organize? Why do we need to? If I get too organized...I am not doing what it is that I need to be doing! One time I went plein air painting with Steve K. He and I are watercolorists. Steve forgot his watercolor paper! (Laughter)! I had to loan him a sheet. But, we all have heard of artists who forgot brushes and rather than return home, they painted with sticks and may have done as well or even better with makeshift brushes. I am showing a wood-turned (Madrone) candle stand. (I like working in 3-D for a change! See my announcement in "Announcements" about the OSA fundraiser that I am doing).

Eunice: If you saw the back of my van you'd think I live in there (Laughter)! I keep 3 different set-ups in there for painting. That way I am ready for whatever I want to do! I don't have to pull anything's all ready.

Lisa: I have to be organized because of lack of space. I've been doing the Strada Daily challenge. I have been delighted to do it! But it is interesting "ego-wise" because some days are better or worse than others. (We have to post the paintings daily on our Facebook wall). I am showing three recent paintings.

Diane: Back in my former job....we used Daytimers. I would write things down and forget to look in the right place! Nowadays I put things in a regular specific place so that I can and will find them. When I work I can create a huge mess...but "out of chaos I make the world".  Lately I have been drawing more than painting. I am showing a recent drawing.

Annie: I am showing my best organizational "tip"! I put a dab of the acrylic paint on the top of a tube...and then I use this beer carton as a "tote". (Eduardo interjects..."do we have beer"?--Laughter)! Tim's story about forgetting paint reminded me...I read a book by Dorothy Sayers and in it Lord Peter Whimsey cracks the case because the outdoor painter was missing white on his palette! Whimsey said "no outdoor painter would ever go out without white--therefore, (this imposter) is the murderer"! (Laughter)!

Ken: We all have OCD in varying degrees! (Laughter)! It can be a little or a lot...but it serves us. I think it keeps me in check. I am showing some larger work (and I'll send around a smaller version of them). I paint intuitively--so a painting starts off in one direction and evolves into something completely different.

Becky: I was I will pass. I should be punished! (Laughter)!

Judith: My OCD has carried me through the years. I label things.

Brenda: (Brenda asks for a show of hands about how many paintings we all own...either our own or paintings by others).  I use I don't know about the rest of you...but it is easy to lose track of where a painting is. I have schlepped a bunch of paintings from show to show!  Now I know exactly where everything is. It's a great business management tool that keeps me organized.
I am showing a recent plein air painting.

Eduardo: I am often over organized or under organized ! It's a struggle. I have managed to come up with good palette organization that I use consistently. I use the Zorn palette and for figure/portrait painting I often pre-mix and put out enough paint. My palette is built it for speed. I am going to be doing a demo in the near future where I will share my system. I am showing these paintings that I call "filler" paintings. I do them of favorite characters...just for fun between other (more serious) paintings. 

Joanne K: I am showing you my "teaching vest" (Laughter)! I really like it because each pocket has a handy teaching thing in it...look, here is some tape! (Laughter)! I've learned that closed up boxes aren't your friend. If you can't see inside--it is a problem. I use baskets to sort paintings into categories. I put them in categories like still life, landscape and figure--and that way I can photograph them in groups and find them easily. I am showing recent paintings for the Strada Challenge....and this painting that was accepted into the American Impressionist Society show. (Applause)!


Joanne Radmilovich Kollman was accepted into the AIS small works show (Congratulations, Joanne)

Joe Paquet workshop registration email Joe Paquet (begins Feb 17)

Saturday Feb 17
Large Painting Workshop
Saturday February 17th Morning Lecture- 9-12  $75.00 Full Day with afternoon Demo - Underpainting  $175.00

The lecture will be a combined introduction of the Prismatic Palette both history and application (underpainting, atmospheric progression, freezing an effect of light). 
I will also discuss Design and sound pictorial construction principals as well as the importance of subjective choice-making and ultimately creating a more personal visual statement.
Reserve a spot by emailing

Max Ginsburg 2 spots left contact OSA for registration

Max Ginsburg Demo Feb 4 (free to workshop attendees, $50.00 others)

Susan Kuznitsky classes

Brenda Boylan classes

Eduardo Fernandez is offering new classes and a demo about his pre-mix Zorn palette

Raphael Schnepf solo show at Providence Milwaukie Feb 7

Mike Porter's very popular handcrafted wood paint brush holders, candle stands, pepper grinders coffee scoops (and other items) are available for sale as a fundraiser for OSA. Prices ranging from $10. and up. (All proceeds go to the building fund). email Mike for photos, prices and details.

Jeanie Bates Reception Feb 4, 2-4pm West Linn Library

Expressive Portraiture at Oregon Society of Artists FRIDAY MORNINGS (next one Jan 19) 9:30am-12:30pm
Joanne Radmilovich Kollman, instructor
drop-ins: $30 with RSVP
classroom: upstairs studio 
for details: Joanne Radmilovich Kollman,, 503-752-3708 

Paint the figure Friday ("Fine Art Friday") at OSA Jan 19 1-4pm  with Joanne.
The model is Jamie $20 drop ins are welcome.

Come paint with 
EXPRESSIVE OIL PAINTING & FRESH FLOWER SATURDAY (Drop Ins welcome) Saturday, Jan 13 1:30-4:30 pmwith artist Joanne Radmilovich Kollman$25Questions? If you need assistance, instruction or help with supplies don't hesitate to ask, contact Joanne KollmanEmail or phone RSVP is helpful but Drop-ins are 503.752.3708

Joanne is offering a panel/canvas preparation class, contact her for details.

Next Meeting: Jan 25, 9am O'Connors suggested table topic: "Being Yourself" --how are you doing in the realm of "being yourself"(as it pertains to painting)?  In what ways do you do things your "own way"? Let's discuss!

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