Meeting Notes, January 4, 2018

At todays meeting: Loretta U, Jim, Elo, Tim, Judith, Becky, Yong, Judy, Kristina, Jeanie, Ken, Tom, Tracie, Diane, Lisa, Eunice, Paula, Loretta L, Joanne T, Vicki, Joanne K, and me, Celeste.

Today's suggested table topic: What skill would you like to "brush up on" and bonus points for telling us how you intend to go about it.

Celeste: I have been able to take some classes recently with Za Vue. She has gotten everyone to go "back to basics" with drawing. She teaches about the landmarks on the figure and how if you commit them to memory (and practice) your figures will look more convincing. I am super happy to be in Za's classes and I am going to practice. I am showing recent paintings (for the Strada Daily painting challenge).

Loretta U: My goal is just to start painting again. In order to do this...I will chain myself to the chair ! (Laughter)!

Jim: I also want to commit to drawing practice. I want to paint looser and paint with good edges. When I get back (from a trip we're taking) I will come sketching at Prosperity Pie with the sketchers. I intend to continue to come to figure sessions. I am showing recent Strada paintings and one painting from my archives.

Tim: I am wearing this hat because my intention is for more whimsy! (Laughter)! Instead of copying what is in front of me my aim is to push myself to be creative. I painted this willow recently...I had to wing it because I forgot my white! (I did have Naples yellow and that saved me). I am also showing another plein air painting.

Judy: I am a total "newbie" as it pertains to alla prima / outdoor painting. We are taking a trip to Mexico soon and my goal is to paint outside there with a pochade box. This is all new to me, I am not accustomed to painting in front of anyone! Plus, I know nothing! (Laughter)! (Editor's note: We know you'll do super, Judy, have a great time). I am showing a recent painting I did of a cow.

Vicki: I'm signed up for classes with Joanne Mehl. I hope there will be enough people for it to be a go. I am showing a recent painting.

Kristina: I am also taking drawing with Za. It has been really good, so much so that I haven't really felt like painting lately--I'd rather draw! I am showing a recent painting.

Jeanie: I'm going to show more, work more---maybe take some drawing too!

Kathy: I have taken time off, so my intention is to get firmly back into painting. I wanted to show you this handmade sketchbook I got...a treat for myself. I know I am going to like the paper and I'm looking forward to drawing/painting in it. 

Ken: I too will do more drawing. I am thinking how much I want to delve into figure. I'm thinking about it. I am showing a painting of my cat and a figure painting from my archives.

Joanne T: I don't want to draw ! (Laughter)! Really, the only reason I ever want to draw is so that I can start a painting. The last goal I had was about warm/cool. Now I am thinking about how I want to concentrate on tone (value). I am going to be taking a workshop with Daniel Keys at Scottsdale Artist School. I am showing two recent paintings (one is for the Scottsdale School student show).

Loretta L: I am back from Mexico. While there I did draw, but it can feel like a "chore" instead of a joy! I took a lot of photos and I might be using those photos for references in the future. I want to brush up on getting my head in the right place. Making art can feel competitive and I'm going to avoid all that. I got a tip recently....about meditation. With just one minute of meditation a person can free themselves from negativity! I am going to meditate and put myself into the best frame of mind before painting. I am showing a painting I did of my daughter's cat.

Tom: Recently I was painting some trees. I didn't like how it was going at all, so I struck them out--kind of wailed against the canvas to eradicate those trees ...and when I looked at it I said: "Hey, I kind of like it now" (Laughter)! I guess I want to address my anger problem (Laughter)! and trees....I want to work on trees. (Laughter)! Here is a recent plein air painting.

Tracie: I have signed up for the Strada Challenge! I will paint every day for 31 days. My "problem" is that my palette can be "garbled". I don't always put my paints out the same. I'll work on it! Also, when I paint outside I see and paint things too dark. I am showing my most recent Strada 
challenge paintings. (Kristina interjects: Get an umbrella)!

Diane: Here is a Picasso quote: “Every now and then one paints a picture that seems to have opened a door and serves as a stepping stone to other things.” I know this to be true. I used to use a grid often to plan a painting...and the last time I did that, I did not rely on it much at all. I realized that I could see proportions and I had made tons of progress. What I am going to work on next is making my home studio efficient. I also have a new easel that needs to be put up.

Lisa: I will be painting more often, because I signed up for the Strada Challenge. That has made me accountable, I have to do it! (It's official, I must!) I am showing a painting I did of a lighthouse.

Eunice: I am going to begin painting again...having had to take time off because of eye surgery.

Paula: I studied composition last year and I am going to continue to concentrate on design and composition. I am going to continue to paint with oils (my medium has been pastel). I signed up for the Strada Challenge. I am showing a recent painting. 

Judith: I found out about the McArthur Genius Awards. I researched this and looked up the winners. I recommend you google it! For myself, I get caught up in "narrative". I am different than the plein air painters..but in looking at the McArthur Genius Awards, I can understand the appeal of painting landscape! I am showing a painting I did recently (a copy by a contemporary painter) 

Joanne K: I like to paint from life only--I am more interested in that than working from reference. In the past I have been very satisfied to leave things alone and go onto the next thing, but recently I am seeing the value of revisiting a painting and completing it (giving the painting things it needs). I am interested in getting a coach/mentor. Max Ginsburg's workshop is coming up and I will be working with him. I am showing recent paintings (from the Strada Challenge and life session).

Becky: I have 45 pages of goals as it pertains to painting! (Laughter)! But, I am serious! I do have a spreadsheet! I thought about doing the Strada Challenge, but decided against it since I didn't feel like having a breakdown so early in the year! (Laughter)! I have discovered a wonderful product. It is made by Canson. It's a gessoed canvas paper and it is very economical and I really like it and recommend it. I am showing a recent painting that I did with limited colors. I am really understanding that it is counterproductive to "blend" on the canvas, to keep going over the same spot --I am working on putting the stroke down and leaving it. I will do some challenges  on Daily Paintworks. (You do not have to be a member of Daily Paintworks to join those challenges).

Yong: I will try to come early next time, so I won't be last! (Laughter)! I will put my 4 paintings up together to try to make my point. I usually don't paint just fire hydrants! (Laughter)!  I like to change things up a lot...because if I don't I run the risk of becoming formulaic. I don't want to do the same thing over and over. Even something like always painting the sky "first" can be changed up. I don't want to fall into sameness and play it safe all the time, instead I do things outside of what I usually do. I wanted to see the fire hydrant fresh and new every time. I also want to key off of what Loretta L said about is so important to feel positive. I love the meeting...because you are all so inspirational to me. It's a good start whatever and whenever you start!

Elo: I didn't get to paint much during Christmas I feel rusty! I want to concentrate on overall design (making sure it is strong) and I want to paint in a more painterly way. I am showing two recent paintings.


Laura Russo Gallery First Thursday:

Max Ginsburg workshop at OSA (Feb 2018,
Max Ginsburg Demonstration and lecture Feb 4 at OSA ($50.00)
Contact OSA

Kathy Johnson: Oregon Lavender (Save the Dates) March 1 Registration, paint from June 25-July 11, Show July 14 and 15, Reception July 15. (Website off-line temporarily)

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman and Celeste Bergin two-person show 'Solitude' at Clackamas Community College Commons Gallery beginning Jan 9, 2018

Show Opportunity-If you are a member of Alla Prima Portland, bring a small or medium sized painting to NE Community Center on Jan 5 or Jan 6 during business hours. Bring a card with completed details (name, cost contact info) to hang next to your painting. Questions:

Expressive Portraiture at Oregon Society of Artists FRIDAY MORNINGS
Joanne Radmilovich Kollman, instructor
This 4-week session will give beginning students a leg up on working on portraits from photos and from life. Intermediate portrait and figure artists will gain hands on help working out problems occurring from life and from photos.
Session #1-Choosing your photo, surfaces and mark making; Session #2-Getting a likeness;  Session #3-Mixing Flesh tones; Session #4-Putting the pieces together.
It is highly recommended (but not required) that students also attend the $20 Friday-afternoon model sessions to apply the lessons with a live model.
dates: January 5 - 26
 time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm 
cost: 4 weeks: $100 | drop-ins: $30 with RSVP
classroom: upstairs studio 
for details: Joanne Radmilovich Kollman,, 503-752-3708 

registration: contact instructor

Paint the figure Friday ("Fine Art Friday") at OSA 1-4pm Dec 29 with Joanne.
The model is Liz $20 drop ins are welcome.

Come paint with 
EXPRESSIVE OIL PAINTING & FRESH FLOWER SATURDAY (Drop Ins welcome) Saturday, Jan 61:30-4:30 pmwith artist Joanne Radmilovich Kollman$25Questions? If you need assistance, instruction or help with supplies don't hesitate to ask, contact Joanne KollmanEmail or phone RSVP is helpful but Drop-ins are 503.752.3708

New classes with Susan Kuznitsky at Oregon Society of Artists
Wednesdays Pastel beginning Jan 10
Saturdays at OSA (all Media) beginning Jan 13

Other Classes /workshops at OSA

Next Meeting: Thursday, July 11, 9am, O'Connors suggested table topic: Mediums! Time to talk about them you use them? If not, why not? What is your favorite? Tell us anything you want on the subject of Mediums (Painting mediums, not fortune tellers :))

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