Meeting Notes, May 17, 2018

At todays meeting: Pam, Elo, Yong, Annie, Loretta, Ken, Jim, Raphael, Tim, Thomas, Stephanie, Chris, Jeanie, Geri, Lisa, Diane, Za, Vicki, Susan, Eugneia, Dave, Sharon, Eunice and me, Celeste.

Today's topic: "Fresh and Loose" (Is painting fresh and loose something that comes naturally to you? Do you advocate it? Do you have suggestions for it)?

(Loretta interjects): I used to be like that ! (Laughter)!

Celeste: I too am a loose character (Laughter)! I do seem to paint loosely but I've also been known to paint in a more careful and resolved way. To me, it seems a matter of confidence. If the painter feels confident, they let their colors fly. I am showing some paintings that I painted loosely and also I am showing a painting that I own by Za Vue. She painted in an orchard while everyone else was painting pictures of Mt. Hood! (Laughter)!

Loretta: I think the time when I painted quite loosely is when I painted abstract. I am showing a new painting.

Ken: I find that the more I go back into a painting the more I tighten up and and the more trouble I get into! I am showing a painting from my archives.

Jim: I have had a busy week. I am taking classes online with Easel insight and also I am watching Thomas Kitt's DVD. Every section is getting me really thinking and I am making notes and giving it careful consideration. (I give the DVD my full endorsement)! I am showing a recent coastal painting and a painting I did of Mother's Day Flowers.

Raphael: I come to painting from graphic arts...when I worked in that field everything had to be just so. Precision was crucial and it has been a challenge for me to loosen up. I tend to go out into the world as a "camera"..instinctively wanting to match what I see. I am working on getting over that, however. I am showing a painting that I wound up happy with...because I did NOT put in everything I saw..I did NOT put in that duck that floated by (Laughter)!

Tim: I don't know! I paint how I am feeling on that particular day! I painted this from a photo reference and I painted this portrait also from a photo reference. (a server at Prosperity Pie).

Chris: I don't know how to paint loosely...going outside will no doubt help. I am showing you a new plastic container I got. It weighs nothing! I can get three panels in it, despite how narrow it is. I learned (from Haidee Jo Summers) that you can glue matchsticks to the back of your panels and stack them (even with paint on the surface, the matchstick allows space and doesn't compromise the painting below). I'm showing a plein air painting.

Geri: I admire loose work. I tried to paint this loosely. I think the hair is goopy, so I'm proud of that!

Lisa: When I first started painting I was really going for photo realism..I was into that, but now I'm getting over it. I am showing two paintings.

Diane: I pass :)

Za: Hi everyone, so glad to be back. I've been away and busy! I painted this nocturne on a paper that is meant for watercolor. I just wanted to experiment, but I wouldn't recommend it. The paper sucked up the paint and it was a real challenge to get the paint to be how I wanted! I wound up happy with it, but it shouldn't have been so much work. I painted plein air in St. Johns with my Tuesday class students yesterday.

Elo: In the past I have liked things pretty complete, but I am understanding that a painting calls for interpretation and expression! That is what it is all about. Here is a painting I did of the Japanese Garden. I painted it from a photo can not paint on site there. Though, I don't understand that and if *I* asked them maybe they'd grant me access! (Laughter)!

Stephanie: "loose" can be easier than keeping it fresh and fresh and "right" is yet another thing! You have to develop skill (I think)! It's all well and good to be loose but you also have to have control at the same time. I painted this at Crystal Springs.

Vicki: I have noticed in my own work that the paintings I like best are the looser ones. Some of the best paintings I've done have also been during an "impromptu" plein air session. I am showing ocean first ones! I have never painted the ocean before, now I want to have a 2nd home on the coast! (Laughter)!

Susan: It's just a confidence thing!  I experienced another first --I went to the Iris Garden with other painters to paint plein air. This was my first time painting plein air since Hawaii. It was emotional for me. I will continue racking up more firsts. I'm really glad I did it.

Eugenia: I visited a home in Lyle. Lyle is across the river from Hood River. I painted this of the scenery. Where I can screw up is when I start thinking...."will they like this"? or "they might not like this".

Dave: Loose is not how you do it, it is how it looks. Generally I go out and decide on Composition, placement, color, value things like that and THEN (after that) then it is ok to paint in a relaxed manner or with flair. I brought in a large painting that I did from a photo reference from Paris.

Eunice: I yield my time to Yong ! (Laughter)!

Yong: What is the topic? (laughter)! I just came in to congratulate you (Celeste) on the award for the blog! (Applause)! ok, about the topic....I always rely on instinct. I am showing two paintings of a young man in a life painting session. I did two different views of him. I always find something that excites me and I key in on that. So here it was this glow of light. Same on this portrait of the dark hair ed female, I wanted that glow so I put in an extra dark background to get it!

Pam: What I am about to show you is one of the tightest things I have ever done! This is a commission. They needed me to paint a fuse box cover for a kitchen. The idea behind it is to be whimsical! So here it is! (Laughter)! (Applause)!

Jeanie: I am not someone who paints loose "naturally"! I like a rigger brush! I am showing two recent paintings.

Thomas: The way the question is couched implies that painting loosely is preferred somehow. But, as you know, that is not the case. One way is not better than another. For myself, I have spent years getting less detailed.  For awhile I painted with egbert brushes...I used them because you can't have as much control, but I'm done with that now. I'm getting that a satisfactory painting (to me) is one that combines loose with tight. I'm showing a painting that I did on site near the Quincy house. When I return with this same painting I will obliterate a lot of what is here. Looseness has a great deal to do with gestural marks. I vow to paint more this summer without any determinable  "method".


Alla Prima Portland named one of "Portland's 100 Best Blogs" (#76)  (congratulations to all the artists who bring their paintings every week, the key reason the blog is successful)

Congratulations, Thomas Kitts = (numerous) sales at Florida Forgotten Coast Plein Air Event

Congratulations, Ken Mazzochi on the sale of your painting at Prosperity Pie!

Brenda Boylan has new studio space in Multnomah Village (near the post office). The building has more space available (Brenda thinks it could be a share situation with 2-3 artists). Contact Brenda and she'll introduce you and walk you through email:
7830 SW 40th Ave
Portland, OR 97219

Lavender Festival Plein Air Event Kathy Johnson will bring packets on May 31 (last day at O'Connors and last day to sign up!)

Stephanie Cissna is giving a demo at RJ Gallery in McMinnville, tomorrow, (Friday) 4-8

Celeste Bergin Mt. Tabor Artwork May 19 and 20 10-5pm

Workshops and classes with Susan Kuznitsky:

Yong Hong Zhong two upcoming watercolor workshops (May 29 and Sept)

Outdoor figure Workshop with Za Vue and Sergio Lopez (July28 and 29)  Email Za:

Za Vue occasionally has an opening in her weekly classes, contact her to be put on the waiting list:

Terry Miura 3 day Cityscape Workshop at OSA June 15, 16, & 17. Contact Terry Miura directly via his email to sign up and pay for the course:
 Cost $420. OSA: 2185 SW Park Pl 97205 
Paint the figure Friday ("Fine Art Friday") at OSA May 11, 1-4pm   (uninstructed life session)
Model: Nicole Poole
$20 drop ins are welcome

Fresh Flower Saturday is cancelled this Saturday, but will resume at OSA Saturdays 1:30-4:30

Pacific NW Plein Air 2018 (+ Workshop with Randall Sexton)

Southern Oregon Plein Air 2018 (+ Workshop with Aimee Erickson):

O'Connors is closing on May 31. It has been sold to developers. We will meet as usual on all Thursdays including May 31. We're on the lookout for a new spot that will fit our established meeting format. If you have a place to suggest email Celeste.

Next Meeting, Thursday May 24, suggested table topic: In your opinion....the very BEST Books (non fiction and fiction) and/or movies on the subject of ART  Let's Discuss!

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