Meeting Notes, October 12, 2017

At todays meeting: Raphael, Tim, Jim, Sandy, Mike, Joanne, Becky, Stephanie, Joanne, Annie, Dave, Sharon, Cindy, Eunice, Kristina, Geri, Jeanie, Cheryl Kay, Ward and me, Celeste

Suggested table topic...Painting in your own home and neighborhood...what are the positives and negatives? What has been your experience?

Celeste: I have painted in my backyard countless times. I've done a lot of "daily paintings" and most of that have been done from home. I can't think of any negatives. I'm working on downsizing and when I plan on parting with something, (if I've especially enjoyed owning it) I'll paint it! This is a Stifel lamp that I'm donating. I'm also showing a recent life painting.

Raphael: I wanted to show you the project I have been working on. This is a layout for the commission I have for a stained glass project for a church. It is a big project...and I am making  headway. I do have a painting on topic....when I first started painting plein air, I painted this in my yard. 

Kristina: It seems that many times when I've painted around the house has been a flop! (laughter)! I do like to go somewhere with friends...not always far, but somewhere. I did do painting this still life of flowers from my own yard. I have a vision of having a garden like Monet. I really enjoy all the seasons. I am glad when the weather changes. I am happy to be in summer, but I am happy when it becomes cool. I painted these two other paintings recently.

Geri: Because I am a sketchbook artist I am always in my neighborhood. I enjoy drawing and painting the things around me. Once I painted a tree that was going to be taken down. It was a good thing to do. When you spend time with something it bonds with your feelings. I sketch my daily life. I have sketched lately in Doctors is a page about what I wore one day and another daily painting from my neighborhood.

Tim: I live on planet I paint there (laughter)! If they ever arrange it so I can paint on another planet I'll paint there! (laughter)! I do have a still life station set up at home. I am showing recent plein air paintings. Also, I got a new product...a clear film. It was the wrong thing. I painted on it and the painting came out with an unexpected pattern. 

Jim: When it snowed I did a painting of our birdbath in our yard. I looked for it to bring today...but I can't find it! I do paint a lot around our home and the biggest reason is to experiment. Here is a recent painting from the yard and a Studion painting (from a photo reference from our recent trip to Italy).

Mike: I must tell you, I did set up once to do plein air directly in front of my house. I didn't expect any onlookers at all--this was just my own neighborhood. Then I went about producing a very bad was just awful--and even worse, some people did happen by and they looked at the painting and said  "oh". (Laughter)! I haven't painted in front of my house since. (Laughter)!

Jeanie: I have a loaf of bread that I wanted to bring today to show you. I forgot it--I've used it for still life. The thing is somehow has preserved itself. It is hard as a rock, but it is an actual loaf of bread. I am showing a painting that didn't make it into the 100 show.

Joanne T: I have a case of nerves when it comes to plein air painting. I really think a person should learn the basics of painting before venturing out there. I did a recent nocturne in a competition-- and I didn't have a lamp! I couldn't see my paints to know what they were! (Laughter)! The wine didn't help much either (Laughter). I do think painting at home is a plus. I painted this painting from a reference. 

Cheryl (new...welcome)! I have been painting on "Fresh Flower Saturdays" with Joanne Kollman. Here are two recent floral paintings. I think the upside to painting at home is not having to drag all your equipment around (Laughter)!

Kay: I also brought in a painting from Fresh Flower Saturday. I enjoy painting from photos in my studio. Because of the topic, I brought in two books on Vuillard and one on Bonnard. Both of these artists painted nearly exclusively "at home". 

Tom: I'd like to become sensitive to my own color and world. Constable was always painting the lake district. I think ideally I'd just paint within a 10 mile radius. I've got plans to paint some interiors this winter. 

Ward: Lately I am pulled to spend a lot of time painting outside...but it isn't right to neglect my studio obligations.  I really feel conflicted about this, so if any of you have any advice to lend me, I'll listen! I have to tell you Mike, your story about painting and having onlookers saying "oh" resonated with me. It reminded me of the time I painted the reservoir and the people standing behind me just said "hmm" (Laughter)!  But everyone stumbles. It is a real badge of honor to be walked away from! (Laughter)! I didn't bring a painting today, but on this subject I can show you this picture. This is me painting with global star, Herman Pekel. He and I are painting in MY hood (on 23rd Avenue)! Painting is such a wonderful world to be in. But, if for any reason you can't get out there, there is also google maps.  (Also, another thing...the world is crazy lately--it is always such a joy to walk in is an Oasis).
(Laughter, applause)!

Annie: James Gurney says if you don't like what you are painting...just turn yourself and your gear 90 degrees! Mitch Albala says make sure you are really attracted to the won't work if you are not. I am working on illustrating a book. I am using collage and I am showing you some layouts.

Dave: It's not really the subject that matters as much as it is how you feel about the subject! I like painting at home, but I am not much for still life. I painted this some years ago (guitar /self portrait) and I painted this landscape recently.

Cindy (Dave's sister, Welcome)! I just wanted to say...I'm enjoying this discussion! 

Eunice: I don't plein air paint much. I do like painting from home--from photo reference and online.

Stephanie: I haven't been painting lately because I have been involved in a non-painting project! Once you start not is easy to stay not painting! But I painted last night. This is for the Audubon Society fundraiser. I think a person could easily spend an entire lifetime painting from their own home. 

Becky: On the topic of being drawn into two worlds (like Ward described)---I am reminded that I have a writer friend who adopted a pseudonym. Has anyone considered that--having two names for your two different styles? It would be like having two different careers! I know of an artist who paints a lot from Google earth. He is very successful. (editors note: I think I know which one it is: Mark Lague.)

Joanne K: Hi, I am Joanne, a paintaholic (laughter)! I will paint anything! (Laughter)! I am showing my recent painting from Fresh Flower Saturday. Often I will go back into a painting like this one to improve this or that---but that can go wrong. Sometimes you can kill a perfectly nice painting by trying to make it better. I am showing a value study I did at home. Terry Miura showed us how he did black and white drawings before he did a painting...and sometimes I do that, and sometimes I just want to get straight to it. I am also showing a lot of small paintings that I did at home or in the neighborhood. I paint my family, Sean and Tony a lot. They are right there! I am often not looking to do "finished" paintings. I just want to grow as an artist.

On another note, I was hoping to see Elo here today. She and I volunteered at Beaverton Art Mix. As we were leaving she asked: "Did you sell anything?--(Answer...yes)! and I asked her the same...she answered, "Yes, I sold two"! I wanted to surprise her here today by telling her that it was *ME* who bought one of her paintings! And here it is! (Applause)!


Mike Porter youtube video of Ron Ranson (thanks, Mike)!

Congratulations, Joanne Radmilovich Kollman, Winner Jurors choice and Quick Draw at Beaverton Art Mix

Joanne Kollman: Fine Art Friday with model Tony, Friday,  Oct 13, 1-4pm Oregon Society of Artists  $20
RSVP is nice...but drop-ins are permitted
For an extra tip the model can stay later making it easy for you to stay and attend the
Student/Teacher show at OSA
Reception Friday Oct 13

(Ward hopes that you to come to the Student/teacher reception Friday at OSA..! It is a way to really encourage others)!

Joanne Kollman: Fresh Flower Saturday will resume Oct 28

Tedd Chilless First Thursday at US Bank 1040 NW Lovejoy (Landscape)

Outdoor Painter: Washington County results:

Tracie Broughton: Portland Open Studios Sat and Sun October 14 and 15 and October 21 and 22 10am-5pm

Tracie's opener party: 3135 NW Wilson Oct 20 5-9pm

Dotty Hawthorne: 2055 SE Claybourne Street, Portland Open Studios Sat and Sun October 14 and 15 and October 21 and 22 10am-5pm

Ward,  Joanne K and other OSA artists: Portland Open Studios Sat and Sun October 14 and 15 and October 21 and 22 10am-5pm Oregon Society of Artists

Field Trip Portland Art Museum: Tuesday Oct 24 We will meet at the Cafe behind the museum at 10 am then tour Tedd Chilless' Studio and then go to Portland Art Museum for "Wyeth, three generations"

Becky Land: CCC Wilsonville Campus*, The Commons Gallery 29353 SW Town Center Loop East, Wilsonville, OR 97070 8am-5pm weekdays Sept 25-Dec 8 (We are going to plan a field trip to see Becky's show also --stay tuned for details)

*Contact the college if you have student/teacher work that could be displayed. Contact: Joyce Gabriel

The Hiatus Drawing Club meets at Prosperity Pie after the regular O'Connors meeting

Juried art show at RE/MAX. Open House October 8 & 15, 1- 4 pm, 237 NE Broadway #100, Portland. "Journey of Change" is a benefit for p:ear, advocates for homeless youth. Stephanie Cissna, Vicki Zimmerman, Jeanie Bates and others

Next Meeting: Thursday October 19,  9am, Suggested table topic: "Envisioning your Painting" ---some artists can "see" the finished painting in their mind's eye before they paint it! Have you done that? What does it take to acquire this skill? Let's discuss!

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