Paint out notes, Grice Farm June 21, 2019

Thanks to Steve Grice (Grice Farms) and Paint out host, Mike Porter! We had a great time today at the farm. The hardest part is deciding what to paint, because there are so many great buildings, cars, trees, fields, farm equipment, goats, peacocks, pastures, vistas--well, you get the idea. Some of us got a tour of Steve Grice's artist studio. ..and then we talked about our paintings at noon.

Amanda: I was intent on painting the cast I settled on this scene of the road/trees. This is a color study. 

Genie: I am one of Amanda's students...I liked the area where I wound up. I painted way down below. I was taken by the trees...but I wound up taking two trees out!

Jim: I decided on the falling-in building. I started out one direction and changed my mind! I wound up using a palette knife for the entire painting.

Deborah: I couldn't figure out what to paint! I liked all the subjects! I decided on this building.

Mike: I painted in my sketchbook...I often favor my sketchbook... it is automatically more of a relaxing thing for me ("less pressure")! I've painted this same building a couple of times.

Judith: I was inspired by Mike! I really like the idea of the portability of watercolor..I just unwrapped my new watercolor kit today. This is my effort!

Loretta: I follow the Alla Prima group...this is my first time at one of the paint outs! I decided to "start small"...instead of painting "too much" (there is a lot here to consider)!  I settled on the truck and building. 

Tom: I have no excuse ! (Laughter)! This is one tenth done.

Harley: I did two paintings! I loved the flow and angle of the tree! I really like it here--the peacocks are great!

Sue: I was intrigued by the ladders...This is "in-progress"

Jerry: I just jumped in and painted this building. I just got a new pochade box and I was anxious to use it. (It is a "Alla Prima" Bitteroot Pochade. I get to "review" it for the man who designed it.

Celeste: I liked how this farm equipment looked in the shadow of this building and I wanted to keep the values where they belong. I liked the the sun meeting the shade of the building. 

Thanks everyone!

Next paint out is Friday June 28 Hansen Property in Oregon City.

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