Paint Out Notes, July 5, 2018

Today we painted at the Women's Forum Scenic Overlook. It was a great day for plein air painting...neither too hot or too cold and not windy--(umbrella-safe!)

Deb Cooke and her friend Beta Anderson joined in with us "regulars" today...and Jaqueline Bukowski Jeanne Chamberlain and Catherine Taylor threw in with us too.

me, Linda Damario, Sue Kramer and Dana Belisle (Columbia Arts Guild)

We also ran into members of the Columbia Arts Guild from Columbia City. They were sketching too!

At noon we lined up our paintings and talked about them. Thanks so much to Dave Burbach for the photos from today. Thanks also to Geri Graley for being our "host".

NEXT MEETING is an art discussion meeting at our "new" location. Thursday, July 12, 9am (though some like to come earlier at 8, for a leisurely bite). Prosperity Pie (it is just a couple of doors down from O'Connors at 7814 SW Capitol Hwy. 

We'll have another scheduled paint out soon to be announced


If I didn't get a good shot of your painting email it to me and I'll upload the preferred version. Thanks again everyone! celesteobergin (at)gmail (dot) com

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