Paint Out Notes, June 21, 2018

Today started out very stormy (with a lot of dramatic thunder)...but we do have a "rain or shine policy" so we will always plan on painting no matter what the weather is doing.   Fortunately for us, after 9am the skies parted and we didn't have rain at all...the watercolorists especially appreciate that)!

Before our paint out began our host Jim Syfert was called away*. Thanks to Tim Young for taking photos for us today and for stepping in as host for Jim!) *Speedy Recovery wishes to Sandi, Jim's wife. We all liked Cooper Mountain Nature Park a lot and hopefully we can talk Jim into being "host"  for it again in the future.

There were awesome paintings painted today; we lined them up and talked about them after the lunch break.

Don Bishop dropped by to say Hi today....It was great to see him...and a new person showed up too---welcome, Kathy Robinson!

Some of us went to an impromptu Studio Tour at Mike Porter's house (which is very close to Cooper Mountain Nature Park). We'll do a separate post about that and share some photos. Thanks, Mike!

Brenda Boylan is offering classes in her Saturday Paint Along Series...go HERE to find out more

Our next Paint Out is scheduled. Mark your calendar for Thursday July 5, 9am. Our host will be Geri Graley.  We will meet at the Portland Women's Fourm. We'll update with an invitation from our blog and on Facebook too.

Geri Graley, Our "Host" for The Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint, July 5 9am*

Thanks to everyone for coming out today!


* 9am is the recommended time, but come as your schedule permits, bring all your painting/sketching gear and a chair and a lunch.

If I didn't get a good shot of your painting email it to me and I'll upload the preferred version. Thanks again everyone! celesteobergin (at)gmail (dot) com

We'll update soon pertaining to a breakfast meeting location (We have a tentative spot, but we need to talk to a key person).  Follow the blog/and/or Facebook for updates.

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  1. Looks like everyone had an amazing time! Fantastic work!!!