Paint Out Notes, Portland Women's Forum, Friday July 12, 2019

We painted the iconic view from the Portland Women's Forum today. Here is what everyone had to say during the Noon discussion:

Ken: I compressed the hills to make a better design. I had Gamblin red and also Prussian blue on my palette today.

Tracie: I wound up "chasing" the light some--the light changed a lot!

Kristina: I was drawn to the light on the Vista house as well as on the cars in the parking lot! I stuck with my 3 value plan.

Stephanie: I finished one painting and, inspired by seeing Kristina's painting, I thought I'd paint a vertical too. (It's in progress).

Wendy: I am working in pastel...I (apparently) like darks!

Carol: I had established a lot of the scene and then painted the foreground trees's hard to paint dark into light! I might adjust it.

Robin: I took a cold wax workshop recently, so I am inspired to work abstractly. 

Jerry: I've painted this scene before....and this is where I am leaving it. I am happy enough with the outcome.

Elo: I too was attracted to the light on the Vista House and the cars in the lot! It was a challenge to stick with my value plan because of the changing light.

Tim: I have painted this view a I decided to change it up and zoom in on a distant hill. 

Celeste: I painted the sky earlier and the scene changed a lot, so I chased the light! 

Nancy: I am painting on colored canvas. I also used the Gamblin Red and Prussian today! 


Special Note: Jerry Mishler invites all Alla Prima Portland members to the 2019 East Wind Art Show. Sunday, August 4 noon to 6 pm. RSVP by July 27 to Bring your friends and family. Picnic. Wander the land* 37201 NE Benfield Rd. Corbett. MAP
*This is Jerry's home/property and he will host a paint out there in the future, so this is a fun way to get a sneak preview.

 Thanks to Tim Young and Dave Burbach for photos..Big thanks to everyone for coming out for *my* paint out...I enjoyed being the "host"!  (Hosting is fun and easy, you should do it next)!



p.s. If you have an idea for a paint out email me--! celesteobergin(at)gmail(dot)com

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