Friday, April 20, 2012

Fine Art Friday at Kat Sowa's Studio 30 (4/20/12)

Quin Sweetman (in progress)

Joe Howard (in progress)

Norman Dan Morana (in progress)

Za Vue (in progress)

Trish Burke

Eunice Sause


  1. Very interesting work being done there. It makes me want to move to Portland.

  2. Celeste you got the best easel in the room! Your silk does look silky without you telling us that it's silk. The model is beautiful. And there are a couple more paintings by members of the group of interest that are quite original in approach. Again, you lucky girl you--These classes you go to, are they offered by the local art association? Am I missing the boat?

  3. Greetings, LW, You haven't missed any boat. :) This is not a class, it's an open painting session (no instructor). We just know each other and paint together indoors and out. We'll probably be moving outdoors more and more as the rain subsides. Thanks for the comments! :)