Monday, August 13, 2018

"Regular" Art Discussion Meetings Suspended for now

Well, we tried, but our new location didn't pan out. (Alla Prima Portland has always been a "the more the merrier" type of group and there are too many of us to cram into a small room). So, back to Square one!

  Our Thursday "Art Discussion" Meetings in Multnomah Village are (currently) suspended, but Thursday Paint Outs are still a thing! If you are not a plein air painter, consider coming to the 12 Noon part of any of the paint outs. It is a social time and you'd be more than welcome to attend and bring your work. Just check out in the description of each paint out the noon "discussion" location.  Subscribe to this blog and/or follow us on Facebook to keep up with dates and places. We have some really good ideas about where to land for regular routine meetings, so be patient (and come hang with us during the paint-outs). 

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Paint Out, Thursday, August 16, 9am Fanno Creek Trail with host Eugenia Parker

Thursday, August 16, 9am, Join Host Eugenia Parker to paint along the Fanno Creek Trail near her house. We will meet at 9am at 7020 SW 82nd and then paint where we want on the Fanno Creek trail (nearby). Then we will reconvene on Eugenia's patio at Noon for discussion of our morning paintings. As an alternative to the trail you may paint on the patio (garden/and or still life painting). Bring your lunch, chair, umbrellas, sunscreen, water, painting gear, etcetera. (No Meeting in Multnomah Village). 

Monday, August 6, 2018

Art Discussion Meeting, Thursday, August 9, 9am, Prosperity Pie

Next Meeting Thursday, 9am, August 9, at our NEW LOCATION: In the classroom in the back of Prosperity Pie (Sacred Money/Prosperity Pie* is just a couple of doors down from O'Connors, 7814 SW Capitol Hwy).

Suggested table topic: What is your current goal? What are you "after" right at the moment and how are you going about it? .... Lets discuss!

Upon arrival,  please order something from the counter at Prosperity Pie  (no outside food or beverages allowed).  (Some like to enjoy a bite "leisurely" well in advance of the meeting, beginning at 8am). Try your best to get to the classroom in advance of the meeting or on time.

As always, bring some additional work and/or news about you--We're interested!

(The Hiatus drawing club meets after the discussion meeting)