Friday, May 4, 2012

Fine Art Friday at Cathedral Park Place Studio 30 (May 4, 2012)


  1. There was an interesting topic that came up yesterday during breaks I don't think I ever noticed before; about skin tone and bouncing light from the costume on the model's face. I know I avoid ultramarine usually in flesh tones but it was a necessity to combine with a bit of cad orange and Indian yellow pulled into the shadows of her neck and under her nose.

  2. Carrie:

    I saw it too. But I increased the mix of ochre yellow in the base shadow color under the chin. (burnt umber/ochre/cadmium red medium/titanium white) Essentially doing the same thing as you: warming up the bounce light under the model's jaw. From my angle it wasn't so much the beautiful green dress tinting the bounce, but the model's own flesh high up on her chest, which meant the same skin color twice purified in the shadow.

    It was good to see you all again...

    1. Thanks Thomas, I noticed the painters on my side of the room were getting more green bounce.