Monday, December 16, 2013

Jef Gunn Workshop, December 28-30, 2013 at Studio 30

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Jef Gunn is conducting his popular three-day Encaustic workshop at Kat Sowa's Studio 30 on December 28-December 31 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday).  Jef has taught encaustic and other painting classes at PNCA for 16 years, training many artists now developing their own mastery with the medium.  

Course Description: Encaustic painting is an ancient method using pure pigment suspended in a beeswax medium. It is a stable medium (when done right) that can create various surfaces, richness of color and translucency of astonishing beauty. Encaustic also allows for integration of other media through layering and collage. 

Jef will cover many specific methods and combined techniques. The range of play will be wide, including naturalistic portrait, collage, and abstract work as suits the predilections of the students. Composition and color are covered as we learn the secrets of the medium. Students will develop a familiarity with the encaustic medium, how it behaves and how to control it. They will become deft at handling tools (torch, knife, hot palette, brushes, scrapers, etc.), and gain confidence in the process.

(Jef is represented by Augen Gallery in Portland, and William Traver Gallery in Tacoma and Seattle. See his work at

Studio 30 is a spacious beautiful professional art studio located in Cathedral Park Place (formerly the Columbia Sportswear Building). 6635 N Baltimore Ave, Studio 30, Portland, OR 97203. It's located at the base of the St. John's Bridge. A very easy and relatively short drive from anywhere in Portland!

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