Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Art Discussion Meeting, Thursday, Sept 22, 9am, O'Connors

Thursday, Sept 22, 9am*, O'Connors

Suggested table topic: Painting in inclement weather. What are your plans for when the weather is not ideal? Will you paint outdoors anyway? Do you have suggestions and strategies to share? Will you paint only indoors? Where do you paint on rainy days? Let’s discuss!

...and as usual bring some of your current paintings and/or news about you...We’re interested!** 

(The Sketching group is on hiatus until the autumn...but some still convene at Medley Tea after the meeting "unofficially"..join in to sketch if you are interested).
Also, this Thursday we are having another impromptu Multnomah Village paint out, since the weather is probably going to be fine! Join us after the meeting. 

* Though you can order food during the meeting, if you want to be assured of getting your order in... come in advance of the meeting. (Some like to eat "leisurely" at 8am)

**(specific topic participation is always optional----and the "current" painting you bring is not "required" to apply to  the question)

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