Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Art Discussion Meeting, Thursday, June 22, 9am, O'Connors

Thursday 9am June 22, O'Connors 

Suggested table topic: ""Pushing" in painting. "Pushing is an advanced technique where colors, values or shapes are exaggerated and/or altered  in a way to heighten interest. Have you "pushed" aspects of a painting to create a more interesting outcome? Let's discuss Let's discuss!

..and as usual bring some of your current paintings and/or news about you...We’re interested!**

(The Sketching group convenes at Medley Tea after the meeting "unofficially".  Join in to sketch if you are interested).

* You can order food during the meeting, if you want to be assured of getting your order in... come in advance of the meeting. (Some like to eat "leisurely" at 8am)

**(specific topic participation is always optional----and the "current" painting you bring is not "required" to apply to  the question)

"Field Trip" & Paint Out! Monday June 26, (beginning 10:30 am)

You are invited to take part in any or all of our plans for Monday, June 26. 

1. Meet us at 10:30 at the NE Community Center where we will have a look at Tim Young's solo show
 2. After that we will meet for lunch at Shandong right across the street around 11-ish.
 3. From there we will take out painting gear and meet around Noon near the Hollywood Theater for some "urbanscape" painting. (It's within walking distance of the community center).

It is best to park anywhere in the neighborhood near the community center.

Here are all the addresses:
NE Community Center 1630 NE 38th Ave | Portland, OR
Shandong 3724 NE Broadway Portland, OR

Hollywood Theater
4122 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR


Bring your sketch gear if you want to urbanscape "lite" --be relaxed! See you there :)