Saturday, February 24, 2018

Art Discussion Meeting, Thursday, March 1, 9am, O'Connors

Next Meeting, Thursday, March 1, 9am* O'Connors Suggested table topic: Dominance (of color, shape) or exaggeration (of any type) in painting. What has been your experience  --Let's discuss!

And, as always, bring some of your work and/or news about you--We're interested!

The Sketching group convenes at "Prosperity Pie" a couple doors down from O'Connors after the meeting.
* You can order food during the meeting, if you want to be assured of getting your order in... come in advance of the meeting. (Some like to eat "leisurely" at 8am)
**(specific topic participation is always optional----and the "current" painting you bring is not "required" to apply to the question)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Meeting Cancelled for Feb 22, 2018

Our inclement weather policy is that we cancel if the Portland Public Schools cancel. The school system is not going to announce about school closures until morning on Feb 22, so we have to take the initiative to cancel based on this information from KGW: "Temperatures will drop below freezing again overnight so roads are expected to be icy again for the Thursday morning commute".
We will see you next week!