Meeting Notes, Jan 5, 2017

At today's meeting Joanne T, Joanne K, Dottie, Talya, Troy, Jeanie, Diane, Lisa, Tim, Jim, Bill, Kathy, Susan, Kristina, Jeanne, Annie, Vicki, Tom, Dave, Sharon, Eunice, Ward, Genie (El), Elo, Brenda, Tracie, Loretta L, Charlie, Sharon, John, New Geri Graley, New Kristine Mackessy and me Celeste.

Today suggested table topic: Welcoming 2017 share your goals or plans

Celeste: This year I want to improve my web presence and offer paintings for sale online. I have been participating in the Strada easel challenge this month and I am showing some “daily” paintings.

Eunice: I have not been painting lately, but I do have a still life set up!
I’ll get back to painting soon.

Sharon: I’ll pass, I’m not an artist.

 Dave: My plan is to get Sharon to be an artist! (Laughter)! My goal is to do more plein air this year. I brought in a painting that I did from a photo reference.

Tom: My goal for 2017 is to have some vast improvements! vast improvements! (laughter laughter!) I brought in a booklet that I found to pass around --it has valuable information about seascapes.

Vicki: I do have two resolutions, one is to learn to do portraits I'm going to be taking classes with Joanne Mehl. And also my second resolution is to get rid of some of the stacks and stacks of paintings in the basement (Laughter)! I brought in two recent paintings.

Annie: This is a quote from Bernard DeVoto: “Art is man determined to die sane”. My goal is to stay sane this year (laughter)! I brought in two studies.

Jeanne: I plan to see more exhibits this year. I encourage you all to consider the same. I have disccovered that you can go to San Francisco there and back in one day. I suggest you see the Diebenkorn and Matisse exhibit that will be at the San Francisco Modern from March through May. To go to San Francisco is just as easy as going to Seattle! In my drawing class I have done a transcription of a Diebenkorn. That is the proper term when you copy a Master work…it is a transcription. Then the teacher had us do something of our own in the style of the person we transcribed. I am showing my results.

Ward: I think my goal is to get through this plate of pancakes! (Laughter)! I look around this room and I realize this is a storehouse of knowledge. We could launch a solar system with the energy in this room! (Laughter)! My goal for 2017 is World Domination! (Laughter)! But, seriously, nothing compares to the miles of the brush. We can learn all we can from books and classes, but nothing is as good as practicing and painting a lot.. I am planning teaching my future workshops. I generally work now with the students in mind. I am trying to design good classes and good lessons and when I paint I am planning how to explain the steps. I am showing a recent painting that I am doing as a lesson.

Susan: I am grateful to Brenda Boylan because she has introduced me to this great website called Artwork Archive. I am doing the 30 day trial with them. It is a way to categorize and keep track of all your paintings. My last year has been very successful. My goal is to capitalize on that and be even more successful this year. I am going to be taking a workshop with Joe Pacquet. I am showing a recent demo. Midway through I thought why did you choose such a complex subject (Laughter)! …but, I stayed with it !

Talya (or “Talli”):  I've been going to school (independent studies). My goal this year is to strengthen my web presence in order to sell more online. I am working on a series of paintings where the subject interacts with the viewer. I am showing one of those recent paintings. I sold a painting recently online (a large painting)!  (Applause)!

Kristina: My goal for this year is to expand geographically. I want to participate in plein air events outside of our area. I also want to talk to galleries for representation. I am showing a painting that I did here in Mulnomah Village this past summer.

Joanne T: I am not too interested in portraits, I don’t know why, it just doesn’t interest me at all. My first priority hasn’t anything to do with selling. I just want to keep having fun. I have a lot of freedom. I just paint whatever I feel like…whenever I want. I am showing a small painting on a Blick oil canvas sheet that I glued and weighted down. I am also showing a recent painting from a photo reference.

Tracie: I think my new goals have something to do with last weeks topic. Last weeks topic was about taking risks. I have not been taking enough risks. I want to show myself more in my work and put more paint on the canvas. I want to use juicy paint! I will increase the amount of time I am with my inner child and reduce the amount of time I am with my inner (critical) badger! (laughter)! I am showing a recent painting. Next time I paint something like this I will use thicker paint!

Kristine (new! Welcome Kristine)! This is my first time here. I want to paint more in 2017 and build my community…. I have followed your blog and now I am here! (Applause)! My goal is that I want to do more value studies to get a better grasp of value. I spend a lot of time with my husband in the Deshutes.  This is a recent painting (it is still wet)
(Editors note: Kristine and Celeste look alike)!**

Kathy: My goal is to do a website--- my goal is to start painting again! A while back my computer was broken and now it’s fixed so there are no more excuses (laughter)! I am showing a recent painting.

Bill: I want "whirled peas"! (Laughter)! This year I want to paint more from life. Recently one of my grandchildren came in all bundled up from the cold and I was struck by how I needed to paint THAT painting. My paintings often have to do with my family. This is a painting of my son-in-law. He is a wonderful person, he is a wonderful husband, a wonderful father and a wonderful friend. This is a work in progress.

Jim: Well, I am ready for it to get warmer! (Laughter)! My goal for this year is to do more plein air and more paintings from life. This is a sunset painting that I did from a photo. Last night at my kitchen window I saw this glorious sunset so I deserted my wife (laughter) and went off to paint it . I painted it fast… probably in about 15 minutes!

Dottie: I signed up to do the Strada challenge. That is a painting every day! I have been enjoying it. I am really looking forward to this year because I had back surgery and now I am finally feeling good again --I am excited about the future. I brought one of my “daily” painitngs.

Jeanie: I signed up for Wordpress so this is the year that I'm going to learn how to use it! I am going to be housesitting for Christopher and I'm going to paint big. I am going to be working on my artist statement to describe what I do. I am showing a recent painting

Elo: I want to do a real plein air painting…that is my goal. Let me brag for a moment about my 12 year old son. He has been watching me over the last few months painting alla prima paintings. So he bought me the James Gurney DVD for a Christmas present! (He was very observant to purchase just the right thing). The James Gurney DVD is great. He does plein air paintings directly in his sketchbook. Recently I have been doing the same-- I have been sitting in my car and painting in my sketchbook. I use acrylic and I plan on learning how to use oil paint.

Chris:  I am looking to update my web presence. I am looking at FASO as a possibility for my new website. The BIG news that I have is that I applied and won a residency in Taos New Mexico through Helene Wurlitzer Foundation (collective oooooooooooo and applause)! I am showing two prints from my Powerhouses series. These paintings were sold.

Geri (New, welcome, Geri)!  This is a very inspiring group. My goal is to figure out more specifically what it is I want to do! I would characterize what I'm doing now as intense sketchbook work. My medium generally is watercolor. I brought some prints of recent works. I am happy to be here!

Genie (El): My goal is to figure out what my goal is! (Laughter)! I have discovered Richard Schmid. I have watched his DVDs and tried to emulate him in these two paintings. I especially like his knife work.

Tim: My first goal goal is to find joy! I want to paint large outside. I am showing you this painting as a cautionary tale. I painted over an old painting and I framed it before it was dry. You can see here that a big chunk of the paint was removed when I took it out out of the frame. Conservators tell us that we should be avoiding painting over old paintings this is why! I am showing a painting that I did out by the Troutdale Airport.

Charlie: Last year my resolution was to set up a painting area at home and I looked into remodeling for a studio. I got a bid from Neil Kelly. As a result of all of that---I bought a different house! (Laughter!) My goal is now to stop blaming my tools and get on with the work.

 Paula: I have been working in pastel, but I took a workshop in or oil last fall. This year I am concentrating on composition.

Brenda: Happy new year! I write all of my goals down… this is a list of my goals. I am not going to pass this around or show them to you because they are personal. I have studied the subject of goal setting. In the past I could become disappointed if I didn’t reach a goal, but my husband counseled me. He said "Brenda you need to take smaller steps". All of the specific goals on this sheet have incremental smaller steps listed beneath them. And every year I’ll put down a word --just one word that will encompass what I want for the year. Last year the word was STRETCH. Overall goals are like the hub of a wheel… and the parts of your life are like the spokes of a wheel. Parts like family, finanace, fitness! If you neglect an important aspect of your life other aspects will be negatively impacted.  Be flexible in your goals and realize that adjustments can be made. (applause)!
I am showing a painting that I did recently plein air and another that I did as a demo in one of my classes.

Lisa: I had surgery on my knee recently --- last year I couldn't even walk around! I did a painting recently—I knew that it likely might not turn out (because of laying off of painting) sure enough it did not turn out ---but that was OK-- I gave myself permission to fail. I am going to continue to do more and more painting….to “get back on the horse”.

Diane: Last year  Sharon: I am really excited this year. I this group has helped me a lot. My problem has been finishing the painting I will pai********************************************************************************************************************************DianeDiDiaI made a goal of making friends with plein air painting and sure enough I did. I am going to do more painting this year and get a website together. I am excited for 2017. I use FaceTime with my friend who lives on the other side of the country. We share our art with each other.

 Sharon:  This group has helped me a lot. My problem is that I will paint on a painting several times. For example, I am showing you a painting that I painted in three different stages. When I think about it I realize I could’ve painted three different paintings instead of this single one! (Laughter)!
So my goal is to address this. 

Joanne K: I need to work on my web presence. I have been looking into Etsy and Saatchi. I am going to spend an hour a day staying on that task until I get a solid web presence. I signed up for the Strada easel challenge it is very good daily practice. I am moving into simplification. I moved my studio and it is still a little bit overwhelming. The most important thing for me is to always paint with intention.

Loretta L: This is been a great year for me. For one thing I moved from Vancouver to Portland. I like the connectedness of this group. I want to do more plein air and enter into events. I will put up more photos on Facebook. I want to sell paintings.

John: I’m working on my goals from five years ago! (Laughter)! I will often find things to work on at home instead of doing the work of painting! I hope to have a new painting next time to show.


Fine Art Friday 1-4pm on Fridays at OSA

FIELD TRIP NEXT WEDNESDAY  (Jan 11) time 11 am
meet at the Architectural Heritage Center to see the Exhibit and speak with
Christopher Mooney 701 SE Grand Avenue 97214
Hang out for lunch afterwards

knew that it was likely that it might not turned out Joe's like and share﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽e pieces in there﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽e lunch afterwar﷽﷽﷽
 January 8, 1-3pm at OSA the volunteers have a show Genie (El) has three pieces in the show

 Brenda Boylan February 10-12 Pastel Fundamentals at Sequoia Gallery

 Susan Kuznitsky two day workshop sponsored by Uart classes in March

Painted Ladies: March  27-April 10

Ward Stroud - Painting, Pixels, People!
9:30am - 12:30pm,  Upstairs classroom $25/class

 First Friday at Art on the Boulevard
January 6th, 2017 (showing through January 31st)
"New Works" various new works on display by gallery artists.
Opening Reception First Friday, 5-9 pm.

Northwest Community Center
Vicki Zimmerman and Nancy Zhang
1630 NE 38th Ave | Portland, OR 97232

Beginning Jan 6

Next Meeting, Thursday, Jan 12 9am Suggested table topic: Series...have you done one or will you do one? What ideas have you had for a series...and why?

Lookalikes Kristine and Celeste :)

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