Meeting Notes, Thursday, October 30, 2014

At today's meeting Loretta, Bill, Tim, Charlie, Marty, Jim, Jeanie, Susan, Jeanne, Jerry, Thomas, Erin, Lisa, Diane, Eunice, Kay, Barb, Za, Maria, and me Celeste. 

Today's suggested table topic: Describe your studio and also tell us what you feel is an essential necessity for a studio. 

Celeste: I just worked on my studio and painted the floor. I'm happy where my studio is... it's in the basement. Of course, everyone’s answer regarding necessity is likely to be “good light”. In addition to that I feel it is essential to have a dedicated space for all of your tools and supplies. Before I took the space in the basement I drove myself crazy trying to find things all over the house. I am showing two paintings. 

Loretta: My studio is currently a mess. I have not unpacked everything from my recent move. When I walk in my studio it as a big symbolic hug. It is very forgiving there and an altogether happy place. I brought a painting. 

Bill Haack: (New, Welcome!) I have a studio in my garage. I am a carpenter so I made it so it can be a garage as well as a studio. It is 12 x 14. I planned ahead and made the walls moveable. I can move a wall so that I can make it back into a garage at any time. My wife is also going to keep her kiln in our studio. I am a pastelist. Brenda Boylan told me about this group. 

Charlie:  I have had my studio in an extra bedroom. Currently I'm in the living room. It has very large windows and I have different light sources. I like having to work under artificial light. The reason is because most paintings are seen under artificial light. I have a lot of supplies in two suitcases with rollers. That makes it so I can move from place to place. I brought in a colored pencil painting. 

Marty: My studio is in the small bedroom. It has a low ceiling. It is painted black. There is no glare in there. I have a Hughes easel. I am not able to extend the easel to it's fullest capacity because of the ceiling. I have 5000 K lighting. I brought in a painting of my children at the beach. 

Jim: My studio is in a media room. There are no windows. It is not very big. It does have a 9 foot ceiling. I think it is essential to have a work table, a flat file and a place for storage. I have a big closet for storage. I put my big paintings in there. I have another bedroom dedicated soley to drawing. I used to do watercolor but I don't like dealing with the glass. I brought in a painting I did from Craig Srebnik’s class. He emails you a photo to work from. I changed it a lot. 

Za: My studio is currently split in two. It's in the kitchen and the garage. It is important to only put up art that is inspiring for you. My easel is on wheels. I want my space to be a source of creative energy.  My hope is to get a studio away from my home. That is my intention. I brought paintings but I didn't bring them in. I left them in the car. (Za!)

Maria: I am trying to get organized. I like to go out for plein air. When you are working inside it is a challenge to get away from television and other distractions. I work in the basement. I want to start doing still life. I am concentrating on oil right now. My space is organized only for me. No one else would be able to find anything in there. 

Barbara: Right now, because I have moved, I work in a window alcove. I went down from a large studio. I have stuff in storage. I am trying to do more and more plein air. I brought in a painting that I did for the Audubon Society. I live at the coast so the bird I chose for my painting is the gull.

Jeanie: I work out of a 480 space. I have had a lot of interests and have a lot of supplies. It's kind of a problem. I brought in a recent painting that I did of a barn. 

Kay: I work from my basement. I think it is essential to have enough counter space. My basement is very much jerryrigged, but it is very nice. I am completely happy there. I brought in a painting that I did in the park blocks. 

Susan: The last meeting we had was about compliments you've received. The very next day after that meeting I got this from a former client of mine. (She had bought another one of my prints). She wrote this to me:  "I wish I had every painting that you've ever done so I could wallpaper all my walls with them”.(Yay! nice compliment!)
 I have a dedicated studio. My studio is called: Studio in the Woods Northwest. It is a very peaceful place. I have rafters for storage. That is a lifesaver. I am having an open house if you want to come see my studio. See the invitation in the announcements. I brought in 3 paintings.

Jeanne: I have a bedroom dedicated as my studio. I have not painted in there, however, because I paint outdoors all the time. I have a big work table and it is also very important to have a place where I can look at recent paintings. I want to look at them every day and decide if they need anything else. I brought in a painting I did in Neskowin. I want to paint bigger. That is my objective. 

Jerry: My studio is a space located at Albina and Killingsworth. It is 12 x 18. I have been there for two years.
I brought in photos. What I think is wise to have two or three easels. That's so that you can work on things at the same time. I started a self-portrait. It is in-progress. I do a self-portrait every year on my birthday. 

Thomas: I did have a studio away from my home a long time ago. It was in the Troy building. It was a great big huge open space. Today my studio is in the bedroom, but of course, mostly my studio is “outside". When I do the figure I find myself in other people studios. I am looking to possibly make more room at home. Lighting technology is changing. This is something you should think about. If I was to have something on my wish list for a studio it would be a daybed. I brought in a painting I did of Half Dome.

Erin: My studio is in a small bedroom. I have an easel, a Costco table and a wire rack on wheels. I’m worried about my carpeting. I need a printer. I am looking toward working toward having a dedicated studio in a place like Towne Storage. I'm sure it would do away with distractions to have a studio away from home. I'm going to be in the big 500 show. I went to Tayla's workshop. It was a great experience. I brought in three paintings. 

Lisa: My husband and I built a garage. We built ourselves. I got to build an extension for my studio. It is important have lots of light. It is 12 x 17. You must have a place for storage. I have two easels. I feel that a big chair is essential. My studio is a refuge as well as the studio. I have skylights. I do not have an exhaust fan. My show that is coming up is Arts and Crafts for the NE. Community Center. 

Diane: I have a small house with small rooms. My studio is in my smallest bedroom. When it was first empty (in anticipation of making it my studio) I sat in it for a week thinking about how I wanted it to be. One thing I've done is use curtain rods for an upright storage system for my paintings. I used to have a big studio...but I have learned, less is more.

Eunice: Here is a fact…the bigger the studio the more stuff you can get into it! (Laughter!) I have a big window that faces East. I have color corrected light. I brought in a painting.

Za gave us a recap about her trip to Colorado for the AIS Show. She went with Anton and David. They painted every day. The aspen were brilliant gold like you've never seen! They spent time with Clayton Beck. They went to a private home and got to see a huge art collection with Quang Ho and Richard Schmid paintings (among others). It was fabulous! When she returned from that she got to go on a camping-workshop with Eric Jacobson. (They will do that again in the future and probably keep it at about 9-12 people). The scenery (where they were) was outstanding. 

Eric Jacobson was accepted into the Charlie Russell Auction in Wyoming. 

Congratulations again Za, for the great article in the current plein air magazine!


Thomas Kitts won the Mathewson Family Foundation Award at the 16th Annual Laguna Beach Plein Air Invitational gala for his 24 x 36 painting, "On the Beach”. (Applause)!

There are a lot of openings coming up for November: 

Brian Marki= First Friday, Nov 6 Eric Bowman, Amiee Erickson and Scott Gellatly

Art on the Boulevard= First Friday, Nov 6 Michael Lindstrom

Broderick Gallery= First Thursday, Nov 5 and Artist’s Reception, Sunday Nov 9 Quin Sweetman and Celeste Bergin 

Susan Kuznitsky Studio in the Woods Open House, Nov 15 & 16 10 am - 5pm 6049 SW Pendleton Ct. Porltand 97221

The Turner movie field trip will be December 19. (Cinema 21)

Thanks all for coming today--it was hard to hear, so sorry if I missed something major in what you said!

Next Meeting, Nov 5, Suggested table topic: What question would you ask an artist from the past.... if you could?

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