Meeting Notes, November 10, 2016

At today’s meeting Eunice, Tedd, Tom, Jim, Nancy, Judith, Elo, Loretta L, Stephanie, El, Tim, Jeanie, Bill, Brenda, Thomas, Loretta U, Kristina, John, David, Joanne T, Joanne K, Za, and me Celeste.

Today’s suggested table topic: Reds on your palette-- which reds do you use and what is the reasoning?

Celeste: I took a workshop with Terry Miura and he told us about how Permanent red medium by Rembrandt is a good substitute for cadmium red. I have been using it and I like it. I also use Alizarin Crimson. I am showing three recent paintings.

Eunice: I use Cadmium red light, Alizarin Crimson, and Quinacridone Magenta. I have finished my 13 paintings that I have painted over the last six weeks. I got this idea from a photographer who dressed his young daughter in renaissance clothing and put her in renaissance settings. It has been a really fun project and I have really enjoyed it. (Applause)!

Tom: I would like to figure out how to use red in a painting! I am very taken with one painting by van Gogh where he used just the perfect red in just the perfect place. I use Cad red light.

Jim: I have taken a little time off of painting and I have decided to start painting again. I have been looking at some pallettes that were suggested by Scott Gellatly on Facebook. The high intensity reds are Napthanol Scarlet and Quinacridone Red. I have been painting an orange and the Quinacridone red is beautiful added to the yellow. Quinacridone red mixed with Burnt Sienna makes a nice Alizarin Crimson. I am working on a painting that will incorporate three spheres. It is a challenge I have given myself.

Annie: I love red, but sometimes it is just too bright. I did this painting for an illustration for a book cover. It is a horseshoe crab. I used an actual crab and lit it with a lamp in order to paint it. I put red in it at the top of the shell and then I took it out and then I put it back again (laughter)! I took a class with Annie Heights at PNCA I learned about Quinacridone Magenta...mixed with it’s complement it makes a beautiful gray. I brought this portrait and I believe that the pink in this painting really makes it.

Elo: I find that I don’t like Alizarin Crimson.. I put it out but I simply don’t use it. I do like Cad red light and Burnt Sienna. I like magenta to make purple. I am showing two recent paintings.

Joanne: I love red. I use Cad red light and Alizarin Crimson (Permanent).  I also have discovered Terra Rosa – a useful and beautiful red. I did this oil painting on paper and framed it in a red frame. I sold a painting at the 200 show at OSA. (Applause)!

Jeanie: I like Napthanol Red. I have a big tube of Quinacridone Maroon. It was a very useful color for painting grapes. I was watched a YouTube video and the person who was the art instructor pronounced Alizarin as “Alizarian”. That did not instill any confidence. I thought, well maybe I shouldn’t be listening to him!

Kristina: I am back from Italy and I drove like an Italian to get here on time today! (applause! Laughter)! I had to take my paints through an airport so I decided to take a sealed starter kit in original packaging. This was a good strategy for traveling with paints. It was a little bit limiting for me, however,  when I was painting plein air some of the colors that I rely on were missing….but I made do!  It is very interesting to paint in a foreign country. There are language problems. A man came up to me while I was painting this Nocturne and he said “I want to buy”. Because of the language issue we weren’t really able to understand how to make the transaction. I am also showing a second painting from Sorrento.

Joanne: I like Alizarin Crimson, Cad red pale, and transparent red oxide. I use these and an arsenal of other reds. I like to make purple by mixing alizarin with blue. I can always punch up things later in the studio. I have been working on the Painting November challenge. It is fun to paint fast. I painted this painting of my son in just a few minutes.

John: I am using colored pencils, so I don’t really have a pallette per se like you do. Colored pencil people have a lot of reds. I have trouble seeing red. This is a pet portrait that I did of my own dog “Boomer”. It is not quite finished yet.

Dotty: I work in both pastel and oil. Of course when I'm working in pastel I have dozens and dozens of red choices. For oil paint I like Alizarin permanent and also I like transparent orange. I will use cad red light if I need it. I am showing a recent painting. I put my focus on the clouds.

Tim: I am showing three recent paintings that I did of roses. The first one was done with Quinacridone red. The second was done with his Napthanol. The third was done with Venetian red. I am also showing to study that I did with Paynes gray. This last one is a recent plein air that I did in Fairview.

 Brenda: Currently I’m using Rembrandt permanent red medium. Kathleen Dunphy has this on her pallet. I like how this paint stays fluid for a long time. I’m also experimenting with Thalo red rose. I am showing you a painting that I just did recently. I went out with others and we stood right on the railroad tracks. (I found out that standing directly on train tracks is illegal)! (Laughter)!

Za: I use a warm and a cool. I use cad red light and alizarin. I did this painting of my niece recently in a quick draw. Someone wanted to trade me for it, but I just can't possibly part with it because it is of someone I love. I told the artist I will do another painting and trade..but I won’t part with this one.

Nancy: I use Cad red light and Alizarin Crimson. I really love red. I love to use red and all of my paintings if I can. When I get to use red, I just love it! I have done these paintings for the big 500. This last one I made up the entire scene.

Loretta: I like naps and all red and alizarin Crimson. I like to have others on hand for certain reasons. I like Crimson lake I will Winsor Newton Grumbacker read, light red equinox a dumb Brad.

El: I love Rembrandt transparent red oxide. I also like Alizarin Crimson. I painted this large sunflower painting on a gloomy day.

 Bill: I am showing you some giclees that I did for my office. I am also showing you a painting I did on this oddball canvas size. I have been attending OSA Sunday long pose (figure). I hope to get the whole model on the canvas someday (laughter)!

Stephanie: I have been doing a lot of painting in red for fall. I like Alizarin Crimson with Green. I  use Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Magenta,  Napthanol, Vermilion and Cad orange. I did a study recently using all of these colors. I am also showing recent other red paintings.

Loretta L: I use Quinacridone magenta and cad red and transparent red oxide. I have been taking a class-- this painting is from class.

 Jackie Woodward (new—Welcome, Jackie): I have a taking Ward’s class and I brought two paintings from the class where we learned about the product brusho.

Thomas: I ask myself when does a red stop being a red? When does a red lean toward orange? And when does a red lean towards purple? These are questions I ask while looking, when observing the red object. I want my darks to be transparent and my opaques to be my lights. I always try to lighten with a hue instead of just white. I do use Alizarin permanent. I have also picked up Quinacridone Red and it is like the Thalo of cool Reds. It creates some nice purples. It makes it so you can leave the Diaoxidize purple at home. If you saw the Mr. Turner movie there was a great scene about how Turner showed up at the eleventh hour to paint a red buoy right into his painting while it hung on the wall. There is some thought that this is where the idea came that “if you want to sell a painting put red in it”. I’m showing a painting  of a red car. I asked myself which red tends toward orange and which red tends toward purple.


Fine Art Friday at OSA /special value of $15 for Veterans Day to paint the model 1 to 4. The model is Tony. Email Joanne for a spot

 Scott Gellatly has reception at Brian Marki next Friday 5-8 pm (Nov  18)

 Sunday at OSA is long pose 11 to 1 and 3 to 6. You must be a member of OSA to go to OSA, but you can go one time “gratis” to decide if you like the class or not.

Brenda Boylan: I am teaching a pastel class and I have three seats left. It begins November 15. It is Tuesdays from nine to noon.

Thomas Kitts online mentoring:

Dotty Hawthorne will be giving a demonstration at the bookstore on Glisan downtown Saturday 1 to 3 PM

This weekend is the Clark County studio Tour

Nancy Zhang paintings Beaverton City Hall on weekdays 8 to 5
12725 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton

Next table topic Thursday, November 17…”Active and Passive passages within the same painting”.

What does this mean to you? Do you think about this? Let’ s Discuss!

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