Meeting notes, June 12, 2015

At today's meeting Loretta, Diane, Lisa, Jeanie, Marty T, Charlie, Eunice, Thomas, Stephanie, Annie, Bill, Tim, Jeanne, Peggie, Leslie, Barbara, Joe Derse (new), Donna and me, Celeste

Today's suggested table topic: What is on your palette and in particular is there a color that you "can't live without" ? Any type of "secret weapon" color that you swear by?

Celeste: my palette is a standard split primary palette. Carol Marine got me to thinking about just straight primary colors and I've done that too recently. A color I really like to add is is Violet or purple. I try to use it judiciously. Many times it seems to have helped me clearly define the shadows. I brought in two "junk yard" paintings.

Eunice: I have a penchant for yellows! I'll have a standard palette, but with extra yellows. I didn't bring a painting today.

Thomas: I don't have a favorite color. As a matter of fact, if I think I'm using too much of a color I will take it off my palette. We don't want a "crutch"!  Sometime ago I was using too much iron oxide red. It just showed up in everything I did. What I think is most effective is if you can be aware of cool and warm. I did a self-portrait recently. My palette for this self-portrait was titanium/zinc White, burnt umber, cadmium yellow lemon, cadmium red medium, and cobalt Violet. I think what I learned from this self-portrait is that you don't need a lot of color hues, as a matter fact for portrait, subtle hues are very good. 

Jerry: I would like to add to what Thomas has said... you should look at Thomas' blog for a particular blog post that he did on the subject of palettes. His entire blog is wonderful for painting information.

For myself I am partial to titanium buff made by Williamsburg. It is ideal for just the right "touch" to bring up a painting.. or to add some kind of highlight. I also favor burnt umber and naples yellow. I brought in a painting that I did in and Eric Jacobsen's workshop. The colors I used are the ones that he recommended. 

Stephanie: I like to paint in Central Oregon, so I like a lot of warmth on my palette especially for those times. I confess to liking Thalo blue,  I can't give it up. (Laughter)!  I brought in two paintings from Sauvie Island and also one that I did from a photo reference at Smith rock. I will be participating in the Smith Rock paint out June 20. 

Annie: I really like reds. I like lots of warmth. I knew someone once who said "I have a dismal preoccupation with happy colors" (Laughter)! I like hookers green and paynes gray together. It gives a really dark dark green. It's the right color for pine trees after the sun goes down. 

Joe: (new welcome Joe)! I paint in an expressive style. I really like colorful bright colors, chromatic colors. Once someone said of my work "his work is like Chagall".... I took that to be a great compliment. I am showing a portrait.

Bill: It is so fun to sit here and listen to things about the about new colors. ...all of this makes me want to put a new color on my palette. I don't want to be in a rut. I do really like ultramarine blue and burnt sienna together for a dark. I brought in two paintings from Hipbone studio and one from my neighborhood.  I saw a crow look into a puddle...the crow looked at his own reflection. 

Tim: Here's what I like on my palette: Hansa yellow, yellow ochre, Quinacridone red, Thalo blue, and cerulean blue. I brought in two landscape paintings. Sadly, I must share with you that my young grandson recently passed away. Shortly after I received the news I did a portrait of him and brought it in to share with you. (Editor's note: Our deepest condolences to you, Tim and to your family).

Jeanne: I almost always start with a transparent red oxide. I brought in a landscape that I did recently. 

Peggie: I am using the Jennifer Diehl palette. I am new to manganese violet... but I really like it. I brought in paintings that I did from my recent participation in Joseph. I did the quick draw. My painting sold! I had a wonderful time. 

Barbara: I really like all of the Gamblin "radiant" colors. I like radiant turquoise. That color really sends me! (Laughter)! But I like them all. Chris Haberman asked me into the "88 strong" show. They gave us topics to paint from. These are not normal topics... they are off-the-wall topics. For example, here's one: "when the rain washes you clean, you know it." (Laughter)!  I went with "balderdash". I broke apart the word and made it bald  and dash ...for racing people who are bald. (Laughter)!  (yes, that qualifies as off-the-wall)!

Leslie:  I am a former watercolorist. I like cadmium orange.  My subject matter in the past was often Israel. There is a lot of orange and warmth in Israel. For figures I have enjoyed a monochromatic palette. I brought in a recent plein air painting. I used quite a bit of white in this painting. 

Loretta:  Bues must be on my palette. They are essential to me. I like ultramarine blue, turquoise, and cerulean. These are colors that get me going.

Diane: I like English is a good replacement for alizarin crimson. It's kind of expensive but I really like it especially for portraits. I also like cadmium orange. I like a color that is a very strong day-glo type green. I think it was called lime green. I brought in two paintings from Studio 30. 

Donna: I am a watercolorist. My four favorite colors are rose matter, viridian, yellow ochre and cobalt blue. I also like quinacridone gold in watercolor. The reason I like it is you can put it in "later" in the painting. Often times you can't revisit a watercolor but you can with quinacridone gold. In my critique group we have discovered something called Gelli printing. I brought in a couple of samples of this. They are like monoprints. I recommend that you try it if you would like to have a lot of fun! I also did this large painting on Yupo paper. I had tried Yupo paper before and I didn't like it. But this time (for some reason) I seemed to understand it better. You can lift the color off of the paper and expose the white of the paper. I did this whole big painting with Q-tips. 

Lisa: At this very moment my favorite special color is Indian yellow. I mix a tiny amount of it with white and it is just a beautiful highlight type color. I have been very busy lately lately with my work. I painting these 2 cups recently and also painted this lighthouse from a photo reference. 

Jeanie: I like all the colors. A long time ago I had a weakness for something called the green umber. Then I had a teacher that said "um...try something else"! (Laughter)!  It really wasn't very effective, but I thought (at the time) that it was a perfect color for nature and tree trunks (Laughter)! Currently, I like sap green. 

Marty: Hello everyone! it is nice to be back. I have been traveling and now I'm back. I like warm colors. I love cadmium orange..I just love it I could eat it! (Laughter)!  I brought in a painting that I did from the street market. I wanted this strong shadow. I was going for a strong sunlit look!

Charlie: I am partial to light peach and indigo blue. I don't like the Browns! I didn't bring anything in today. 

Announcements: Art Broadway will have a reception 6/13/15  6-9

Jerry: I went to the plein air show in Corvallis. It is really excellent! They did a paint out on Wednesday and some of those pieces are in the show. Not all of the art is plein air. It is across from the football stadium. I really encourage you all to see the show it is really outstanding.

The lavender festival is coming up here is the link:

The friends of easels meets on Mondays in the gorge. You can always just show up with them. (Editor's note: I will put their calendar on another page).

Lake Oswego "Open Call": 

Hillsboro Plein Air:

Jef Gunn is in a show at the Augen Gallery.  He is there through June 27. 
Make sure to read his artist statement on the wall before seeing the show.

Two Saturday Workshops with Don Bishop:!art-workshops-events/cwzt

Beaverton is looking for first Friday participants. Contact Donna Sanson and she will give you information.

Broderick gallery "Regional Art" show is up until July 1.

Smith Rock paint out:

OSA Maritime "Call to Artists" (July):

July 18....let's cruise with Brooks Hickerson on The Portland Steamship! Oregon Society and Artists and Oregon Maritime Museum are hosting the first "Portland Steamer Plein Air Cruise" July 18, Saturday, 2015. The Portland Steamer will depart 9 am from its dock at SW Pine and SW Naito. Cruise down the Willamette River to the Columbia River and return. This 4 hour cruise includes refreshments and all the scenery you can paint and draw. You can bring your easels and painting equipment aboard the afternoon before the cruise, July 17th, from 1-4pm.
The cost for the cruise on the historic steam-powered paddle-wheel Portland is $75. You can reserve your space and pay for your ticket at:
or on the OMM web site

You may bring nautical paintings to sell. 
Contact Brooks Hickerson with questions:
and also let Brooks know when you have registered. 
Get your tickets early!
The consensus is in. We think the "Annex" room is great. Please continue to support O'Connors by dining there when you can. The 8 o'clock am breakfast is dependably fun.

The Friday drawing club met after the meeting at Medley Tea. The results are in the front are on the front page of the blog direct link here.

Thank you everyone for coming today and sharing your ideas and paintings. 

Next meeting Friday, June 19. Suggested table topic:  It has been said that what you leave out of a painting is as important as what you put in. What does this statement mean to you? What has been your experience? 

See you next time!

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