Meeting Notes, Feb 26, 2015

At today's meeting Loretta, Jim, Tim, Bill, Betsy, Charlie, Khan, Susan, Jeanie, Claudia, Dave, Tedd, Eunice, Leslie, Erin, Kristina, Lisa, Diane, Vicki, Joanne M, Marty D, Marty T, Za, Annie, Stephanie, and me Celeste. 

Today's suggested table topic: Nocturnes. Have you painted one? Have you darkened any of your existing paintings? Tell us what you know about nocturnes. 

Celeste: I have painted several nocturnes.  I have enjoyed the experience. I remember a story I heard about Marc Hanson. He was just starting a Nocturne painting in the summer. He was wearing sandals when he had a sharp pain in his big toe. It turned out a mongoose had bitten him in the toe and it wouldn't let go. (Laughter)! I brought in three nocturnes. 

Annie: I don't have any comments about Nocturnes specifically. I did do a painting from a kerosene light one time and it turned out to be a gold painting. I brought in a portrait that I did. 

Erin: I have not painted any nocturnes. I understand you need special equipment to do so. For example you need some kind of lamps in order to see your paint! I have recently taken a workshop with Kat Sowa. I brought in a painting from the workshop. I also did a recent workshop with Za.  She encouraged us to do a lot of starts.... I am doing that. 

Stephanie: I have not painted plein air at night. I'm not fond of going places at night. I don't even like to drive at night! (Laughter)! I do know something about  the artist Whistler. He filed a lawsuit against an art critic about criticism he received over a nocturne painting.  It was a lawsuit about libel. Even though he won in court ...he only won a "farthing"! I brought in a painting that I did at studio 30. There is a lantern in it. The Japanese people feel that this type of lantern is a form of moonlight. 

Marty D: I did a painting that is an interpretation of the play "The Children's Hour". This was in a class and all of the students did it. I am showing that painting. I have tried to paint on black canvas and I didn't care for it. 

Lisa: I have not done nocturnes. I recently bought a bunch of peppers and I painted those from life. I brought in two paintings.

Diane: I did do one Nocturne. I did a Nocturne of Multnomah Falls and I did it on black velvet (Laughter)! I am tempted to try a Nocturne for real someday. I brought in a painting that I did from studio 30. 

Vicki:  Vuillard was famous for his Nocturnes. I brought in a small book to show you. Because I knew about the subject today I took an old painting and painted over it. I nocturned it up! (Laughter!)

Joanne: I have not done a Nocturne. I have done figures in candlelight, however. I brought in two figures that I did recently at studio 30. 

Marty T: I am going to pass today. 

Beth: (Beth is new welcome to Beth!)  I did one Nocturne... it turned out okay. It is not my preference. I brought in two paintings.  I have a show coming up at the Exchange Building. 

Kristina: Well I love Nocturnes!  It is my favorite thing. I know that they intimidate some people, but I want you to know that it simplifies matters because all you see is the dark, the mid and the glow from the light. I do use a lamp to be able to see. My husband is my "bodyguard" when I paint at night. 

Za: Nocturne painting is often an excuse for a very fun drinking party! (Laughter)!  I brought in a figure painting. I can't let you photograph it because it's a commissioned portrait. It hasn't been delivered yet. I love how it turned out. I have just a few small adjustments to make to it.

Khanh:  I'm not a landscape painter, particularly.  I paint mostly figures. I used to sketch in bars a lot and those are areas are dark. It's true that darkness imparts a moody quality. I brought in a painting that has been in my car. It is a figure painting of my children. 

Susan: I brought in a painting of an interior of a bar. I loved the experience of painting this. I painted it and people brought me wine to drink while I painted. I want to do more Nocturnes. 

Leslie: I have thought about it, but I haven't done a Nocturne. I have been working mostly with my portrait monochromes. I brought a recent one to show you. Well, monochrome and Nocturnes have a lot in common ..come to think of it.

Jeanie:  As you know I have not painted plein air yet. I'm a studio painter. I am learning to paint faster, however, and I did this painting in just one hour.  

Dave: This painting that I brought ...  the sun had gone in. I brought in two paintings.  

Tedd: I am showing you this painting that I did from life of a figure. It has a mirror in it...a fun challenge to paint.

Loretta: I like dark paintings. I have painted a number of them. I brought in two paintings that are predominately dark. 

Jim: I had Brenda Boylan's daughter come over and pose for a lot of photographs. I have had a lot of fun using those photographs to paint from. I am trying to infuse the paintings with Nikki's personality. For example, in this one I tried to show her "sparkle". She is a young woman with pizazz and the beret also gets this idea across. I am just experimenting with some bright colors and some personality. 

Tim: I recently did this painting in a acrylic. It is from Rooster Rock. 

Bill: I have done a few Nocturnes. I have brought them to show you. I did one at a fireworks display. I darkened the canvas in advance of the fireworks. I had a little flashlight and iPhone. I've enjoyed all these nocturne paintings. It's a great experience. I also did this painting of a figure from the OSA figure session. 

Charlie: When I saw the topic I expected to see many scenes of cities. You know, nighttime urban scenes. I'm a little surprised I haven't seen that. I do my work from photos. I brought in  a colored pencil painting that I did that emphasizes pattern.

Claudia: I have not done any Nocturnes. The 8x8 show at Sequoia is coming up. 

Eunice: I brought a Nocturne... it is a seascape from a workshop.  I also brought in two paintings that I did from life. 


Sequoia has a lot of opportunities. Claudia from Sequoia is encouraged to put the various workshops and classes on the Workshops Facebook page:

Dave McBride is in the SE Art Walk. He is at house number #7. This starts on Saturday.

Studio 30 is tomorrow (Friday). There is room to sign up. Contact

Za has been invited into the Olmstead Invitational in Georgia (April 2015) Za invites you to come watch her paint if you are so inclined! Congratulations, Za!

OSA will have a long pose the first Friday in March. Update: You must be a member of OSA to attend.

The Thursday Drawing Club has been meeting at Medley Tea directly after the art discussion meeting. We met there today and will continue to meet there until further notice. You can see all of the sketches from the session in the slideshow on the front page of the blog. (or use this direct link):

Big thanks to Eunice and Tim both for bringing art books from their libraries today to give away! Thank you!

This was a probably a record setting day for attendance. It was so great to see you all. See you next week and thank you for sharing your ideas and your paintings. Apologies to Betsy (who was not called on...she arrived a little late. Sorry, Betsy!)

Next meeting Thursday, March 5. Suggested table topic: Rhythm in a painting. What do you do to imply Rhythm..? 

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