Meeting Notes, October 16, 2014

At today's meeting Loretta, Joanne, Tim, Stephanie, Susan, Jeannie, Kay, Diane, Barbara, Jerry, Diane, Eunice, Peggie, Kristina, Don, Sunny, Glenda, and me, Celeste. 

Today's suggested table topic:  “Topics”... tell us what has been your favorite topic and what other topics you'd like to cover here in the future. 

Celeste: I liked the topic about art and artists movies. I saw a movie as a result of that meeting. (The movie was "The Horses Mouth"). It is a movie I wouldn't of seen otherwise. I like all the topics we’ve done so far and I especially liked all the meetings we had on specific colors (like everything you know about Green, etc). I brought in two paintings.

Kay: I like subjects about color: color harmony, neutrals, color mixing, mixing grays.  I brought in two paintings. 

Kristina: I wonder if we could somehow get a guest speaker sometime. I am interested in finding out about selling work online. I would like a topic that would cover websites that sell online. I brought in a painting that I did from a reference from our recent trip to Italy. I paid attention to massing in large shapes/values.

Peggie: I took a workshop with Sarkis. He loves color and it was wonderful to see his demonstration. He has such freedom with color. I brought in the Sarkis book. I brought in a painting I did at his workshop.

Jeanie: I realize that maybe sometimes you have repeated topics but since I am new all the topics are new to me. I brought in a new painting. 

Diane: I’d like to learn about shortcuts that other painters have; ideas about making things easier or better or more effective. I'd like to know also about color palettes. Why are you using a certain color palette... why have you chosen that one? Do you sometimes change your palette? I brought in examples of some color wheels and a chart that I have done. All of this has helped me understand color better. I brought in a plein air painting.

Barbara:  I compiled a list of topic suggestions that I will turn in to you. I brought in a painting of my daughters closet. 

Jerry: I like James Gurney. He has a book and a blog where he explains a lot about “gamuts" of color. For new topics I'd like to suggest "Everything about varnish". Also I'd like to learn about hanging/installing a show. How do you think it should be accomplished? Do you think things should hang eye level? What is eye level? I'd like to know more about that. I brought in a painting that employs my personal color sense.

Diane: My husband and I recently came back from a trip to LA. We went to the Hammer Museum at UCLA. I loved the exhibits there. They were “conceptual”. Very different from the exhibits here.  I am participating in the Audubon show. I brought in a drawing of my idea that I plan to paint. I like all topics. 

Eunice: I'd like to learn about acrylic underpainting. I like all topics. Repeating a topic is okay as far as I'm concerned. I brought in two paintings. 

Joanne: My favorite topic thus far has been about brushes. I also like the one about composition. I am sure we could have another meeting about composition and possibly about massing shapes. It would be good to also learn how to "analyze your own paintings”.  I brought in a recent painting from a life painting session.

Tim:  When you look at the sky what paint do you pull out? Why do you paint in the first place? Why do you keep coming back here? I brought in two paintings that I did on one panel and also another that I did at “Well 17” at Blue Lake Park. 

Stephanie: Now that it is winter and rainy I'd like to know what do you do in bad weather. What is your plan for winter? I remember the box project and even though we probably have too many members to do that it would probably be fun to consider something along the same lines. More suggestions for future topics: Frames and names (about finishing and getting ready to present). How to use photos creatively. Painting versus photography. Your studio and/or workspace (what you like about it and what do not like about it). Canvas sizes (“Size Matters”). I brought in two plein airs. I am using Raymar panels now and I like them.

Susan: One of my favorite meetings thus far was about pthalo paint. It motivated me to bring out my old pthalo paint that I had abandoned. I'd like to have meetings about marketing. (social media and websites). I went to Sauvie Island and painted with Nathalie. I had a wonderful time and brought in the results.

Glenda:. I like the idea of a group winter project! 

Sunny: I'd like to learn more about composition. I brought in a painting that was planned with a triad color scheme. 

Don:  I also would like to know more about art marketing. I have been working toward a show. I brought in a self-portrait. I wore something that I wore when I was in theater. It’s kind of a Rembrandt look that I was after.


Kat Sowa is offering new workshops:

Studio 30 opens for life and still life sessions on October 31. 

Portland Open Studios is this weekend. (Don Bishop, Joanne Kollman, Janet Amundsen-Splidsboel, Kat Sowa, Jodi Burton, Chas Martin and others). 

Don Lonsbrough Solo Show: "Street Scenes and More" Visible Changes, 615 SE Chkalov Dr. Vancouver, WA 98683, Sunday, October 19, 1-6pm

Kristina is having a show at the Wallflowers Gallery: Nov 6th, 5-8pm 288 NW First, Canby

Joanne has won a Merit honor award from Jack Richeson and is a finalist in their portrait competition. (Congratulations, Joanne)!

Jeff Gunn will be at the  the LAN SU Chinese Garden. He will demonstrate spontaneous and playful brush techniques on paper October 19, 11am to Noon. (Tea House upstairs).

Thanks, everyone for your ideas and bringing your paintings. 

Next meeting October 23  topic: What is the nicest compliment you have ever received about your art?

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