Meeting Notes, October 23, 2014

At today's meeting Loretta, Marty, Tim, Jerry, Charlie, Vicki, Jeanne, Brenda, Kristina, Nathalie, Jim, Lois, Jeanie, Susan, Eunice, Barbara, Thom, Quin, and me Celeste. 

Today's suggested table topic: What is the single nicest compliment that you have ever received about your art? 

(So that we didn't have to feel self-conscious about our names being next to the answers here in the notes, the following is provided in anonymous and random order):

I was outdoors painting......painting the painting that I'm showing you today. Someone stood behind me for a while and then they said "You make that look so easy". 

When I was in college I felt certain that my drawing assignments weren't up to par. When it was the end of the term each student got a note from the Professor.  I unfolded my note and it read: "(Name), You are the best drawing student I have ever had". It was signed with his name. I was floored. I kept that note pinned onto my wall for many years. 

My fourth grade teacher noticed that I was drawing in class and put the drawing on the bulletin board. It occurred to me right then that perhaps I had something inside me...something to offer. 

My teacher retrieved one of my pieces from the trash and put it into a show. That piece actually won a prize. 

My biggest compliment has been when young people have surrounded me and stood there to watch me paint.  I knew that they stood there long enough that they were engaged in the process.

I was once a sculptor. My sculpture was stolen from a hard to get to place. Strange as it is, I do take that as a compliment. 

One time someone said to me "your work emanates from your lovely core", or perhaps they said "your work emanates from your lovely center". It sure was a nice thing to say...and I took it to mean that my paintings come across as sincere.

In school I had sort-of an enemy.  One day she said to me through clenched teeth "Your work just makes me feel ......good." She said that even though it was clearly not easy for her to say it.

I had a person tell me during an open studio that my work moved her to tears. Can you imagine if your work moves someone to tears? It touched me.

A premier artist bought one of my paintings! 

I entered into an art festival. Unfortunately, my work didn't sell. However...the event organizers asked me for the painting to be used for the next year's promotional piece. (And this was my very first event)! 

Some nuns (I think they were Buddhist nuns) came up to me to watch me paint. Every one, including me, was silent.  As they moved on, one of the nuns gave me a thumbs-up sign. Maybe because this was all so wordless it stands out as my best compliment.

My painting instructor showed his student's work to one of his friends who is an A-list artist. When the A-list saw my work he said:  "This guy has got the chops".  It was especially great for my instructor to have shared that with me.

When I was a sculptor someone complimented my work, but they wouldn't buy it because the price was too high. I could tell, however, that they knew the work was worth it. 

My painting was stolen out of John's Landing. It's a paradoxical compliment, but a compliment nonetheless.

Someone in my peer group told me she liked my painting so much that she wanted it. 

Someone came up to me while I was painting outside and asked if what I was painting was a cat or a car. It was neither one. (Laughter). I must say that you (everyone in this group) are very special to me because you do encourage me all the time....and it helps me. 

(The following comment is from someone who is not an artist who visited today. We encouraged her to join in):
I was a kindergarten Teacher.  Someone once said about me "I'm glad I'm not married to (my name). Why? he was asked. Because, he answered, she is so patient during the day, she must be a real bitch at all other times!( Laughter). 


Kat is starting Studio 30 Fridays again. They will be every other Friday until it is established whether or not there is interest to go every Friday. She is also starting workshops too. Studio 30 begins October 31. Email for details on both the studio sessions and Kat's workshops:

Brenda's classes at OSA start November 25 and go through January 12. It is a weekly class. Go here to find out more.

Brenda Solo Show (Nov 1 Reception) at Art Elements Gallery:

There has been some interest in forming a sketching group during the winter months (like the Gorge painters have done). This sketching group would meet right after our Thursday meeting.  The idea of this would be just sketch our surroundings, interiors, each other or whatever for an hour or so after our regular meeting (since we are already convened on Thursdays). This will start in two weeks. Location to be determined (It will be in Multnomah Village)

Quin and Celeste Broderick Gallery in "A Year of Paint" (Receptions, Nov 6 and Nov 9): 

Thank you to everyone for coming today and sharing your ideas and paintings 

Next meeting is Thursday October 30: Topic: Describe your Studio. What do you think is absolutely necessary for a studio?

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