Meeting Notes, Friday, June 5, 2015

At today's meeting Loretta, Eunice, Stephanie, Kristina, Diane M, Diane H, Za, Kay, Frank Omier (new), Tim, Jerry, Susan, Talya, Annie, Renita, Charlie, and me Celeste. 

Today's suggested table topic: who is your favorite living contemporary painter? 

Comments below are listed anonymously and in random order. 

I don't want to blow smoke or suck up, but my favorite living contemporary artist is Za Vue (applause)! I am also a big fan of Joshua Clare. I discovered him on Facebook. 

There are many artists here in Alla Prima Portland who I consider my favorites. However, if I have to say someone who is not in this group I will say Alexi Savchenko

My favorite is Clyde Aspevig  

I also agree that everyone here is my favorite artist! I love coming here and seeing real art. It takes a lot of courage to put your work out there. My favorite is Cathleen Rehfeld. She makes things look effortless, but it is clear that she understands the landscape and all the complex issues of painting.

My favorite is Jennifer Diehl. I also am a very big fan of Jennifer McChristian. 

I am in a fan club for a lot of Portland artists. One that comes to mind is Michael Orwick

My favorite living artist is James Gurney. One of the reasons he is my favorite is because he shares so much. 

My favorite living artist is David Laffel.  I also very much admire Jef Gunn

Mine is Jeffrey Mann and Marc Bohne

My favorite artist is Marc Dalessio. I also like Jim McVicker and Amiee Erickson

My favorite artist is Zhiwei Tu. I also like Carolyn Anderson

One of my favorite artists is Stephen Hayes. I will be taking a workshop with him in the future. 

This is a very interesting subject for me. I like Yuri Konstantino. And even though this person is dead I have just recently discovered him... and I think he is worth noting. His name is Armin Hansen

I like Jeanette French, Amanda Houston, and my God-grandchild's art. 

My favorite living artist is Robert Liberace

Clyde Aspevig and Ed Mell

I am a big fan of Marc Hanson. I also like Quang Ho and Casey Klahn

Other notes: 

Stephanie: I brought in a plein air from George Rogers Park. 

Kristina: I am sharing a painting that I did in Lake Oswego. I liked everything I painted for the Lake Oswego event. 

Diane: I brought in a book about Russell Chatham. His work is deceptively simple. There is a quote in this book: "The landscape glistens and we hear a call our own name". I also brought a book about J M Turner.

Jerry: Both of the books I brought in today are about David Laffel. I brought in three plein air paintings. 

Tedd: I am painting a series that has to do with pregnancy. I used Perlene black for these paintings. It makes a very intriguing color when mixed with white. 

Susan: I brought in three paintings that were from my trip (long ago) to Nepal. Recently I donated a painting with proceeds going to the earthquake victims (via Facebook). I got an idea to do this more by having my paintings printed onto canvas by Pixel Point Artistry. I collaborated with David Hooten. The paintings that I brought in today were printed onto canvas. I'm going to do some more and also donate more paintings to the earthquake cause. 

Talya: I brought in two recent paintings, one plein air and one portrait. 

Kay: I will be visiting New York City and going to the Art Students League this summer. I brought in a painting that I did in layers. It's not quite done but I have just of little more to do to it.

Za: I brought in some of my student David Taleski's work. It is so gratifying when your student does such beautiful work! He is showing this work at a café on Powell Boulevard. It is called the Sprightly Bean. These works are just beautiful and they are printed on a wonderful watercolor paper. Spritely Bean is a figured drawing venue as well as a cafe.

Renita: I brought in a painting of me and two of my sisters.  We are all wearing the same blue type of jacket. We bought these jackets independently of each other and the jackets all turned out to be very similar...a "sister" type phenomenon. 

Frank: I am new, this is my first time here (welcome Frank)! I have spent time in Beijing and Nicaragua. I brought in two paintings from my travels. I am going to be studying with Scott Christensen this summer and also I am taking Thomas Kitts workshop. 

Annie: I wanted to thank everyone who directed me to the Tacoma Art Museum. I had a wonderful time there. They have a system there called iMuseum can find out if a particular artist is shown in the museum. I saw the Western art exhibition and it was outstanding.

Diane: I brought in some paintings from Alaska. The trees are really this "acid" green color in Alaska (at certain times of the year). I brought in three pastels and an oil painting.  (Editor's note: so sorry Diane! I did not get pictures of your paintings. Please send me photographs if you have them so we can include them in the blog). 


Tonight Eric Jacobsen's first Friday at Art on the Boulevard.

Lake Oswego Plein Air-- several Alla Prima Portland people are represented: First Friday reception 510 1st Street 5-7pm

Sunday: Broderick Gallery reception 1 to 6 PM for "Regional Art".

Susan Kuznitsky is giving a demonstration next Thursday (11:00am) at OSA.

Today was our first Friday meeting in the new space at O'Connor's Annex. We all agreed that it was very different than what we are used to.... but it was more quiet and we were able to really hear each other better!  Next time we meet (if you don't eat breakfast at 8 AM) it is ok to bring your own coffee in your own container. (If you drink coffee)!

But join us if you can 8 AM for breakfast in the restaurant (because we want to do business with O'Connors) and then after that we meet at 9 o'clock in the Annex. Thanks to everybody for bringing your ideas and paintings today. Some of us met at Medley Tea after the meeting for the Friday Drawing Club...the results are on the front page. 

Next meeting Friday June 12 8am/9am suggested table topic: What is on your palette....? Is there a color you can't live without?

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