Meeting Notes May 24, 2018

At today's meeting: Za, Jan, Tom K, Tom D, Paula, Yong, Loretta, Jim, Thomas K, Tim, Susan, Dotty, Peggie, Leslie, Geri, Bill, Jeanie, Judith, Tracie, Joanne K, Diane, Lisa, Chris, Mike, Jerry, Eunice and me, Celeste

Today's your opinion, the best art related books and or movies

(Note: Additional Specific notes to come later, sorry! ran out of time)

Celeste: Books: Sergei Bongart Kevin MacPherson, movie: Art School Confidential

Loretta: Movies/videos: David Dunlop Series Movies: Pollock Modigliani

Jim: Books: Alla Prima II, The Yellow House, Kevin MacPherson

Jan: Video produced by 60 Minutes about van Gogh possibly not suicide

Thomas: Movie/documentary TheMona Lisa Curse, Art School Confidential Books: My name is Asher Kev

Tim: Book: Paintings best Practices by Virgil Elliot

Peggie: Movie: Tim's Vemeer

Susan: I looked at my books to try to choose, but I love them all! Books: Lust for Life, Agony and Ecstasy 

Leslie: Agony and Ecstasy

Geri: Movie Basquiat

Bill: Movie: Loving Vincent Book: Drawing Heads, by Andrew Loomis

Jeanie: Book: The Goldfinch

Dotty: Movie: Frida Book: The Art Spirit, by Robert Henri

Tom K: Movie: The Girl in Hyacinth Blue (renamed to a Brush with Fate). Movie: NY Stories
The Unmarried Woman 1978 Book: Matisse and Picasso

Judith: Movie: The Horse's Mouth (I'm writing a screenplay, it is a sequel to Art School Confidential, it is about artists who meet every Thursday in Multnomah Village) Laughter!

Tracie:Movie: The Mystery of Picasso Bill Park video

Joanne K: Movies: Pollock A Man called Pearl 

Tom D: 1968 version of Civilization

Diane: (sorry, Diane, I didn't hear your contribution)!

Lisa: Daily Painting by Carol Marine

Chris: Books: Sargent, Magazines, such as SW Art Magazine. I have a list of videos that I have found enlightening (photographed).

Mike: The Judgement of Paris by Ross King, "Genius" Picasso with Antonio Banderas,

Jerry: Movie: The Horse's Mouth, book Free Play Cezanne Pisarro

Eunice: Be careful with your Alexas !

Paula: Movie: Loving Vincent Books: The Zen of Seeing and Inspiration for every artist

Yong: Alla Prima by Richard Schmid

Za: film: Ali Wong (on Netflix) and this book given to me by my students (Petrovich)


We will meet next week May 31 at O'Connors...but it will be our last meeting at O'Connors!** (O'Connors has been sold and is closing) We are working on finding a new place for our meetings. Meanwhile, on June 7, (the first Thursday coming up "without O'Connors") we will meet at 9am at Chinook Landing for a paint out/picnic (bring your lunch)! Host: Tim Young

**Please try to remember to bring some $$ for the servers (extra tip $$) to honor them for all the years of waiting on us. :)

Lavender Festival Plein Air Event Kathy Johnson will bring packets on May 31 (last day at O'Connors and last day to sign up!)

Workshops and classes with Susan Kuznitsky:

Yong Hong Zhong two upcoming watercolor workshops (May 29 and Sept)

Outdoor figure Workshop with Za Vue and Sergio Lopez (July28 and 29)  Email Za: 

Za Vue occasionally has an opening in her weekly classes, contact her to be put on the waiting list:

Terry Miura 3 day Cityscape Workshop at OSA June 15, 16, & 17. Contact Terry Miura directly via his email to sign up and pay for the course:
 Cost $420. OSA: 2185 SW Park Pl 97205 
Paint the figure Friday ("Fine Art Friday") May 25 at OSA  (uninstructed life session)
Model: Jaime 1-4pm
$20 drop ins are welcome

Fresh Flower Saturday at OSA May 26 1:30-4:30

The Hiatus Drawing Club

Dotty Hawthorne and others at Chrisman Frame (see below)

Jerry Dickason Open House (see invitation below)

**There will be no assigned topic next meeting....just talk about whatever you'd like and remember to bring some of your art as always...because "we're interested"!

June 14 Jerry Dickason click to enlarge


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