Meeting Notes, August 31, 2017

At todays meeting: Loretta U, Loretta L, Joanne K, Joanne T, Raphael, Brenda, Tim, Jim,Jerry, Vicki, Dotty, Jeanne, Anita (new), Lauren (new), Donnie, Tom, Geri, Lesa, Diane H, Diane M, Eunice, Chris, Kristina, Ward, Judith, Becky, Michael L, and me, Celeste

Today's suggested table topic: The Comfort Zone, have you stepped out of yours? how did that affect you? What makes you nervous (as it pertains to painting)?

Comments are anonymous and in random order:

I don't like it when people come up to me before I have something good on the canvas. You know, you've just started maybe and you're blocking in. I'd rather they saw it later than the start! That sort of thing drives me a little nuts! (Laughter)

I've gotten out of my comfort making goals pertaining to my teaching. I've given myself a schedule that I've adhered to (teaching groups). I wasn't comfortable doing it at first, but each time I have done it I've gotten better at it!

My "problem" is perfectionism. I struggle with it. I have noticed, however, that it isn't near as much of an issue as it was when I started. It doesn't have the same grip on me.

I am afraid of falling of a cliff when I am out by myself ! (Laughter)! A deep fear is doing a terrible demonstration...and it does happen! The painting won't let you know in advance which one is going to be great and which one is going to bomb. 

I'm afraid of EVERYTHING! (laughter)! This topic made me time I was personally (verbally) attacked by a so-called "friend" of mine...and right on the heels of this I was scheduled for life painting. I realized how negatively I was affected because my painting was going just terrible. Then I said to myself: "Come, on you know how to do this, stop being such a baby"! and that strong talk totally turned me around.  So much of what we do has to do with what we are thinking! 

Everything bothers me (Laughter)! 

've had two big watercolor and the other figure. I've been trying to address both this year. I've taken classes and my confidence is improved.

I am a perfectionist.."is this perfect enough"? I think that almost every time!

Anytime I enter any plein air thing I am extremely nervous. I try to remain calm, but I feel anxiety every time. I am definitely more comfortable painting in my house than "out there". 

I am a former figure skater. I was in a competition and at the last minute I decided I would do a triple axel (instead of a double axel). I skated to "2001 Space Odyssey"--if you can imagine that. The music builds up and up. Well, I went for it! I attempted the triple axle and I fell spectacularly. Worse, I was so injured I couldn't get up! They had to carry me off ..and this was in front of a huge audience! (Groans and Laughter)! But what happened after this is that I always thought no matter what I did...I lived through THAT so nothing else was going to scare me. I'm telling you all this because I lived through that situation. If you can "live through" it-- go ahead and risk! Risk! You'll be better off for it! (applause)!

I've never painted outside...but I painted in the recent "BIG" paint out. I was nervous at first. I sat sort of away from everyone because I needed shade. It turned out fine to be where I was. I was able to just quietly paint and it was a great experience.

It all scares me (Laughter)!

The risk that concerns me is going out in my old car --I might not get back ! (Laughter)!

My "theme" for this year has been "firsts". I've been trying things I've never done before.

My fears have to do with perfectionism and also...I have kind of a hard time sticking with a medium

I have a similar experience to the figure skating story! Since then I'm seriously fearless. I'm free spirited. 

I've been taking classes with Za. She pushes you!

I think when you are a painter it is like you're at the end of a pier and you jump in! it is sort of a mix of fear and thrill. I moved here from somewhere else and that was scary, really. This group has made the transition better for me (Applause)!

I'd like to think I'm brave, but I can feel embarrassed (if people let it be known that I haven't done something "right"). 

There are differences between fear and simply feeling uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable when the temperature is over 80 degrees (laughter)! Seriously, to get more comfortable everyone needs to paint it "paint through it" (paint through whatever difficulty you have)! (Applause)!

I'm just working on "getting out there". Coming to this meeting qualifies. I'm trying to get more serious about my painting.

Painting outdoors, I generally get all set up and then have to go to the bathroom! (Laughter) I need to plan better.

I can't related to the people who don't want to paint alone. I like painting alone! That way I can stomp around and swear! (laughter)!

I wanted to give myself a challenge and I did it...I gained confidence from that.

I know I need to use more paint

I paint small, I am intimidated by painting big!

The older you get the more you do what you want to do! (Laughter...applause)!

My fears have to do with forgetting things. I consistently bring too much stuff...and usually forget something anyway! (Laughter)!

Other notes:

Celeste: I took the Michael Lindstrom workshop last weekend (which was great)! His emphasis is on expression and more paint. I painted these two paintings with much more paint than I normally would....and this is a portrait from a Friday life session.

Loretta U: I painted this recent painting (from memory)

Raphael: I painted in the BIG paint out--that painting is drying. I am showing two landscapes.

Michael: It's rare for me to be able to get to these meetings...but it just worked out that I could be here today. The workshop was just great. All the students really "got" the concept of big shapes and more paint. I am showing my two demonstrations. The 2nd one is painted over a previous painting. We tried to let some of the old painting show and influence the direction of the new painting. 

Loretta L: I am showing a painting that I did in Joanne's Fresh Flower Saturday class

Brenda: This is my demonstration from a class I conducted in Laguna. I was also invited into a figure session and I was inspired by the wonderful model. I painted two versions of her.

Tim: I did the BIG paint out too (Tim holds up a miniature painting) (Laughter)! I did this one at home from a painting I did on site. I am showing the two paintings I did on Sauvie Island at the BIG paint out (Applause)!

Jim: I am showing the painting I did at Sauvie the same spot as the BIG paint-out. (I couldn't attend on Monday---the weather was cooler the day that I went)!

Judith: This is a work-in-progress

Joanne T: I bought this vintage frame recently and painted this lighthouse that seems to work really well with it!

Ward: When I painted this I thought that the scene looked like an "ocean of grass"! (I had to put variety into the grass).

Chris: I painted this at the BIG paint-out --thanks everyone for all the encouragement!

Vicki: I didn't go on Monday, but I painted in the same place --here is my version!

Becky: I took a reference photo of the landscape when I visited Maryhill Museum. I painted this from the reference. 

Jerry: I want to tell a story about Kristina. Once we had a topic like what is indispensable to the plein air painter? She said that she always takes coffee with her to paint...and also a friend (when she said this there was a collective "awwwwww") but then she completed the thought by adding...I take a friend in case I forget something and have to borrow! (Laughter)!

Kristna: I am showing something that I did in Za's class. She is making us use our imagination. I used a black and white reference photo but I had to use the wacky colors she made available to me. It was a great exercise.  

Dotty: I'm showing this colorful painting...I enjoyed painting it but then I learned that this red plant is invasive and not indigenous to the area (Laughter)! 

Diane: I took the Michael Lindstrom workshop --which was outstanding. I also recently took a workshop with Aaron Schurr. These paintings are from the Lindstrom workshop, and this is from the Schurr workshop. 

Jeanne: My Soltek broke when I was at the coast! The leg got stuck in the extended position. Luckily it fit in my car like that...but it was a real issue walking around with it like that (laughter)! I am showing recent paintings.

Anita: (New! Welcome)! I'm showing a mixed media painting (Editor's note, Sorry, Anita, I didn't get a photo of your painting)

Bonnie: This is a chicken named Honey and this 2nd painting is Honey and friends.

Tom: I'm showing two recent plein air paintings. This is a building that is going to be torn down.

Geri: I drew these people (with their permission) and it was great for me, because this project was more "me" than other projects I've done. It was my vision and concept--not someone elses.

Lisa: I wanted to take Michael Lindstrom's workshop--I will take it in the future!

Diane M-B: I am showing a recent (commissioned) portrait. I enjoyed doing this and felt it was successful. It made me think....if I did this once, I can do it again!

Joanne K: I took the Michael Lindstrom workshop. The workshop was excellent. Here are my "outhouse" paintings. This one...the surface was not prepared at all and the paint just slid around! I am kind of a stickler about good surface it was my fault. I thought (wrongly) that if we were just going to paint with extra paint I could use a cheap panel. Wrong! I got out a linen panel and did this one--much, much better! 


The "BIG paint out" was a huge success--lots of photos on our Facebook page:

Quin Sweetman and Celeste Bergin at Broderick Gallery Baker City, OR First Friday Sept 1 5-8:30

Email from Tedd Chilless:

I was invited by US Bank to do another art show at their Pearl District Branch at 1040 NW Lovejoy Street. It will be an exhibit of my "New Faces & New Places." There is a 1st Thursday reception on August 7th from 6:00 to 8:00pm


Also I am assured that we can have an Alla Prima show at US Bank next spring when 1st Thursday starts again. I will tie down the month tomorrow. 

Fine Art Friday at OSA Friday, Sept 1, 1-4pm with Joanne Radmilovich Kollman, the model is Tim Young email Joanne

Fresh Flower Saturday at OSA, 9-Noon, Sept 2. Your choice...paint the Fresh Flowers or get a lesson from Joanne Radmilovich Kollman in surface preparation for oil painters. She'll also have panels to prepare for the 200 show at OSA email Joanne

Hilarie Couture at Sotheby's First Thursday
Portland Open Studios 2 weekends in October: Many artists whose names you'll recognize
Falcon Arts Community is participating:

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman and Celeste Bergin at the NE Community Center beginning next week and through August (we might do another "field trip" to this location--stay tuned)

Bonnie Burlew reminds us to check out R. Blooms--if you don't want to sign up for the painting--just come out and check out the event(s) (Dates/location in this link):

Blaine Johnson at Art on Broadway: Reception Saturday Sept 9 5-8pm


OMG! it was so noisy today!  It's just not always an ideal situation there at O'Connors...but it was a great meeting nonetheless. Thanks, everyone for doing your best to be heard. We really did do our best!

Next Meeting, Thursday, Sept 7. Suggested table topic: "Bad Art"---What (in your opinion) makes any of your paintings"bad"? (We pledge not to critique it or tell you how to change it, we just want to know why YOU think it failed). It's helpful if you bring the piece to the meeting. (Also, bring something current or the flip-side of "bad" as well).

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