Meeting Notes, March 28, 2019

At today's meeting: Loretta Chris Wendy Jeanie Judith Becky Tracie Paul, Joanne T Tedd Jim Annie Stephanie Tim Vicki Raphael, Geri Eunice Yong Thomas and me Celeste

Topic: What is your current art-related project? Why are you doing it?

Celeste: I am currently concentrating on color shifting...the idea behind it is to give my paintings more complexity. I am also drawing every day and I think I see improvement in my drawing.

Loretta: I've been looking for something to look at. The sunrise today was special...and it inspires me!

Chris: My current project is revisions to the Children's book that I have illustrated. These illustrations are "out"...8 are "in". I'm grateful for photoshop! Some changes can be made digitally.

Wendy: I've had surgery on my left eye. I had forgotten about violet and cobalt! I see them now! (Applause)! I can't wait to have the right eye done next. I haven't been doing much painting. I brought this one. I am using palette knife.

Jeanie: I've been painting landscapes as usual...but I brought this in, because it is recent....and  I blame Tim! he told us to have "fun"..right? I painted this (and it *was* fun)! (Laughter)! 

Judith: First of all, I'd like to apologize to all art instructors for my comments last week. (Laughter)! I am showing a black and white painting that I painted to practice values and brushwork.

Becky: I did this value study from a photo reference online. I did it because Judith told me to! (Laughter)! I have been working on a large painting of Haystack Rock. It is boring me! I will stick with it, but it is a challenge!  I watched a recent youTube video about Notan (Mitch Albala). I found it to be valuable.

Tracie: I'm not in a particular project right now...except for doing small exercises. I want to get better at everything and especially figure because sometimes I suck! (Laughter)!

Paul: I pass!

Joanne T: I have been taking online classes with Matt Smith. I love the classes. He communicates with all the students. He uses photoshop to draw directly onto your submitted painting in order to show what changes he recommends. I brought in two recent paintings.
Tedd: I have an old watercolor book. The author shows several illustrations of the same scene, but with different contrasts and treatments in each one. The illustrations inspired me to try the same thing in oil paint. I did these two paintings recently. I confirmed can write two different stories (just by changing the emphasis and contrasts). 

Jim: I'm taking an online course called Easel Insights (with Phil Starke). I've been working on value and how to relate value and color. My cousin passed away recently and I want to do a portrait of her...but the photo references I have are not very good.  I brought this book in to show you. Cezanne and Pissarro painted a lot together. I saw this exhibit where they showed the paintings side by side. I think if you see a photo of Pissarro you might say...."I didn't know Tim Young lived back then"! (Laughter)!

Annie: I'm taking advantage of a few things lately. I have a new separate studio now. I'm taking Za's class and doing the exercises. The Art Museum offers a free "conversation" group that I can recommend (for seniors). (see below)

Stephanie:  In January I painted a painting every day...and in February I painted zero paintings! Both my cat and my husband needed my care for awhile. At this time of year I love flowers. I want to paint a series of birds. Tim's photos of birds on Facebook are inspiring! I especially love ducks. I am showing a painting from my archives that I made some changes to.

Tim: I have so many projects! I got a silicone spatula that I have been experimenting with. I went painting recently with Thomas. I decided to get there early....head start! Then I set up and looked at what the weather was doing. It was raining and steaming..! It was raining backwards into the sky (no kidding)! I thought oh sure, I can capture that! (sarcasm)! I did my best. Later I painted this snow scene. It was a really good time.

Vicki: My current project is to paint bigger and more expressively. I am using bigger brushes. I painted this recently. I have a major announcement...I have a new website! (Editor's note: Vicki, send me a link) 

Raphael: I love plein air, but lately I have been thinking that I want something more. Yong's paintings of blossoms inspired me to try a similar "pattern" type painting in oil. I like how it came out. It felt "spatial" to me. I thought in the end...did I paint this? My aim is to let the painting take me somewhere instead of me having a pre-ordained locked down idea. 

Geri: I've been cleaning out our garage because my husband and I want to use it for a studio. I ran into some of my older work. I thought oh no...this stuff is terrible. But, then I realize that it is great to be able to measure some progress! I am inspired by Otto Dix. He was a German Expressionist. His work can be heavy, because much of it has to do with the war..but I know there is a lot to learn there (like brighter colors and exaggeration. This painting I did recently...I call it: Monsieur Fromage (said with a very French accent)! (Laughter)!

Eunice: I am painting again after a long Hiatus. I painted this from a photo reference. I don't know where specifically this is! (Laughter)! I want to start a series of the falls at Oregon City. I am interested in using more palette knife.

Yong: I did my homework! (Laughter)! I get a lot from coming here...I like to think about the question! I respond to what is around me. I am very interested in the abstract side. I am not trying to paint a specific subject. I like to see how much detail that I can leave out and still have it read. I'm experimenting with shapes and colors. When I was younger I didn't like any abstract work. I thought they are faking it! But now, I look at the structure of a painting and I appreciate abstract. I don't want to spoon feed my audience. I am showing an oil painting where I relied on underlying structure and not detail. You could turn this into any direction and it would read "landscape" in a similar way. 

Thomas: I like everything that Yong just said. I got advice years ago "paint the shape, not the thing"! A very good discussion about that can be found in Quang Ho's DVD "Nuts and Bolts". I have no specific projects right now aside from teaching. I'll be picking a direction in the future. I am showing a painting I did over several sessions on Sauvie Island.


Mike Porter writes: it is worth passing along that the PIXAR exhibit at OMSI is worth attending if one has an interest in computer generated art and the movie making. The demos there can be played with by all ages as I can attest.   Za Vu and Hong and others who have Disney ties will note that the graphic artist/illustrators are first in the movie process here.

Of possible interest (thanks, Diane Holland): 

Eduardo Fernandez (news and new classes):

Za Vue weekly classes continue (Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Colours in Hillsboro) email for details

Friday Figure Session Joanne Radmilovich Kollman Model Lillian 1:15-4:00 OSA

Willamette Valley Lavender festival is FULL, but contact them to be put on the waiting list  The judge is Cathleen Rehfeld 

Thomas Kitts workshops:

"Four Seasons" - A group show from four artists who all work in different mediums focusing on the Four Seasons; Romona Youngquist, Tracy Leagjeld, Steve Hill and Yong Hong Zhong.
Opening reception First Friday April 5th, 5-9 pm.

Yong Hong Zhong workshops: (a one day workshop will be available in the near future mid May, details to come)

Jim Syfert, Karen Doyle, Becky Land and others Hip to be Square opens April 2

Call to Artists: Elisabeth Jones Gallery:

New model sessions facilitated by Bhavani Krishnan Wednesdays at Colours in Hillsboro (2:30- 5:30) email Bhavani for information:

April workshop with Susan Kuznitsky (sponsored by Uart Paper) at Carrie Moore studio

OSA classes: Susan Kuznitsky and others Thursdays and Saturdays

The Power of Brushwork with Michael Orwick (begins April 1 at OSA through June)
The Power of Design and Color in Landscape at OSA ( June 8 and 9) & Oregon Coast Workshops

"Dual Workshop" Michael Orwick and Anton Pavlenko (team teaching) Sept 18-20

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman Portraiture in Oil workshop  at Elizabeth Jones Gallery)

Hiatus Drawing club meets after the Alla Prima Meeting at French Quarter

Art & Conversation Portland Art Museum
Third Tuesdays, 9:15 a.m.
Free for adults 62 and over.
Join us the third Tuesday of every month for coffee and conversation followed by a lecture. Coffee at 9:15 a.m.; lecture at 10 a.m.
Congratulations to selected artists Pacific NW Plein Air August 4-24

Next Meeting Thursday April 4 --"Making it Strong"! In your opinion....what accounts for a strong painting? Can you describe a time when you felt your painting really hit the mark? How did you do it ?(i.e.: exaggeration, bold design, go-for-it color)? Let's Discuss!

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