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We are responsible for putting the tables into a single row and putting them back at the end of the meeting. Do not block French Quarter tenant doorways. Our meeting time is from 9-10:30, so please move out of the space by then.  Use etiquette in all your interactions with everyone at French Quarter. Our hosts at French Quarter have reported a lack of manners from some of our participants. Please communicate any requests/complaints/concerns you may have about French Quarter to Celeste (and no one else). Thank you for purchasing a coffee and/or something else from the food carts. :)

Yong Loretta Dave Sharon Raphael Joanne T Jim Greg BeckyKathy Annie EloKen SusanVicki Geri Tracie Tim Thomas and Celeste

Today's topic: Finding your artist vision, who has influenced you so far and where do you hope to go "artistically"?

Celeste:  I don't know what my vision thing I am certain about is that I like to paint outdoors. My influences have been some of the artists in museums and our regional luminaries too. I brought a couple of my older paintings and some new studies.

Yong: Everyone influences guys, museums, Disney. We want to be like a sponge and get what we can from everyone. I want to keep an open mind, not be like "I know everything already"! Style and taste changes with time. I do what I enjoy and let you define it! I am showing something I did in a figure session. I used oil pastel. It is good to use different materials something different from what you are accustomed to doing.

Loretta: I learn from all of you, reading books and some televison. I am influenced by the Impressionists.

Dave: I am moving with Sharon to Colorado and I brought in some supplies for you to have if you want them.  I'll still visit Portland! My vision currently is to get organized!I haven't painted in I brought this drawing from my archives.  (thanks for the supplies Dave)!

Sharon: I have loved coming here!  We'll miss you! 

Raphael: When I started painting I realized I need an artist statement....but then I further realized I don't have a statement because I don't know what my vision is! (Laughter)! I've been influenced by everyone..notably NC Wyeth. I painted this avocado and it is sold! (applause)! The person who bought it said it reminded him of standing in a museum, looking at a Monet! (Collective "AW"!!) 

Joanne T: I go to Scottsdale school every year, but not last year. I am taking an online course and I currently find myself rebelling against what the instructor wants! (Laughter)! What I am so happy to learn about is having a base color and warming or cooling it. I know this new skill will help me when I go outside again for plein air. I am showing two recent paintings.  My goal is to concentrate on landscape. I have a show coming up in May and June at Frame Central.

Jim: Art is life and life is Art! (Laughter)! What helps me is to understand what I can and can not control. If something is outside of my control I accept that. My influences are the early impressionists. My vision is to one day be able to adequately show the appreciation I feel for nature. I am going on a cruise with my wife Sandy. It is our 50th wedding anniversary. (Applause)!

Greg: My influences: Sargent, Sorolla, Mark English and premier illustrators. Lately I have turned to the internet. I like looking at Instagram...but my vision is to cultivate my own style, of course. 

Becky: We are not always aware of all the influences we have had.  We have so much more sources for inspiration than we did back in the 1980's for example. My father was critical of my work, but my Grandmother was a positive influence. She showed me when I was very young how to shade a drawing of grapes. I'm fascinated by why ...I like something, but why!? I am showing a recent painting. It is way worse than it was! (Laughter)! It would be nice if we would know and understand when to "just stop"!

Kathy: I have a quote from artist Mary Whyte that could serve as my artist vision: "To be an artist is to give proof of God and the beauty all around us". My influences have been most recently Jeff Legg and Terry Miura. I want to incorporate figure into landscape...that is my current focus.

Annie: I like that the question is about vision and not style. For me, one influence is teachers and another is materials. I started in drawing and then moved to watercolor. I feel lucky that I came from an artistic family. It was a foregone conclusion that there is a writer and artist and an actor in my family..(I was the artist) and I remember thinking "but, what if I don't want to"?  I am showing a lot of my work, a progression. What I do like is that I am pretty good at leaving things out! I've illustrated some book covers. In this one I insisted on using collage. On this one  I just knew not to make this gorilla "black"...(and my sister didn't understand why I didn't)! (Laughter)! I respond to things in somewhat of a "faint" manner and that is my way. Recently I have been moving into more opaque paint. Ben Shahn said that most students "just haven't learned to think in paint" ---that is my new objective, to learn to think in paint. (Applause)!
Elo: You go to different people for different things. Annie is so creative...I love how she tries things out, she is so experimental. To me, she is the quintessential artist! She has a very clear voice. I look to her for inspiration. We all need to be "curious"! I am showing some recent paintings. 

Ken: I like these gets me thinking! I can sometimes see a tree and think I like that shape, I want to remember that. Sometimes I have thought what colors in the notes of that music be? For me, vision can be a sensing thing. I am showing a recent painting. 

Susan: What you said about an artist statement, Raphael...I would rather go to the dentist than to write an artist statement! (Laughter)! My mother sent me to art classes when I was a teenager. My two strongest influences are named Joe. One was my teacher from Skokie and the other is Joe Paquet. I recently taught a workshop at Carrie Moore's studio. I did 5 demos. I brought these to show you. Each demo focused on the underpainting. During the workshop I could feel the frustration of one of my students. "I just want to paint like you" she said.  (but I've been painting a long long time---we all need some patience).

Vicki: I think when you need the will "arrive". For example, I was having a really tough time painting and I had to just stop what I was doing. I scraped it and remembered Bill Park who often "deconstructs" paintings with ease. He thinks nothing of destroying a (perfectly acceptable) painting! Remembering his ways heartened me. I am showing a recent painting. 

Geri: Everyone has their own vision. Whatever influences we do have.... we will arrive in our own way! I am showing a recent painting.

Tracie: I have had a lot of influences....Maybe too many. I "collect" influences like spices... I can use too many spices in my dish and then the dish doesn't taste right! I'm just aware that I need to have the power of my *own* convictions! I brought in this painting that I painted from the lap box ("Winston") last week...I painted Tim here during the sketch session  (Applause)! I also used the lap box paint this figure during the Friday session.

Tim: I brought in this book illustrated by Eric Sloane. I have always wanted to draw like him...and I still do. As an objective, I guess I would say I want to control the chaos. I am showing a painting I did with no reference and this one is with a reference. 

Thomas: I look to Tim as an influence...because he always makes fun an objective! My early inflluences were Red Skelton (Laughter) then Frazetta then album covers (laughter)! Then I went to art school. To "study" too much can be detrimental. Remember to have fun. The more I paint...the more I find my voice.


Please come to Joanne Radmilovich Kollman's reception at the Red e Cafe "Reflecting the Journey" 1006 N. Killingsworth Friday April 12, 7-10pm  (see image below)

"Four Seasons" - A group show from four artists who all work in different mediums focusing on the Four Seasons; Romona Youngquist, Tracy Leagjeld, Steve Hill and Yong Hong Zhong.

Za Vue weekly classes continue (Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Colours in Hillsboro) email for details

Wednesday Figure Session facilitated by Bhavani Krishnan Wednesdays at Colours in Hillsboro (2:30- 5:30) email Bhavani for information:

Friday Figure Session facitlitated by Joanne Radmilovich Kollman  1:15-4:00  OSA

Thomas Kitts workshops:

Yong Hong Zhong one day workshop at Elizabeth Jones May 13 $75 register here:

Jim Syfert, Karen Doyle, Becky Land and others Hip to be Square

Call to Artists: Elisabeth Jones Gallery:

OSA classes: Susan Kuznitsky and others Thursdays and Saturdays

Hiatus Drawing club meets after the Alla Prima Meeting at French Quarter

Next Meeting Thursday April 18 Getting ideas! How do your ideas for paintings come to you? Can you share some specifics?   Let's Discuss!

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