Meeting Notes, Dec 14, 2017

At todays meeting: Loretta, Dave, Anna, Chris, Becky, Sharon, Tim, Jim, Ken, Bill, Suzanne, Joanne K, Renita, Joanne T, Tom K, Stephanie, Tracie, Jeanie, Tom D: Judy, Genie, Annie, Za, Yong, and me Celeste.

Today's suggested table topic: Saturated color...tell us what you know.

Celeste: When I first started painting I didn't modify my colors enough and the work was garrish. Most representational painters are trying to make things look as they are, but exaggeration can be great too. I am showing a recent painting from a life session and two small paintings from the daily Strada Challenge.

Loretta: Oscar Wilde said: Moderation in everything.....including moderation. (Laughter)!

Dave: I am showing this drawing I did way back in 1983! In regard to saturation...if it is what I want, I will do it! I am showing a painting where I used strong color. 

Anna: I was trained to dull colors down and then later I got off-track and used color indiscriminately. I 've been taking classes with Za and I feel like I am back on track. We've been using the Zorn palette and it has been a challenge, because you have to make do (and not always get the colors you want). I am showing recent paintings and this is a painting of my Granddaughter.

Chris: I do saturate! These are paintings I painted of family members. They are all eating something! (Laughter)! In the future, for landscape, I *may* modify colors.

Becky: I did this painting of a cafe'. I had to modify colors and make some colors stronger --to imply light.

Sharon: I am showing you a drawing that Dave (McBride) did. How did I wind up with such a talented man? But, I do also have something to say about this topic---this is a picture of me and Dave when we were saturated....with wine! (Laughter)! (photo below)

Tim: There are times out there in nature when you are really looking at something...just staring at it and you'll see some aspect of something really pop out! I like to play with what I am seeing. I am showing a recent painting.

Jim: Recently I saw a sunset --photographed it and painted it right away while it was fresh in my mind. I am also showing two paintings of my wife's poinsettia. I enjoyed painting with complements (red and green).

Ken: Whether I use saturated color or not has to do with my mood. I am showing two has to do with meditation and the other is about high contrast/light.

Bill: I am showing a painting of mushrooms that I did directly on this charger. I am also showing a portrait of my daughter(s) and grandchildren. I saw this painting that was done by another artist...and I just had to copy it. It just called to me!

Suzanne: Maybe it was because I grew up on a prairie --I have always been drawn to the duller colors. I like the subtlety of the grays and muted colors. I am showing paintings from my archives. This is a painting of a building in Shaniko.

Joanne K: I seldom paint from photos...I almost always paint from life. I have to watch it in low tendency is to go to a lot of color. I am showing recent paintings.

Renita: I visited Vermont and took a workshop with Cynthia Rosen. I got part of her technique for sure and then lost it as soon as I got home! (Laughter)! I am showing recent paintings. I was especially intrigued by this ladder at the waterfall and I wondered how others might have painted this! 

Joanne T: I took a workshop specifically on this subject! The workshop was with Tim Horn. He had us paint fruit out in the sunshine. He had us use cad orange right out of the tube for some of this! I am also showing a watercolor I did recently and this painting is one I am going to give to Tim Young (in appreciation for all the photos he has let me paint)!

Tom K: Last week I talked about having been in Dublin and how I stayed in my hotel room to paint. I discovered that color has sound...because I painted this painting of the city sounds! I have a commission to do a larger version of this. (Applause)!

Stephanie: I grew up in L.A. and I was influenced by strong color --I painted everything with bright color. Later, I tried to paint naturalistically and I went too far that direction and my paintings were dull. I think you have to go through that. I did this birch painting based on a reference I had in the monotype party. I did this painting of Smith Rock...and really pumped up the warm colors.

Tracie: This is slacker corner (this corner didn't bring any paintings)! (Laughter)! I seem to be someone who deals with extremes. One day I go this way and the next I'll do something else! I like acrylic because I can make something white and then add a layer of color over that for luminosity! 

Jeanie: I got some Thalo on a painter's smock and it was there for 10 years. Lesson learned. (laughter)!

Tom: I am drawn to the middle range! I painted this and nearly froze to death painting it!

Judy: I do like color---but I also like delicate color!

Genie: There is no question--I like color--lots of it. I am showing a painting of Silver Falls.

Annie: When I think of saturation I think of stained glass or a campfire. I once asked a watercolorist --"how can I paint a watercolor that won't look anemic?" and they answered "get rid of the white". A quote (by a friend) that I really like is: "I have a morbid preoccupation with happy colors" (Laughter)!

Za:  In a movie there is a superstar...and all the other actors support the superstar. The superstar can't shine without the supporting cast. Think about controlling what will be dominant. Be thoughtful about your choices. You don't want Jim Carey showing up to a business meeting. (Laughter)! Ask yourself...where do I want the viewer to go? I am showing a recent painting from a life session.

Yong: Za already said it all! (laughter)! I will add that color is a very personal choice. We all have differing ideas about color. I like a lot of strong color---but it is like Chinese Food. You don't want to eat nothing but Chinese food always! (Laughter)! I like to experiment and change it up. I love contrast and color, but it is important to not make a steady diet of one way. I am showing an oil pastel I did in a life painting session.


Call to Artists from Joanne Radmilovich Kollman/NE Community Center. Submit a digital photo for consideration of a Columbia River Gorge scene before Jan 4: Upon acceptance you will deliver your work to the NE Community Center location on Jan 5 at 10am.

Fine Art Friday life session (Uninstructed) at OSA, 1-4 This Friday (Dec 15)  with Joanne Radmilovich Kollman model Jaime. Drop in welcome $20

The following week, Fine Art Friday (Dec 22) will be with model Tony (and we will be celebrating his 18th birthday).

Fresh Flower Saturday Dec 16 with Joanne Radmilovich Kollman This Saturday 1:30-4:30 at OSA drop in welcome $25

The Strada Challenge is starting Jan 1

Yong Hong Zhong and Za Vue at Art on the Boulevard

Big 500 is up until Dec 24:

Dec 16 2pm Air Gallery

Next Meeting: Thursday, Dec 21 Suggested table topic: The year in review and the year ahead. Share with us any insight you gained from 2017 and any ideas you have for 2018.  Let's discuss!

Sharon and Dave ("Saturated")  

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