Meeting Notes Feb 21, 2019

At today's meeting, Loretta Chris April Wendy Dianna Dotty Cindy Tom K, Yong Elo Jim Tedd Mike Tim Ken Susan Annie Geri Donna Greg and me Celeste

Topic: Suggestions or advice from someone who lived long ago...share it with us along with your additional thoughts

Celeste: Kristina loaned me a book by artist William Reese. He wrote: "No need to fear..failure will occur again and again. Get used to it. Failure is certain!" I am showing a still life (it is also recommended by Reese that we paint some still life with one color dominate).

Loretta: "Paint deep, not clear, Paint rich, not detailed, Paint the feeling, not the reality, Paint the taste, not the style".  (Wei-Wei) Also, Auden said ...when looking at a bad landscape, say instead "I am suffering". (Laughter)!

Chris:  "Honey there is always somebody better than you" (My Mother) ---"Artists who seek perfection in anything are artists who can't attain perfection in anything. (Delacroix)

April (New, Welcome) I had a segment on Oregon Art Beat a few years ago....paradoxically, I stopped painting after that, but I have since taken it up again. (Applause)!

Wendy: I am back from Sante Fe. I had a workshop with Albert Handel. My quote is from a Norwegian explorer. He said: "I'd rather be in the Mountains thinking about God, than in a church, thinking about the Mountains" (Laughter)! I am showing a recent painting.

Dianna:  I brought in recent paintings. I take some of them "too far" and some others I stop early. Just trying to find my rhythm! I brought quotes from Degas, Bongart and Thoreau

Dotty: My quote is from Arnie Nybeck..."Don't try to paint'll never be good at everything". I think about that, especially as I get older. I am showing a recent painting.

Cindy (new, Welcome) I am a friend of Geris. I am showing a painting I did of the rest room in O'Connors! I am glad I took a photo of it, because it has since been remodeled.

Tom K, My quote is from John Singer Sargent....he said an artist spends 1/2 their time looking and the other half painting. I would change that to be an artist spends 1/3 the time looking, 1/3 painting and 1/3 thinking. I brought in this painting that I did of an endangered tree downtown. I adjusted it since the last time I brought it in. (Celeste had said that she thought this tree was "toast" and I painted to improve it and also I'm wondering if the tree heard her). Laughter!

Yong: I actually had a conversation with Rembrandt. I was a student and I got to paint at the Met in NY. I got to paint a copy of Rembrandt's self portrait. While I painted the copy I really had a sense of what he was feeling! A painting can be so much more than what is in front of you. I am showing a drawing I did from a photo of my Mother.

Elo: I know a painter who is always saying you have to paint the feeling! (Laughter!...she is referring to Yong). I recently saw the movie the Agony and the Ecstasy. In it Michelangelo complains about the wine he is served and he winds up destroying the entire cask of wine. The message was about how sometimes a painting can not be salvaged! My quote is from Michelangelo: "The true work of art is but a shadow of the devine". I think about that can we come remotely close to the beautiful things we see? I am showing a painting from my class (with Za).

Jim: I don't have a specific quote, but my favorite author currently is Edgar Payne. I know that his book is hard to get through...but I love his compositions. I am going to submit for the Hip to be Saure show. I am showing two recent paintings.

Tedd: My quote is from Daniel Sprink. He talked about how his father drew a detailed airplane and how he (as a child) was transfixed by it.  He said: "there was nothing...and then there was something".
I wanted to share these watercolors I did a long time ago when I visited Europe, Tahiti and Bora Bora. All of these paintings provided rich memories of exactly when and where I painted them. I was painting this one when I met a couple from.......Portland Oregon! (Laughter)!

Mike: About 2 or 3 years ago we did a "field trip" to the Portland Art Museum. There was a John Singer Sargent painting there and Thomas Kitts gave us an impromptu lecture on Sargent's methods in front of that painting. It was fascinating because Thomas pointed out that Sargent used warm against cool and dark against light everywhere throughout the entire painting. I liked learning about that so much I tacked the statement up on my studio wall. I am showing paintings that I have been doing for "therapy". I have been painting flowers and not using any construction lines at all. I don't draw anything in advance...I paint directly. I find it rewarding and interesting! I am also showing "Panky" --my daughter made this for me to take with me during treatments. If you look beneath his beard you'll find the sassy part of him...he sticks his tongue out ! (Laughter)!

Tim : My quote is from Fechin: " As a matter of fact an artist has to deal with only three basic colors: red, blue, yellow (all the rest are combinations of these fundamental colors). Everyone knows this, but few pay attention to the fact. Thus the first step for the artist to learn to see these primary colors and to distinguish them separately one from the other." I am showing a painting from an area near Oxbow park.

Ken  I pass!

Susan: My quote is from John Singer Sargent: "A Portrait is a painting with something wrong with the mouth" (Laughter)! I am showing a recent painting I did of my friend's 92 year old Mother. She inspires me because she is devoted to quilting and other engaging things. She doesn't slow down and age doesn't seem to affect her!

Annie: I saw some work by Wolf Kahn and got intrigued by it. I got a book about him and I learned that he was influenced by Hans Hoffman. I have often heard about what a big influence Hans Hoffman is on others, but honestly I have wondered why! Hoffman's work seems clunky to me. I do appreciate this quote attributed to him:  "The interaction between adjacent hues generates the energy".

Geri: My favorite book as a young person was "Going for a walk with a line". I visited Scrap and I bought us all these red glasses. I am passing them out like party favors! (Laughter)!  I am showing a feather that I painted and a drawing I did (and Homage to Jim Dine).

Donna: I have been fascinated with art since age 6. In Pittsburg we all got to attend concerts given by an educator whose mission was to bring music and art to the public. I am also reading a quote by Hokusai 
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Greg: I am showing a Sargent painting on my iPad. I saw this painting in person and I was able to see the underapaitnting isn places. I think it is so valuable to be able to see some helps you to understand what the artists did to get the result that he did. I did this painting for inclusion in a book. The painting was done with a digital look...but traditionally on a canvas.


Scrap is downtown Portland at 1736 SW Alder

Paula Hansen, Molly Reeves, Annie Salsness and others Celebration of Creativity (Feb 28- March 3) Beaverton:

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman Portraiture in Oil workshop (6 weeks beginning Feb 23 at Elizabeth Jones Gallery)

Yong Hong Zhong is offering a one day workshop at Elizabeth Jones Gallery Saturday Feb 25 9:30 am- 3;30pm (Watercolor) cost: $75.00. Bring what materials you have, other materials will be supplied.

Fine Art Friday Figure Session... Friday Feb 22 OSA Model Jamie
20 drop in fee
1:15-4:15 pm
Joanne Radmilovich Kollman

Fresh Flower Saturday at OSA,  Feb 16 1-4pm uninstructed, 7.50 Feb 23 
Joanne Radmilovich Kollman

Bhavani Krishnan one day color workshop March 2

New model sessions facilitated by Bhavani Krishnan Wednesdays at Colours in Hillsboro (2:30- 5:30) email Bhavani for information:

Workshop (March) still life Michael Lindstrom

Upcoming workshop (March) still life Eric Jacobsen

Sunday Demo  Susan Kuznitsky at Dick Blick 1-3

April workshop with Susan Kuznitsky (sponsored by Uart Paper)

Sept workshop Watercolor Yong Hong Zhong

OSA classes: Susan Kuznitsky and others Wednesdays and Saturdays

Hiatus Drawing club meets after the Alla Prima Meeting at French Quarter

Next Meeting Thursday Feb 28 Supports! What is your favorite thing to paint on? Do you make your own? Do you purchase a specific brand? How do you prepare your surface and why!?....Let's discuss! 

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