Meeting Notes, March 1, 2018

At today's meeting Loretta, Raphael, Tim, Jim, Ken, Tracie, Susan, Brenda, Vicki, Annie, Geri, Chris, Eunice, Stephanie, Paula, Leslie, Elo, Yong, Becky, Judith, Joanne and me Celeste

Today's suggested table topic: Dominance (as it pertains to painting) and/or exaggeration. What can you tell us about what you know?

Celeste: There is a Facebook page that is an "off-shoot" of the Strada Challenge. The challenges are bi-weekly and they are meant to be educational. The most recent challenge was to do the Erickson/Jacobsen three color and white painting challenge. I did it with this reference from the Sktchy website and enjoyed the "exaggeration". (I intend to do it plein air/landscape in the future)
I also brought in a recent painting from painting plein air in the snow.

Loretta: Actually, that three color plus white thing...that's my go-to thing! I have often done that (limited my colors). If I were to do a "dominant" painting in the near future, I am certain I would choose blue.

Raphael:  Recently I made a conscious decision to *not be a camera* and I painted this (plein air). My aim was to not be a slave to what is in front of me, but rather to allow myself the freedom to paint expressively. I think I accomplished that, using a palette knife and putting down thick paint). It was really fun to paint!

Tim: I try not to exaggerate anything. (Laughter)! I am on that same Facebook challenge page, and I did the 3 paints plus white challenge too. I used Ultramarine Violet, Lemon Yellow, Cad Red and white for this plein air and pushed orange and blue in this Haystack painting. I am also showing a painting I did in acrylic that I used as reference to paint a larger painting. 

Jim: I am showing paintings that I did from references from a recent cruise. I couldn't resist this yellow truck! I am also on the Facebook challenge page and I did this painting from a challenge to paint drapery. This landscape is my three painting plus white painting (I used the Zorn palette plus blue).

Ken: Here are two paintings from my painting archives. I have lived in Connecticut and California, and in both places I had access to painting studios where I could drop in for mentoring. I am having some issues finding the same type of arrangement. If you have recommendations for me, I want to hear them! I am not so interested in a series of classes, I am more interested in drop-in with mentoring (by someone who knows more than I do). Let me know what you think!

Susan: I am back from a week of the Joe Paquet workshop at OSA. I brought my painting from the workshop. Pacquet's first criteria is form. You plan the foundation of the painting. The way he teaches, underpainting is key. I want you to all save to take the workshop next time he is here! I just can't say enough about my experience. In particular, the healing process of art is for real. I experienced that when I found myself smiling and singing during this workshop. It was the first time that I've felt genuinely happy since my husband passed away and I felt like everything is going to be alright. (Applause)!

Paula: I did this floral recently. It has a dominant color. I was a little at a loss for what to do with the background but it made sense to keep the color harmonious. I am showing a black and white portrait that I did in Jennifer Diehl's class.

Leslie: I am showing paintings I did in Israel. I am co-authoring a book with my husband about integrative medicine. This (illustration) painting shows a spice shop for a passage in the book about spices. This painting is about meditation. My son was the model. My whole family is in the book (Laughter)!

Tracie: When I saw the topic I had a time deciding what to bring. "This one? not that one, forget that one"! (Laughter)! I settled on this painting that I did when I was experimenting with flare and other light effects. Experimenting is like exaggerating, right?

Brenda: I brought in this book that I put together of my urban paintings. I drew on my (former) graphic design skills to get this done! It reminded me of a project, like a thesis project in school. It was a ton of work...But! you can open this to any page and every painting does have dominant color and dominant shape. In particular, this painting (orange bus) won in the first round of the Plein Air Salon "best vehicle" competition. (Applause)!

Stephanie:Anytime there is a figure in a painting..the figure "dominates". Last time when we talked about 3's in painting it made me realize that sometimes it can be the smallest accent that can dominate. I did this painting from the photo challenge (Haystack rock) provided by Karen Doyle on Facebook. The big rock seems to dominate, but I like how the little dog in the corner is an important element. I brought in recent other paintings where warm colors dominate.

Vicki: I have this painting that I did of the new bridge in Portland from a couple of years ago. I really exaggerated contrast and color. I am also showing a recent painting from the snow day. This tree is in my neighborhood. It produces "bad" figs...the worst, inedible! But, it is a wonderful, beautiful tree in the snow. (Laughter)!

Annie: Lately I have been thinking about how I want to complete things. Here are examples in my sketchbook. You see, this drawing does have dominance, but there is no color, so you can barely see it. I added some color to some of my drawings in the sketchbook..and I found it to be satisfying; "finishing" some of the drawings that I've made.

Geri: Often I try to remain true to whatever I am drawing, but I also usually wind up putting my own spin on things. Here is an example, I tried to make two specific things dominant in this...can you guess what things they are? (Laughter)! Also, you might remember the start I had on this painting of a retro woman. I settled on a paper fortune teller for the foreground. I had to research those 60's fortune tellers and I've made one...can I tell a fortune for someone ? (Geri tells Tim and Tracie's fortunes that involve receiving art-related riches) (Laughter)! 

Chris: I'm working on this whole idea of dominance in landscape. I am showing an underpainting I am working on from a reference of my own family of ancestors. This is *really* my family and I think it will work, because it is all so weird. (Laughter)!

Eunice: I brought in this painting (on the wall) that has a color dominance of red.

Elo: In the beginning, most painters use too much color and if you use too much color there is nothing to look at! I love certain times of the day in the morning and again in the evening where all the light "unifies" everything. You need something that will unify the painting. There are apps that non-artists can use that make photos look great--in fact, the reason it looks great is because it is giving the photo a treatment that unifies. I painted this during the snow day last week. I just wanted to capture the snow on the bush. 

Joanne: I did a plein air snow painting last week too. Also this is a still life that I plan on setting up again. I've been working on this portrait commission...There is a lot about it that is right, but a few things that aren't, and I'll use what I've learned from this effort to paint the final. 

Yong: A scene or a photo is always so busy, so it is up to us to simplify. If you copy a photo, in the end you'll have a photo. To direct is a lot more powerful than painting everything that is there.  Often "less is more". If you show absolutely everything, there will be no connection. I am showing two paintings where I simplified (instead of showing "everything")!


Yong Hong Zhong Solo Show Reception March 6  (5-6:30pm with painting Demo):
Experience Nature, Zhong’s plein air exhibit is on display at the Walters Cultural Arts Center from February 6 – March 26. Meet Zhong at the first Tuesday reception March 6 from 5 – 6:30 pm. Special Artist Demo

Paint the figure Friday ("Fine Art Friday") at OSA March 2 1-4pm  with Joanne Radmilovich Kollman.
The model is Jaime (model from the Max Ginsburg workshop)  $20 drop ins are welcome.

Come paint with 
FRESH FLOWER SATURDAY (and/or paint from your own reference) Every Saturday, Next one: March 3 1:30-4:30 pmwith artist Joanne Radmilovich Kollman $25 Questions? If you need assistance, instruction or help with supplies don't hesitate to ask, contact Joanne KollmanEmail or phone RSVP is helpful but Drop-ins are welcome. 503.752.3708

Congratulations Brenda Boylan, Winner Best Vehicle Plein Air Magazine Salon Competition (first round, eligible for Grand prize)

Brenda Boylan Classes beginning tomorrow at OSA (and additional other workshops/classes):

Brenda Boylan the importance of drawing podcast with Eric Rhoads:

Congratulations, Jennifer Diehl, Best in Show Maui Invitational

SE Artwork (Stephanie Cissna) 2516 SE Divison March 3 & 4

Video of "Solitude" Kollman/Bergin at CCC/Wilsonville

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Michael Lindstrom Upcoming Workshops
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4/28 Sauvie Island, OR
8/25-8/26 Jane Weber Arboretum, Vancouver,WA
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Next Meeting Thursday, March 8, Suggested table topic: Summer plans! Tell us what you have planned for the upcoming summer. Are you taking a workshop/classes? Signing up for a plein air event? Considering a "staycation"? Taking on a new project? Outline your "summer plan"

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