Meeting Notes, Nov 5, 2015

Present at today's meeting, November 5, 2015: Eunice, Tedd, Stephanie, Bill, Betsy, Karen, Jim, Talya, Ted, Za, Annie, Tom, Loretta L, Ward, Kristine, Marty, Joanne T, Jerry, Kay, Charlie, Tracie, Judith, Joanne K., Celeste, and me, Loretta U.

Today's topic: "What one thing did you learn in the past year that has helped you to become a better painter? (i.e., something you read on the Internet, or some artist who influenced you. Maybe as simple as a new brush.")

Loretta U: Since I haven't painted very much this past year, I have to say that I haven't learned much! (Laughter) However, I did try working an underpainting with complementary colors. It was challenging but I might try to do so again.

Eunice: I took a 3-day color workshop with Jennifer Diehl. She said, "You'll think about things for 2 to 3 weeks and then it'll go into you brain.

Tedd: I had a gallon of Gamsol and it spilled (while pouring). I learned that it won’t spill if you turn the can backwards.
(see link:

Talya: I learned that it's okay to be a slow painter. I read an article that stated that we can learn other disciplines and that everyone has his or her specialties, but it's okay to be yourself, i.e., paint your way.

Loretta L: I learned that when light is cool, shadows are warm. I haven't had a chance to play with this. I learned a lot from Jennifer Diehl's worshop.

Tom: The color green has been problematic for me. I began getting a handle on green this summer while working Plein Air. I also found that putting brown or dark blue down as an underpainting enhances the perspective.

Kristina: I am learning to trust what I've learned.

Annie:  I've learned to lay out paints like piano keys to see what I have to work with. I'm doing color studies.

Jim:  I attended Jennifer Diehl's workshop. I knew things but I learned how to gray colors—warm/cool tones; mixing colors. She has a depth of knowledge.

Ward:  It's hard to pick one thing! I’ve learned from Don Andrews and David Taylor, and others. The pivotal moment: the things that truly matter. After an emergency hospital event, I said, "Please let me paint one more time." And, I am painting.

Marty:  I'm working on a painting of my grandson. I used clove oil because it dries slowly. You can't expect good results if you don't work regularly. I've learned that I have to work more on drawing.

Za:  I've been experimenting with pushing edges, letting the painting "go beyond," letting go, and it's a lot of fun—finding the joy in painting.

Charlie:  Rather than learn, unlearn! Quit drawing with pastels!

Jerry:  I took a class with Phyllis Throwbridge, who paints for 20 minutes and then scrapes the paint off the canvas! She has a cloth in one hand and a brush in her other hand, and she takes turns with each. I tried that and it's liberating.

Kay: I’ve been getting out and painting every day, painting 2 weeks solid—painting will energize you! In a recent workshop, I learned to stand back every few minutes or every few brush strokes. I wrote a poem about standing back: "Stand back, stand back, stand back, STAND BACK!" (Laughter)!

Joanne T: I’ve been studying art online and putting paintings in "My Favorites”.  I think about what I like about those paintings or styles. I can see that my taste is changing. I love lost edges. I'm trying to loosen up. I took a workshop with Jennifer Diehl and learned to put my palette in the freezer when I'm finished painting for the day.

Karen:  I'm interested in back lighting. I learned that my eyes are not happy looking directly into light, so I changed the angle to 45° and I get less direct light, but enough light.

Bill:  I've been watching videos and trying to assimilate what I've seen. I'm attempting to use many glazes. Also, I didn't gesso the board for my Brussel Sprouts painting, so we'll see if the paint sticks!

Stephanie:  The topic is a great exercise for the end of a year. Did my paintings improve? I painted a lot last year—no special theme or format. I learned the importance of practice. I won a Raffle and received many different brushes, so now I can use a brush for each color and so keep the colors cleaner.

Tim:  I test materials—paint, play with them. I tried an extremely brittle acrylic wash. I'll see if it works.

Betsy:  Keep on going! That's my Mantra.

Judith: I didn't learn anything, but at least I'm aware of it! (Laughter) I'm trying to copy another painting, a learning experience.

Tracie:  I've learned some new concepts, but my hands haven't gotten there yet! (Laughter) I'm learning to loosen up, focus, and fix wrong things.

Joanne K:  I use a variety of brushes. The Rosemary brushes are very good, but I also like Blick's hog hair brushes very much.

Celeste: I recently burned a lot of paintings and got a lot of flack for doing so, but it's best to get rid of stuff that isn't good—with fire in particular!  I saw Kathleen Dunphy's post where she was walking to a burn pile and another picture of her walking away from it and smiling. That gave me the courage to do it. 


Welcome Back, Eunice Sause!

Editor's Note: Thank you for taking the notes today, Loretta Unger. Thank you for taking the photos, Tim Young). (If your painting was not included in today's post, please send a photo for inclusion

Za Vue first Friday, Art on the Boulevard Nov 6:

Aimee Erickson and Scott Gellatly at the Brian Marki for Nov: (First Friday):

Learn to paint with Karen E. Lewis (ongoing classes beginning Nov 22):

Kristina Sellers: Please come  see her work on Saturday the 14th beginning at 5 PM. (It is part of an Art Walk). This will be the last opportunity to see her palette knife paintings at the Lane gallery. (No First Thursday)

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Jef Gunn, Jerry Dickason at Sitka Nov 6, 7 and 8

OSA 200 show Reception: Friday Nov 6:

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Clark County Artists Tour: Hilarie Couture and Khanh N. Huynh, MD Nov 14 and 15

Today's Thursday Drawing Club:

Thank you for coming today and sharing your ideas and paintings!

Next Meeting: Thursday Nov 12, Suggested table topic: "Why this painting works" Bring a successful painting and describe why it "works" (in your opinion). Let's Discuss!

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