Meeting Notes, May 23, 2019

Today's topic "Color schemes" what has been your experience with "color schemes" (Analogous, Monochromatic, Triad, Tetrad etc)?

Celeste: I brought a exercise that I did using a color wheel. I find this pretty challenging to apply while painting from life (changing colors of what is there to fit a scheme). I brought two paintings from yesterday. I'm also showing a monochromatic painting from my archives.

Tim: (I have to leave a little early today). I am showing a gouache painting that I did recently and also the painting I did at the Fallen Oak Paint out on Sauvie Island. I know I've applied color theory to my paintings...but I can't say that I was always completely aware of it! 

Loretta: I have often liked to use two colors and white. A simple approach! I painted this painting from Tim Young's photograph.

Chris: I like bright colors and that makes plein air a challenge. I am showing a painting I did plein air with my friend Marti. We drove around and around for a long time before we found our spot (an abandoned company parking lot)! Laughter!

Lisa: I was in a workshop recently with Robin Damore. She is a photo realistic type of portrait artist. I liked the workshop and I like painting realism, but I also enjoy a more loose style. I painted this same model during the the workshop, but I was not satisfied with the result I painted it again (and this painting is my newer version). I also painted this small painting from Amiee Erickson"s painting. I painted it to further my understanding of light. (Aimee just gave a demo on the subject).

Dianna: I know all these things about color theory, but when I paint I don't want to think about it. I want to paint without overthinking! Lately I've been doing these portraits that I paint really fast.  I want to paint faster than my brain can think! I just want to further my own understanding of color. It's what I call pigmentology or pigment Latin (Laughter)! I brought in James Gurney's book --it is especially good showing and explaining color schemes.

Wendy: I just came here to hear what you all had to say! Laughter!

Kris: I've been studying color theory. I like that color wheel that got passed around...the best part is that it was made in Philomath, Or! (laughter)! I am showing a painting that I did at Clarno. 

Donna: I love this subject. When I was an art director I encouraged the illustrators to use complementary colors next to the focal point.  I worked in triadic themes sometimes. I like yellow in the sky. I am showing a recent painting.

Dotty: This topic has me thinking about color schemes, but sometimes I think I feel "stuck" with what is in front of me and what I see! And there is so much green here! I am showing a recent painting ideas in a vineyard. (Green)! Laughter!

Nancy: We are and learning all of this in Za's class. Your brain gets twisted! Za says if you make correct values you can just make anything whatever color you want it to be! I am showing a recent exercise in Za's class (on the back, it was noticed that one of my children painted this)! Laughter!

Elo: In Za's class we have been trying to apply schemes to landscape outside! I thought it would be a good idea to premix some colors for plein air...but when I did that I seemed to lose the big idea! I did not like what I did in the (outdoor) I decided to do another one at home from a photo. I struggled through it but I came to the conclusion that it actually does work. This is complementary colors blue and orange. If you force yourself to make it work, you'll find out it really does! I'm also showing a painting I did plein air. I was pretty happy with this (a split complementary).

Joanne T: I am just going to stick with my Matt Smith online class! I use his pallete. He teaches about warming and cooling with piles of paint.  I am learning to take things out for better design. I'm showing two recent paintings.

Tom K:   On a good day I have 23 colors on my palette....and on a bad day.... I have 22! (Laughter)! I am a firm believer in learning all the rules and then forgetting them!

Tom D: In the past I've tried to paint "what is out there"(which is a very meaningless statement)! (laughter)! but now I realize that harmony is very important! I am showing three recent plein air paintings. 

Mike: I brought in three books. These are watercolor books, but everything in these books is translatable. I like the handprint website.  This book points out that neutrals is what makes color sing. I have made a plein air color chart (Applause)! You should take green completely off your palette and mix green every time. I'm showing a recent painting.

Ken: I keep things simple! I learned a lot about these color schemes years ago. I often choose three colors for a painting. I go for mood. I do what I do and I keep it simple. I'm showing note cards that I had printed. 

Tedd: I'm Tedd and I like color! (Laughter)! Thomas Kitts and I watched a Peter Brown DVD. It was amazing to watch him paint. He is such an expert at putting people into a painting. I felt inspired. I included people in this painting.

Jeanie: I napped in school during color theory! (laughter)! I don't give it a lot of thought...but I have (and use) a lot of colors from my color box. I've been trying different things. I am showing a recent painting.

Susan: I've bought a lot of books about color... but I don't read them I just look at the pictures! (Laughter)! My son has been diagnosed with ADD. But I am aware that we must be careful in how we label one another. But it is true that *I* don't learn necessarily very well from reading. People learn and remember things in different ways. I am still convinced that pastels is the best way to learn color because it is all there right there in front of easy to see.  Recently I've been purging my studio. Do you know that "I've been framed" will buy back their frames and other things? Or you can get a credit there. I am submitting this painting to the Rose show next week. Because of purging my studio I found this painting that I did way back when I was in art school. I was 17 years old....and look at the difference between these two paintings!  It is like beauty and the beast! (Laughter)! The teacher gave me a B for this...but looking at it now, I think I deserved a better grade (Laughter)!

Greg: I do not plan out a scheme. But I would like to suggest a website that a lot of designers use that for planning and assembling palettes. (Called, but the name has changed to Adobe color). I just got back from an amazing trip (and I also have been decluttering my studio too)!

Za: it is great to be here!  I will be happy to read all the notes about everything you had to say about it I am sure I can't add anything.   If you like drawing or painting the figure you should be going to Hipbone and other places. I am showing a painting that I did yesterday in Hillsboro at the Wednesday afternoon model session. During good weather Bhavani is organizing outdoor sessions (it is a great opportunity). (details in the notes below)

Brenda: I wanted to show you my color wheel. I block it out to I remind myself not to use these other colors when I am doing a dominant color painting.
I painted  this plein air in Utah and it is largely orange and blue.

Judith: I just came back from Italy!(Applause)! It was fun. but it was wall-to-wall tourists.
I must warn you if you go there you have to brace yourself for that. 

Joanne RK: I am showing some "schemes". With this portrait I changed the colors on the model with an actual physical light. It reminds me that I want to do that again.  This is a painting I did in the Gamblin torrit gray competition. I do like to experiment and change colors, but it is not easy to do outdoors. I am showing a painting from was too bright and I had to desaturate it. 

Thomas: Well,  first of all I have to tell you that Zorn painted with more than the four colors "they" say he used. It is a myth that he decided not to dispel. (Geri interjects, ok, I take back everything I said!) (Laugher)! I am working on a commission. I thought I'd show it because right now it is predominately blue and cool and I am working out what to do next. When I was in school I had a color class that was absolutely fascinating...we did not paint in the class, we just learned about all the theory. 


Elo Wobig Lakewood Show, 11:00 am demo June 22

Eunice Sause Lakewood Show

Tom Daniels will have a show at the First Presbyterian Church downtown Twelfth and Salmon he will let us know when his receptionist.

Rose show at Oregon Society of Artists (take in is next week) go to this page and scroll for information:

Memorial Day Monday paint out 9am at Sauvie Island with host Don Bishop

June 14 Paint out at Oakwood Gardens with host Joanne Thorpe more information to come.

Za Vue has one position in her Tuesday class. Next Tuesday's class will be the first day in her term: 2 to 3 months drawing the figure.Wednesday's outdoor plein air class is full, but you can get on her mailing list.

Wednesday Figure Sessions facilitated by Bhavani Krishnan Wednesdays (2:30- 5:30) email Bhavani for location (outdoors when weather permits):

Saturday paint along to Brenda Boylan (and other classes)

Thomas Kitts
 has two upcoming workshops in Portland (Drawing for Plein Air and Plein Air) First two weeks of September 2019  (just a few spots left)!

Dianna Shyne introduction to acrylics 9-12 in her Portland studio on Saturdays

Friday May 10 Life Drawing 10-1 am and Figure Session 1:15-4:00 (next time model is Tony) facitlitated by Joanne Radmilovich Kollman    OSA

Expressive painting Saturday/and or Plein Air Saturdays OSA Joanne Radmilovich Kollman (check via email and RSVP)

Whidby Island workshops:

Kimberly Kent Art Brokerage Call to Artists:

Hiatus Drawing club meets after the Alla Prima Meeting at French Quarter
Next Meeting Thursday May 30 --Paint application "Quality" ---Your suggestions for "pro" quality paint application---Let's Discuss!

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