Art Discussion Meeting, Thursday, Nov 6, 2014

At today's meeting Loretta, Tim, Jerry, Charlie, Bill, Jeanie, Renita, Jeanne, Lisa, Diane, Brenda, Kay, Jim, Tedd, Claudia, Peggi, Kristina, Za, Stephanie, Emily, and me Celeste.

 Today's suggested table topic: What would you ask a artist from the past... if you could?

Celeste: I would ask the artist's Sorolla how did he achieve the light in his paintings? All of his paintings looked so bathed in sunlight. No one else seems to do it in the same way he did. I brought in a Sorolla book. I brought in two paintings. 

 Tedd: I would ask Sargent how did he paint like he painted! I brought in three paintings. (Note: Tedd is back after having some health issues! Welcome back, Tedd! We missed you!)

Jim: I don't know who I would ask and what I would ask! I brought in a painting I did recently in Craig Srebnik's class. He emails you a photograph that you print out and work from. I "took off" from the photograph to give the model a certain look. I wanted him to look theatrical, with theater make-up. 

 Kay: I would talk to van Gogh. I have lots to ask. In particular there has been recent discussions about whether or not he committed suicide. Did he really kill himself? I would like to settle that. Did he ever see his work altogether? I brought in a book about color. It's a very difficult book to read. I brought in one painting from a life session. 

Brenda: I would talk to Monet. How did he make color bounce in the way he did? I brought in a pastel that I did in a demonstration for my class. I also brought in the new Pastel Journal that features my painting on the cover. (Applause! Congratulations, Brenda) 

 Diane: I would talk with Rembrandt. How did he paint as he did? Studio 30 has resumed and I brought in a painting from there. 

 Lisa: I would speak with Berthe Morrisette (a woman). What was it like to be "one of the guys" painting alongside the famous impressionists? I brought in a painting and I will have at the NE. Community Center this weekend. 

Jeanie: I brought in a painting that I did recently, it has some varnish issues. 

Renita: I would ask Emily Carr. How did she go from a realist to paint in the style she painted later in life? My company (Windermere) donates for children in our community and I brought in our calendar that celebrates that. I have a calendar for all of you. (thanks, Renita) 

Jeanne: I admire Corot. I would paint alongside him if I had a chance! I see scenes from the Pacific NW in his paintings. I have made it a goal to paint larger outside. I brought this large painting I did on Sauvie Island. I used my Soltek easel and it accommodated this large canvas without any problems. 

Bill: The first thing that comes to my mind is Whistler and his nocturnes. I would ask him about those. I took a Panama cruise. When you're on a ship it is nice to do things other than play bingo! I brought in paintings from the ship (I painted on the deck). 

Charlie: I would like to be with the cave painters; I would like to go that far back. I brought in a mixed media painting that I did. 

Jerry: I would like to hang out with van Gogh. I saw 100 of his paintings in Holland. When you see them together you are spellbound by it all. Every time I paint a painting (after having read van Gogh's diary) I ask myself "What is the context?" "Why do I want to paint this painting?" I brought in a portrait of my wife. 

Tim: I brought in a book of artist I much admire. (Editor's note, sorry, I didn't write down the name) How did he sketch like he did (intricate and accurate scenes of people working) without the benefit of a camera? I took Kat Sowa's workshop. I highly recommend it. It was very informative. I brought in a painting from the workshop. 

Loretta: I have 1 million questions for artists. I would ask Monet why did you decide to go with Impressionism ...why? 

Stephanie: I would talk with Emily Carr. How did she have the courage to go into the forest alone? How and why did she decide to be such an explorer? Here is a quote from her: "What do I want to express? What is the thought behind the saying? What is my ideal, what is my objective? What? Why?..." I would turn that question on her if we met at another space/time and also ask her for a ride along on her next canoe trip. I brought in two paintings that I did at studio 30. 

Za: I would just want to watch Fechin paint his paintings! I brought in a painting that I did recently in a life session. It is a figure from the back. This is very different for me. I am very drawn to painting more abstractly these days. 

Kristina: I think our critics and art historians write a lot of stuff about artists that are not necessarily true. It would be fun to sit with a artist from yesteryear and ask them if some of these things that were written about them are accurate or not. I would ask Fechin... did he have his wife pose like this? And if so..why? 

Emily: I would ask landscape painters from the past "What about that scene drew you to it? What shapes? What patterns?" I brought in two plein air paintings. 


 OSA 200 show Friday night Nov 7 reception 6-9 pm

Art on the Boulevard Michael Lindstrom and Harry Wheeler Friday Nov 7 reception

Quin Sweetman and Celeste Bergin Broderick Gallery Sunday, November 9, 1-6 PM.

Brian Marki Gallery Eric Bowman, Amiee Erickson and Scott Gellatly Friday evening reception. Nov 7, 5-8pm 

NE Community Center, Friday evening and Saturday Nov 7 and Nov 8, Lisa Marshall.

 Towne Storage Lisa Caballero, Don Bishop and others: Fifth Annual Artist Studio Walkaboutand Sale Nov 8, 6-10pm, 17 SE 3rd Avenue, Portland OR

 Sitka Invitational, Nov 8 and 9, Western Forestry Center, Jodi Burton, Amiee Erickson and others:

Kristina Sellers is at Wallflowers Gallery and Watershed Gallery for November. She sold a recent painting, Congratulations Kristina! 

Za brought in the AIS catalog and the plein air magazine that she is featured in this month. Thanks Za.

 Art for the Care wall at St. Vincent's Hospital: Jean Chamberlain, Kat Sowa, Jodi Burton and Celeste Bergin. (Up until January 2015).

 Sequoia Gallery, The workshop on values with Brenda Boylan Nov 8, Saturday:

Do you want to be on the Studio 30 mailing list? Contact Kat at

EDITOR'S NOTE: I talked with Lori about how they had that large extra-noisy party right behind us today, making it next to impossible to talk and hear. She told me someone made a mistake by accepting a large reservation conflicting with us. She said she would tell all the other people that it really wasn't cool and to please not do it again! Thanks for soldiering on despite the extreme unpleasantness. It was still (as always) a joy to get your ideas and see your paintings.

 Next Meeting: Thursday, Nov 13 Topic: Still life---love it? hate it? Tell us something about what YOU know about still life.

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