Meeting Notes, October 5, 2017

At todays meeting: Loretta U, Loretta L, Joanne T, Joanne K, Tim, Diane, Lisa, Chris, Vicki, Elo, Jeanie, Tom, Jerry, Sharon, Dave, Jim, Eunice,Judith, Peggie, Ward, Paula and me, Celeste

Todays topic: "Pearls of Wisdom" --tell us something that was said to you that helped you (as it pertains to art/painting).

Celeste: I have heard so many--but one that comes to mind is the time I was telling Aimee Erickson about how an artist I respected gave me conflicting advice. I explained that she said I should do this and then the following week she seemed to reverse herself. Aimee said: "The red flag is the word should...whenever you hear that word its best to reframe it to something like "what would happen if I did (whatever it was) and what would happen if I didn't do that? It is more a matter of remaining curious. An artist is best served just being curious. I'm showing recent paintings.

Loretta U: There is a quote from Sargent..."Start with a broom and end with a needle" (referring to brushes). I am also going to read a poem by Mueller


Judith: I pass

Peggie: I am showing a recent plein air painting and a commission (large cat painting. (Applause)! I don't have anything specific to say about the topic...but I did want to share something that happened to me recently in a plein air event. (editor's note: Peggie described surprising and unprofessional conduct on the part of the organizers/curator. Subsequently,  she put her complaint in writing and specifically asked that their future prospectus' include changes (that had been sprung on her). Congratulations, Peggie, on being an advocate for yourself and standing up for artists!) 

Tim: We all go out there expecting to do really great...but often, we don't do great at all.  So, the pearl of wisdom is "Be good with failure". Don't curl up in a ball (like I did)! (Laughter)! Seriously, if you don't meet your own expectations, just be willing to lie good with that. I am showing a recent watercolor..I made a major mistake (the paper "cupped") but I went on anyway. I am also showing a study for a large mural that I am going to do (on canvas, along my own outdoor fence)...The subject is going to be wildlife/creatures. 

Loretta L: Mine is "It's just shapes" I remember that! I am showing a recent floral.

Diane: I like this quote from Winston Churchill: 

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Lisa: I don't have anything specific to say on the topic. I am showing this painting from a photo I took in the gorge...before the fire. 

Chris: I have advice for others! It is important to have artist friends! You can't talk to people who are not interested in this, it is impossible to talk to have to seek people who want to talk to you about painting! 

Vicki: "Trust yourself" is very good advice. I had a teacher who would also say: "That's good, now do more". I am showing a plein air painting I did yesterday. Ward and I went to Sauvie Island.

Joanne T: Jennifer Diehl told us don't even think of approaching a gallery until you feel you know your style. I am "morphing" so, I am in no hurry. I have also heard that you should throw away your first 100 plein air paintings....but I can't, because I haven't done 100 yet! (Laughter)! I am showing two recent paintings.

Ward: There was a columnist who decided to give herself the assignment of writing a commencement speech. She just imagined what she would like to say to people much younger than her...about all the things she has learned. The name of her speech was "Wear Sunscreen" and it was one of the first "viral" internet things. It's something great to read and beyond that, you should consider writing your own commencement speech. Don't be afraid to fail or to look weird. When I was learning flute I walked around with a bunch of flutes and I even overheard people saying "he's so weird"--later, (after I really learned how to play)  those very same people liked me and welcomed me! (Laughter)!  I painted this yesterday with Vicki at Sauvie Island...this was at that spot where the dogs never stop barking (Laughter)! I also painted this porpoise (for teaching my watercolor class).

Elo: Rules about painting seem to apply to life too! 1. Keep your values strong! 2. Keep the "main thing" the "main thing"! (If you want to paint something remember why you are painting it...what drew you to the subject, don't lose sight of that). 3. Have fun! I brought in two recent paintings. 

Jeanie: I submit to a lot of things! Because of that I have been rejected for a lot of things! I am resilient, however, I really do not let rejection bother me...I have submitted to one venue three times, and have been rejected three times...but I am not going to give up! I am showing new small paintings.

Tom: Pearl divers know that pearls are hard to come by! You have to work to get a pearl. Lots of those oysters don't produce a pearl! (laughter)! I have rusty nails of wisdom (laughter)! I's one "I'll be dead one day" (Laughter)! I was doing really well, I thought, but then I ran into a bad spell...when things didn't work out well at all. I set about analyzing and realized my problem was in the composition. I had gone against my better judgment and painted something without being satisfied (first) with the composition. I am showing a recent plein air painting. (I liked how it looked like Ponte Vecchio...but it is in fact in Seaside!) (laughter)!

Jerry: "Paint what you see...not what you know" (editors note: Jerry read an account by Vuillard about posing for Cezanne --I posted a video on Facebook)

Sharon: I pass (but I am enjoying the discussion)!

Dave: My daughter gave me a paperweight that read: If you knew you couldn't fail...what would you do? When I first started painting I got to paint with Robert Crogill and he told me it is important to learn to paint wet into wet and he told me to buy Richard Schmid's book (which I did). Remember to squint! I am showing two recent is going to a new show in Mosier.

Jim: I know that values are really important....and getting warmth in shadows too. I have a painting that I am putting into the Teacher/Student show at OSA. I want to get more texture into my paintings, so I've signed up for the Michael Lindstrom one day workshop coming up.

Eunice: I'd give you a pearl of wisdom...but (by the time it has gotten to me) they're all used up! (Laughter)! I did this painting of Crescent city. Let me add is my birthday today! (Applause)! (editors note: Happy Birthday, Eunice!) 

Joanne: I got to take classes from Dan McCaw.  He told us about a big box that was right in the middle of his studio. He said he just walked around it again and again -----until he realized "You can just move that box!" (Laughter)! I'm thinking about how we talk often about the kind of art that wins awards. We discuss values a lot and "academic" type art that seems to offer a clear course of action. But, in fact, I think it is also important to acknowledge other unique visions.  Like for example, Tom Daniels --he is drawn to close values instead of extreme ones. There is a calmness and beauty in his work that is purely unique and all his own. It is important to follow your heart, wherever that leads. I brought in a figure and a landscape (pumpkin patch).

Paula: I was surprised to win at Washington County Plein Air. Ribbons and awards have not been on my radar...the acknowledgement is wonderful, so my words of wisdom are just keep going. There are no wasted efforts, even though it may seem that way at times. Everything is cumulative...everything leads to a better understanding. I wanted to read this to you (by Nicholas Wilton, How to bring back the joy in your art):


(Thank you, Everyone)


Congratulations to the winners of Washington County Plein Air (complete list on Facebook). 1st Paula Hansen, 2nd Elo Wobig, 3rd: Sandra Pearce (other winners included Kristina Sellers, Anna Lancaster, Brenda Boylan, Michael Lindstrom, Amanda Houston and others)

Ward Stroud is giving a talk and demo at the WSO conference (at Mt Hood Community College)

Ward Stroud is also teaching at Art in the Mountains (2018)

Student/Teacher show at OSA
Reception Next Friday Oct 13

Nancy Klos and Joanne Mehl demonstrations at OSA:

Tedd Chilless First Thursday at US Bank 1040 NW Lovejoy (Landscape)

Please contact Quin Sweetman if you would like to be involved in a project bringing awareness to gun violence/Las Vegas (portraits of victims)

Tracie Broughton: Portland Open Studios Sat and Sun October 14 and 15 and October 21 and 22 10am-5pm

Tracie's opener party: 3135 NW Wilson Oct 20 5-9pm

Dotty Hawthorne: 2055 SE Claybourne Street, Portland Open Studios Sat and Sun October 14 and 15 and October 21 and 22 10am-5pm

Ward,  Joanne K and other OSA artists: Portland Open Studios Sat and Sun October 14 and 15 and October 21 and 22 10am-5pm Oregon Society of Artists

Joanne Kollman: Fine Art Friday with model Rachel, Friday,  Oct 6, 1-4pm Oregon Society of Artists  $20
RSVP is nice...but drop-ins are permitted

Joanne Kollman: Fresh Flower Saturday, Saturday, Oct 7,  OSA Drop ins welcome
$25 note time change 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Save the date! Upcoming Field Trip Portland Art Museum: Tuesday Oct 24 (time to be determined) We will meet at the Cafe behind the museum, tour Tedd Chilless' Studio and then go to Portland Art Museum for "Wyeth, three generations"

Michael Lindstrom is repeating his popular "Painting in the Moment" one-day workshop. A great opportunity to take the class if you missed it the first time:

The 1-day workshop on Saturday, October 14th. Heavy focus on painting in the moment, but this time with fall color. Sauvie Island, 9am-4pm. $100.
We are going to paint expressive with lots of paint and allow Mother Nature to be a part of the process. To register:

Becky Land: The Commons Gallery 29353 SW Town Center Loop East, Wilsonville, OR 97070 8am-5pm weekdays Sept 25-Dec 8 (We are going to plan a field trip to see Becky's show also --stay tuned for details)

Beaverton Art Mix  Oct 5-8

Nancy Zhang at Wine Thirty First Friday:

The Hiatus Drawing Club meets at Prosperity Pie after the regular O'Connors meeting

Juried art show at RE/MAX. Open House October 8 & 15, 1- 4 pm, 237 NE Broadway #100, Portland. "Journey of Change" is a benefit for p:ear, advocates for homeless youth. Stephanie Cissna, Vicki Zimmerman, Jeanie Bates and others

Next Meeting: Thursday October 12,  9am, Suggested table topic: Painting around your own house or neighborhood. What has been your experience? Do you have any examples? Is being a "homebody" (as it pertains to painting) a positive or a negative? What is the upside and downside? Let's discuss!

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