Meeting Notes, Sept 12, 2019

Today's topic, materials and/or gear (or anything purchased pertaining to painting) that seemed like a good idea at the time, but later seemed like not-such-a-good-idea

Celeste: When I first started painting I took a workshop from a well known person. I didn't know enough to investigate the type of work he did and he taught mostly philosophy! It was spendy and I regretted it. I am showing this book that I wanted...but there is a lot of wrong information in it, so again...disappointing. I have decluttered, so I have gotten rid of a lot of purchase errors. I am showing some Strada challenge paintings (all of my husband) and a recent floral (painted outside).

Loretta: For some reason I have a lot of palette knives! I brought in some Winsor/Newton mediums that I no longer need..please take them!

Joanne K: I've been trained in classical painting methods, so I know about hand-held palettes. I am showing a "normal" one. You can more easily assess colors and values physically closer to the subject when you hold a palette. I acquired this large (hand held) palette and I'm not certain exactly why, but it has a feature that "locks" your arm into the palette! this (Laughter)!  I am showing a recent commissioned painting, a painting from a recent figure session and a recent landscape.

Bonny: In order to avoid framing costs I opted to paint on cradled panels for a time. Not a fan! I am showing a studio painting (on a cradled panel)!

Mike: We all know that we search for the book that will "save you"! (Laughter)! Then, of course, you find out that it doesn't save you and you re-sell it to Powells. (Laughter)! I am a watercolorist, so I have at least 5 different palettes. They are relatively inexpensive, so it is easy enough to acquire too many of them...(along with the "magic brush"!) (Laughter)!

Karen: "Zentangle", of course, is supposed to calm you. I purchased the book, but it made me nuts! (Laughter)! I am showing a pastel I painted (it's the view from Amanda Houston's studio).

Kathy: It is the plein air pochade boxes that trouble me..I never understood which one is best. I have different easel systems and I am happy enough with what I use, but the differing boxes are confusing! I am showing this giant hand held palette (that I used outside before I got any plein air gear). I am showing sunflower paintings that I recently painted outdoors.

Sara: (new! Welcome)! I am new to oils. I read the topic wrong, I thought it was about materials that we are happy about. I am showing my Cotman travel watercolor kit. I have this sketchbook that I fashioned to be my watercolor sketchbook .....I have it just how I want it and now I am afraid to use it! (Laughter)! I am trying to learn how to draw in the rain. I make a fair amount of impulse purchases. On a funny note, I bought this Paris 1900 catalog at Portland Art Museum with the intention of coming back to see the show the next day...but the show was gone! At least I have the catalog! (Laughter)!

Dotty: I have lots of unused tubes of paint (that seemed like they were the right thing to buy at the time). I paint in both pastel and you might think that I'd like oil pastels, but no , no I do not! I am showing a recent oil painting.

Sharon: I have a penchant for palettes! I paint in watercolor, so I have several and I have a porcelain one set up at home (that I do like)! I have recently been experimenting with palette knife. These paintings were done in acrylic.

Nancy: I have a new acquisition (for painting plein air). It didn't turn out to be as good of a thing as I thought it would be! (Editors note: specifics left out per Nancy's request) Maybe I will adapt to the problems that I think it has. I have been drawing in graphite. Last week I drew with the drawing group and I drew Judith. I think the drawing so helps my painting! This drawing is of my children (who were moving constantly)! (Laughter)! Also, a good resource for reference is Pixabay

Carol: Za had her students buy these...(big palette knives) but I've yet to use them! I don't know what I would use these for ---maybe for pretending to be a chef...clang clang! (Laughter)! I recently painted this with Jerry Mishler at Mayer State Park. 

Dianna: Oh, I like to say...."So many mistakes, so little time" (Laughter)! I bought a used camper (expressly for my painting adventures) from my neighbor. Without exaggeration, right after I bought it, it broke down. It broke down in my driveway! (Laughter)! This was not predictable, it was a Mercedes! I spent a fortune with the mechanic and eventually he told me it was not fixable. I owed him and ultimately I gave him the camper to settle the bill! (Collective groan)! I am showing 2 demos that I did recently (in Washington). I did one during an artwalk and it was challenging, because everyone kept asking me..."what color did you use there"? (Laughter)!

Judith: I was introduced to the product Liquin. I bought the economy size big bottle. I thought it would be a good idea to put Liquin into smaller jars to make it more convenient. I parceled out the contents into smaller containers (baby food jars). This was a nightmare when I went to use the smaller jars, however, because all the jars were cemented shut by the Liquin. (Laughter)! Worse, some of the jars were cemented to the base of the cupboard. (Laughter)!

Becky: I am showing a couple of my Father's books. My Father actually drew everything in this book and did it beautifully. He inexplicably quit, however..but I wanted to share this with you, because it makes me feel confident that there are artists "out there" who never show themselves. I bought a Alla Prima pochade box. It suits me but I needed a tripod for it, so I went to a camera shop on Macadam and they went the extra mile to recommend the best tripod to go with the box. It also helps to be in a group like this when it comes to deciding about big purchases. I am showing two paintings. I finished this one (that was started at Eugenia's house when she had a paint out there). 

Donna: I work in pastels. I have spent so much money trying to get a system that seems right for me. I have a French Easel, but I took a workshop with Richard McKinley and I could see that the equipment he uses is ideal. I spent a lot, but I have to say, I finally have my studio just the way I want it and it seems very efficient. I am showing recent paintings. This one I painted at the Labor Day paint out. I got stung there while painting it (and it hurt)! 

Tedd: I am listening to "Art and Fear". It is remarkable to me how much of what we all talk about is in that book! I highly recommend it. As for the topic, if there is a sale anywhere...I will buy two of everything ! (Laughter)! I was recently hired to paint "live" at a wedding. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding and it was black tie! I was discussing my (large) painting with someone when it flew off the easel directly into ME! (all of me!) (Laughter)!  It was hot so the guests were given fans. One guest looked at their phone all through the wedding (hiding behind the fan). I painted that in! (Laughter)!

Tim: My "issue" has been wet canvas carriers. I buy them...I make them...I buy them (Laughter)! I bought the Day Tripper easel that I like and I saw that the guy who made it also wrote a book. He is a great artist, so I thought this is a good idea. I have to be honest though, he can't write! (Laughter)! He includes a pen in with the book. The pen has a little ball glued to it. You're supposed to look at the ball on the pen to determine where the light is coming from. (But, why wouldn't we just look at whatever is in front of us to see where the light is)? I learned that Rembrandt's paintings sometimes have flour mixed in the paint, so I experimented and put flour in my paint in my painting*! (It's gluten free)! Laughter! *It makes the paint dry faster and looks mat finish. This is a sketch of me crossing the river and this is a painting at Hermann Creek.

Wendy: When I first started this art adventure I bought a table easel. I got it at Blicks. It seemed a reasonable purchase, but I determined that I don't like sitting to do painting, I like to stand! is taking up space. I continue to paint in watercolor. This is my 9th. I've moved on from flowers to crab apples!  (Laughter)!

Eunice: I bought a camera lucida type product once...but I could not for the life of me get it to work, so I returned it. I have 3 complete set ups in my car for 3 different type of situations. I do love a new color now and then. I learned about a new one called Egyptian Violet. Doesn't that sound great?

Greg: My office, garage and studio are all filled with tons of art supplies. I have a projector that Mark English recommended. Some of the equipment I've purchased in my role as illustrator/graphic artist can be upwards of a grand for something I used once! Not to mention the software I've had to buy for my management business. Now I am buying a lot of plein air stuff! (Laughter)! Once, while painting with Thomas Kitts we compared carbon fiber tripods. Q: "How much did you pay"?  A: "You don't want to know" (Laughter)!


Happy Birthday (Today) Joanne Radmilovich Kollman

Carol Hansen Paint out this Saturday Sept 14 all day (see below)

Jerry Mishler Paint out Saturday Sept 26 begins at 2 pm (see below)

PurpleStride (Walking to end Pancreatic Cancer) is Saturday, 9/28/19. Walk on Mike Porter's team or donate!

No model session at OSA this week Joanne Radmilovich Kollman but sessions resume Fridays beginning 9/20/19. Fresh Flower Saturdays resume also:

OSA Drink and Draw

Sunday Morning classes with Dianna Shyne:

Dianna Shyne has over 50 paintings on display in the state of Washington during Sept-

Nancy Zhang has two paintings in the current show at Happy Valley Library through Nov 12

Tedd Chilless show at Stoller Vineyard extended to October 8 (& Congratulations, on the sales, Tedd)

The Sauvie Island Jubilee fell through (sorry)!

Sept 14 Paint Out with Carol Hansen (all day)

Carol Hansen hosts Sept 14 beginning 9am* at her property in Oregon city. From 9 to noon Artists can paint the landscape/still life outside (still life set ups will be available). Bring your lunch, at noon we will have a break. From 1-4 there will be an outdoor model session (if participating in this session, please bring a little cash for a contribution to the model fee). Stay all day if you like! The sunsets are pretty too! address is 17525 S. Ferguson Rd. Oregon City. 503-367-8568 Link to map below...please note! the driveway is on Ferguson, not Maple lane like the map shows. From town, take Redland road out about 3.5 miles, turn right on Ferguson and it is the second driveway on the right, no gate. MAP:

Sept 21: Paint Out with host Jerry Mishler in Corbett 2pm-6pm

Address - 37201 NE Benfield Rd. Corbett, OR 97010

Directions - From Portland: Take I-84 East past Troutdale to EXIT 22.  At the top of the Exit ramp turn RIGHT onto Corbett Hill Road.  In about 1.5 miles, at the top of the hill turn LEFT onto the Historic Columbia River Highway.  Travel East for approximately 1/4 mile passing the Corbett Market on your left.  When you reach the Corbett Fire Station and the RV Park (on your right), angle LEFT onto Benfield Road.  Our house is about 100 yards further on the left side. It is single story, with brown cedar siding, a circular driveway, and a large, red barn on the right side of the driveway.  Look for orange traffic cones at the end of the driveway.

Painting - Our house is at the top of a circular driveway. If the weather is nice I would guess many would want to paint the view out behind the house looking out toward the Cascade foothills across the river.  We’re too far back from the edge of the gorge to see the river below us.  Our property consists of 16 acres of field and about 5 acres of woods.  There is also a large old barn next to the house and plenty of garden space - lots of choices to paint.

Parking -  Use the circular driveway to drop gear off at the house and then park along the road below the house.  Look for more red traffic cones to indicate parking areas.

Conveniences - There is a restroom and water available in a small kitchen alongside my studio - all attached to the house.

Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

Contact - Jerry Mishler & Sara Grigsby

(503) 201-0912 - Jerry’s cell

(503) 695-5678

Next Art Discussion Meeting Sept 19, 9am......What is your favorite time of day to paint and why?  Let's discuss!

Recognize these two teachers who independently chose Oak Island 
as their classroom on Wednesday?
(Thomas Kitts and Za Vue)

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