Meeting Notes April 18, 2019

Loretta Raphael Kathy J Kris Donna Annie Wendy Joanne T Kathy P Dianna Tom Pam Greg Thomas K Judith Becky Mike Jan Dave M Sharon Joanne K Yong Eunice Carrie  and me Celeste

Today's topic: Getting ideas ---where do you get your ideas for painting?

Celeste: Mark Larsen told me a story about how he was on his way to a plein air event ...but how he felt like turning around to return home, because he felt inadequate for the competition. Eventually he happened to wind up at a Native American pow wow in an open field. He was struck by how all the participants were so diffferent from one another. He realized that was *his* contibution...that he was different (and so he continued to the plein air event). I guess I bring all this up, because we all are all so different and whatever ideas come to us are unique to us (and therefore acceptable).

Loretta: I get my ideas from nature and changing seasons.  I like a quote from Picasso: "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working".

Raphael:  Yesterday was my birthday (Applause)! My wife and I went to Portland Art Museum to celebrate. I used to suffer over ideas...I wanted the ultimate best and most spectacular ideas! Now I feel more relaxed about it. During the 60s I used "automatic writing" to generate ideas (and it was surprising how well that worked!) At the art musuem we were looking at paintings done in the 30s and 40s. Surprisingly, it seems like oil painting is more commonplace now than then. Back then artists used materials like casein. Seeing some of those paintings have inspired me to go get some casein....I haven't used it in a long time, it has a unique quality. My favorite artist at PAM is Childe Hassam.

Kathy J: A couple of months ago I had a dream that I was in a mall with my friends. We just got these stamps that celebrated pastel, but then I woke up. I texted the friends and let them know about the dream and how disappointed I was that it was not real! Later Donna presented these to me (a page of real stamps with my name and painting on them)! (Applause)! I get ideas from odd places. I see light, how it falls on things and I think of how I would layer it.

Kris (new, welcome): It would be bad to be in the car behind me and my friends...because we stop to take photos all the time of places that inspire us. I try to find inspiration anywhere...I have found inspiration in the back yard.

Donna (new, welcome): Like Kris said, we get inspiration while driving. "Pull over"! we'll yell! I always want to do "simple". I lay awake sometimes and things will come to me. "I could do THAT"! this is a pastel from the Clarno rocks in John Day.

Annie: Everyone has already said the 3 things I was going to say! (Laughter)!  I agree with the Picasso may have some sort of revelation...but it means nothing unless you start! I am showing a painting I painted outside yesterday.

Wendy: I have had cataract surgery and now I can see absolutely great....(but I am kind of waiting for inspiration to put something down). I brought something that I found that I did a long time ago. I didn't think all that much of it when I did it. This method was called "automatic drawing". Looking at it now I really like it. Time changes how we look at things. Maybe I was "inspired" when I did this and didn't know it!

Joanne T: I like to look at instagram. Photography and paintings by other people will spark something in me. I "steal" (laughter)! I will often just ask a photographer if I may paint from their photo and they often say yes. Just recently I sold a painting to a photographer whose photo I used! I like themes. I have been painting chickens!  I like themes and having goals. I am showing some recent work.

Kathy P: I get ideas out in the country. I walk around where I live and I like looking at the same things again and again. I like this group and I draw inspiration from all of you! I am showing a floral painting that I painted yesterday outdoors.

Dianna: When I was growing up I lived in a cabin in the woods. There were no art supplies and no encouragement to do art. Then I visited the Frye Museum and learned about Sergei Bongart. I was so taken by his paintings I sought out teachers who had been students of his. I am showing some paintings I did back when I worked in oil (I work in acrylic now). I have written and illustrated some children's books. I am also showing a quick portrait that I did the other day.

Tom D: I am an accountant and now that tax season is over I can finally paint again! I like nature. I am showing a painting I did when there was some snow on the ground.

Pam: It has been hard to find time to paint recently because I've been busy doing some home improvements. I was finally able to find some time to do a new painting!

Greg: I get my best ideas, I think, when I am traveling. I like to go to galleries. Hawaii is inspiring to me. I see the colors and think...I'll do that! I am showing recent paintings.

Thomas K: I like the quote "Inspiration is for amateurs" but Loretta's version is similar and maybe a little less harsh. If you just start something, it will happen.  John Singer Sargent did not go walking in circles to find a nice spot...he could paint wherever he happened to be (and make it outstanding). Sorolla said: "See the painting that is coming"! John Cage said "Start anywhere". I am showing a painting that I am doing for the PACE convention. (Don't photograph it --it is not quite done yet.  Yu can follow the progress on Facebook).

Judith: Well, I'm just in it for the money. (Laughter)! I love magazines...all sorts. I like the glossy ones! I cut them up and put things together "incongruently"....then I will paint from those ideas.

Becky: I brought in a painting I haven't yet finished. It is a companion piece to something that sold. I like to work from my own photography. I prefer my 35mm camera to the iphone. For copyright free imagery I recommend Pixabay  or Unsplash (although my favorite way of working is to paint from my own photos and/or from life).

Mike: I am "into" whatever is happening "now". I've always been that way. When I have traveled I keep a painting sketchbook...I have lots of those! It is a form of journaling. I just bought the Zbukvic DVDs and I'm looking forward to learning from them.  I am showing a recent watercolor.

Jan: I am inspired by negative spaces...I will see something and get out my sketchbook to get it down to use it in something later! I like figures especially. I am showing a drawing I did recently of an old friend from high school.

Dave M: I look for things that have color harmony and I take note of the values and light! I have been doing less "rendering" lately and looking for big shapes. I am showing a painting I did of Este Park, Colorado. (I was accepted into a plein air event there). (Applause)!

Joanne K: I mostly like to paint from life. I have work at the Red e cafe and it is all figure. In the show there is a small painitng that I did from memory (of a man pulling on his dog to get him to come with him). It's always mostly about the feeling to me and it all revolves around relationship too. I especially like learning from our art community. Aimee Erickson says "If it is hot, find shade"! I am showing two recent paintings.

Yong: When working at Disney (in the capacity that I was working) they did NOT come to me and say "do you have any ideas?" (Laughter)! While there, I had no options to do what I *wanted* to do...I had to do only the job expected of me. From that long experience, however, I have made up my mind to find things to paint wherever I may be! I could be in a prison or a coffee shop and I will see something the light hits something! I try to maximize my time! I don't give myself any excuses!  I am showing a painting of a driveway! (Applause)!

Eunice: I pass! (although the editor thinks Eunice did say something...but the editor didn't hear it! sorry)!

Carrie <-----Welcome back, Carrie! ("pass")


 Red e Cafe "Reflecting the Journey" Joanne Radmilovich Kollman 1006 N. Killingsworth Friday April 12, 7-10pm

"Four Seasons" - A group show from four artists who all work in different mediums focusing on the Four Seasons; Romona Youngquist, Tracy Leagjeld, Steve Hill and Yong Hong Zhong.

Za Vue weekly classes continue (Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Colours in Hillsboro) email for details

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Life Drawing am and Figure Session facitlitated by Joanne Radmilovich Kollman  1:15-4:00  OSA

Expressive painting Saturday/and or Plein Air Saturdays OSA>Joanne Radmilovich Kollman

Thanks for the donation of hand turned brush holders to the lavender festival Mike Porter (photo below)

Thomas Kitts workshops:

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Hiatus Drawing club meets after the Alla Prima Meeting at French Quarter

April 26 reception at RJ Gallery (Joanne Thorpe, Sharon Furze, Kristina Sellers)

Next Meeting Thursday April 25  Accents! (as it pertains to painting) How do you handle accents...Do you have any suggestions? Tell us anything and everything you want to on the topic of accents----Let's Discuss!

Mike Porter's hand turned brush holder

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