Meeting Notes, April 26, 2018

At today's meeting: Jim, Tedd, Tim, Thomas, Kenn, Kathy, Geri, Jeanie, Cheryl, Tom D, Eugenia, Raphael, Dave, Sharon, Eunice, Joanne, Paula, Pam, Yong, Judith and me, Celeste

Topic: Disparity in evaluation...they hate it, but you love it or visa versa; what has been your experience and what do you make of it?

Celeste: Recently I "dismissed" a plein air painting I had started, I tossed it on the ground to start another when Za came by and encouraged me to look at it in a new light. I went back to it (after nearly chucking it) and agreed that it was not as bad as I had thought. I am showing recent plein air paintings and a recent life model session. My husband Dave shared a quote with me (it is from a photographer, but it seems in keeping with today's topic) see screenshot below ***

Jim: When I was living in Southern California I put two paintings that I was NOT crazy about into a show....and it turned out to be a valuable lesson to me, because THOSE were the paintings that sold! (Laughter)! I am showing a painting from the Crystal Springs paint out as well as some other plein air and an exercise in complementary colors. 

Joanne: Not sure I care if anyone loves it or hates it! (Laughter)! I am showing recent floral paintings from Saturdays at OSA and a study from a life model session....I'm learning that sometimes I like black and white better than color! 

Tedd: The person whose evaluation often does not match mine wife! (Laughter)! Sometimes I come home with something I really like and she doesn't. She verbalizes it! (Laughter)! One time I was painting outdoors and people came up within earshot and stayed a long time, watching me...I heard them talking about me! "Oh, that is Tedd Chilless, one person said, he paints everything into the painting" (Laughter)!  I have just gotten back from visiting my brother. We visited the Fred Jones Museum. The amount and quality of paintings was astonishing). Recently I took on a personal challenge...I decided to learn palette knife! Very different for me. I painted these two paintings completely with palette knife.

Geri: I have a hard time letting go of caring what people think! For example, at the Crystal Springs paint out I could "feel" people behind me and they'd just silently walk by. Finally someone gave me an"ooo" so I felt happier. (Laughter)! In fact, however I can also occasionally put something down with such certainty that it would not matter to me one way or the other if anyone approved of it. I am showing the painting I did at Crystal Springs and also a drawing from "Fine Art Friday" model session at OSA.

Tim: My motto is paint for your own pleasure! I am showing paintings from the Crystal Springs paint out. I felt I *should* paint rhododendrons, since it is a rhododendron garden. I also painted this as an exercise in complementary colors, I call it "Za Vue in orange and blue".

Thomas: When I do a plein air event I submit the maximum number of paintings allowed.  It's just best to put in the maximum, that way you are providing an array of options. I'm anti formula and anti procedure. I have just returned from the Plein Air Convention. Some of us painted at a farm, we painted these sheep, but it was during 40mph winds so paintings were blowing away and winding up face down in sheep pen conditions (Laughter)! I had to stop on this painting, but I like the abstract quality of it. I may add just a few lights to it (or maybe not!) I have just discovered a waterfall near where I live. I will paint more there during the summer. (I am showing a recent painting from Cedar Mills Falls).

Kenn: I'm an intuitive painter. I paint from memory and dreams. I am aware that my paintings won't resonate with everyone...but there are those who do appreciate them. My paintings do reach some. I am showing a recent painting. 

Judith: I have been taking a class in sumi painting. I am learning that ink does some things that oil can not! I am showing this painting from an assignment. 

Kathy: Artists are always making judgements. That is a reality. We judge temperature, contrast, scale, on and on, so we are used to judging (and actually used to "being" judged). I've been at painting a long time and because I felt I was getting somewhere and really understanding things I announced to my family "I can finally say I'm an artist". My grandchild said: "Right, you can say that NOW Grandma, but you've done some really awful things". (Laughter)! 

Paula: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think it is best to not "judge" our own paintings. Someone else will look at it with that fresh eye and say things that we didn't even know or think about when we did it. My theory is that we should just do the work and let it be. 

Pam: Well, family members can be a problem. I was on board with giving my Mother-in-Law a piece she wanted directly out of an exhibit, except that she changed her mind back and forth about which piece she wanted.  I also find commissions pretty difficult, like painting a Sting Ray car with specifics that make no sense. I am showing some of my floral paintings.

Jeanie: I find out what people do or don't like when I enter things. If something is rejected I'll think, but wait.. *I* thought it was good... why is it not considered good? (Laughter)! I do let others decide and I'm continually confused why they choose this and not that. I am showing a recent painting. 

Cheryl: When I lived in San Diego I discovered a special artist (special to me)!  When you saw the work up close it was just a mess--but when you stood back from it, it magically came together. That's the type of work that really resonates with me! That artist turned out to be Ken Auster and I took classes with him. I am also an admirer of Nicolai Fechin...! To me, Fechin is "it"! If I ever got close to painting like Fechin and "they" don't like it, I'd say "so what"! (Laughter)! I am showing paintings I did at the Crystal Springs paint out.

Tom D: I have noticed that 99% of people just walk past paintings! They don't even look at them!! It's important to all of us here, but not to the majority. I've made my peace with that. I am an accountant, so I have been doing taxes and not painting...but finally I have gotten outside to do some plein air. I am showing 3 recent plein air paintings. It always amazes me how when I put them in a frame they look good! When I was in the middle of painting this one a bicyclist came up to me and said "Oh, you're painting"! The painting wasn't going well right then, so I just glared at him... I didn't say anything! (Laughter)!  Then he bicycled away. I felt bad about it, because generally I like being nice to people! (Laughter)! 

Eugenia: I agree, families are the ones who say unvarnished things to you. My husband is a culprit. He'll say flatly "that's nice"....and I'll think "nice?????" Recently I took a whole slew of paintings to the dump. It was cleansing and invigorating (I recommend it). But, my husband said: "but, I wanted those". (Laughter)! My goal is to paint in a loose manner. I'm working on it!

Raphael: I have been working on a project for months. I produced two full sized stained glass windows for a church in Wisconsin! The windows are finally all complete and shipping today. (Applause)! I loved the Crystal Springs paint out. I did my first plein air in many moons. I've had a commercial art career, so I am very accustomed to having to please the person who hired me. It is hard to divorce myself from that mindset in a way. I guess I do appreciate (positive) feedback. I'll listen to negative feedback too, but the "ho-hum" reaction is the worst! I am showing my painting from Crystal Springs.

Dave: I had a show at the Unitarian Church downtown.  There is a huge reception because the church lets out and spills into the social room where the show is displayed. I had a "composite" painting up of musician icons (Elvis, etc). I overhead these two people..."I like it" said one.."What? it's crap!" said the other! (Laughter)! The negative person went on further: " This doesn't work, 4 of these people are dead and 2 are alive, the concept just doesn't work"! I had to interject...."Well, when these two die....will it work then? (Laughter)! I am showing a painting that I did (on paper) at the Crystal Springs paint out.

Sharon: I'm happy to be here and listen to you all!

Eunice: I pass on this subject

Yong: When I worked at Disney (for 14 years) I had to do what others wanted me to do. Now I want to paint what *I* want to paint. It is very important to me. I never think "I hope someone will buy this"...for me, that is the wrong motivation. I am continually open to listening to what I can do to improve. What needs to be brought up is that we all need to think more about drawing! Drawing is the most important skill. I am showing a drawing I did recently at a life model session. I never tire of drawing!


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Next Meeting, Thursday May 3, Suggested Table Topic: Paint application "Thick and thin" --Do your paintings carry an adequate variety of "thick and thin" or do you tend to paint all thick or all thin? Tell us anything you want on the subject of thick and thin paint application.

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