Meeting Notes, April 5, 2018

At todays meeting: Loretta U, Dave, Sharon, Tim, Jim, Judith, Bill, Elo, Vicki, Geri, Eunice, Dotty, Loretta L, Annie, Yong, Jeanie, Za, Tracie, Brenda, Eduardo, Joanne K and me, Celeste

Today's topic: "Capturing the Day" and/or establishing mood, tell us what you know

Celeste: Za tells her students that beginning a painting with gesture will set the tone. I am showing my copy of Manet's painting of Berthe Morisot. She is dressed in black because she was grieving the loss of her father, but I feel her admiration for Manet coming through. I am also showing a painting I did of an orchard in Hood River. I've always liked the "happiness" that comes across.

Loretta: I am much more about mood than I am about form. Mood for me is a driving force.

Dave: For me, capturing the mood has to do with color. I am showing recent paintings from our trip to San Miguel.

Tim: Recently, I learned the news that Devonte Hart (who was in a famous photo from Portland) is presumed to have died in a car crash. The van he was in went off  a cliff into the ocean in California. The news had a profound affect on bothered me. Painting this was my way of honoring Devonte. I am also showing a recent painting of a song sparrow.

Jim: I have been taking an online class with Phil Starke. The class is dealing with values. I am showing this painting I did from a reference. I am also showing this copy of a painting I did by Edgar Payne. At first I wanted to leave the people out, but I realized that they are just bits of color and value, and nothing to be afraid of. I think my recent cloud study imparts a certain mood.

Elo: I don't ever think about it. The mood I am in might come through but I'm not consciously orchestrating it. I am showing 3 recent paintings.

Judith: I decided to pay homage to all of you --as I am a studio painter, and so many of you are daily painters, I decided *I* would also paint on a daily basis. This is one of the two paintings I did before I quit! (Laughter)! My "mood" is now good. (Laughter)!

Bill: I have grandchildren (two who live in Germany). For a variety of reasons, my grandchildren often wind up in my paintings! I painted one of my grandchildren onto an existing cloud formation painting (I just painting her on top of it). I am also showing a painting called Angel of Annunciation and another, my grandchild in a dinosaur costume. 

Jeanie: I am finally finished with this painting. I spent a lot of time on it, and there does come a point where I simply can't say anything more.

Kristina: I wanted to go to Za's this morning...but I got "detoured" into downtown! (traffic! Sorry, Za)! I am showing a painting that I did recently in Hillsboro. I am very happy with it, because I was struck by the cloud formations...and I really held onto that. 

Annie: I am showing an illustration that I discovered when I was young. I really loved this painting for all sorts of reasons. It has a mysterious mood, things seem to appear and disappear. I read an account once that also stuck with me...the author wrote: "The sugar bowl had 4 or 5 legs". Something like that sparks your own imagination. I am showing my "mood" painting (of a horseshoe crab).

Tracie: I went plein air painting with a friend of mine...this is the results. I have also been painting the tulip fields. Tulips are always "cheery".

Brenda: Living here, in the Pacific Northwest...we get a fair amount of gloomy weather, so when the sun comes out it feels extra special! Still, there is also a beauty to the grayness around us. Whenever I go outside to paint the first thing I ask myself is "What is the color of this light"? And there is always an answer. It may be yellow, or pink, blue --or green. That is my starting point. I have painted a lot at Tualatin Wildlife Refuge. I have painted it under all conditions. I always ask: "What color is it today"? (and I will make that color part of my "mother color". Here is a recent painting. 

Dotty: I know that there are lots of ways to paint mood. A way that I like is to go outside and just paint trees! Trees are alive and they seem to always have stories to tell! I am also showing a recent pastel of a fern. 

Loretta L: I've been gone for 6 weeks. My husband and I went to Palm Springs in our motor home. I told him..I want to paint on our trip and he "freaked out" thinking I'd get paint on everything in our confined space (Laughter)! I did fine, though...and I am showing two paintings, one plein air and the other from a reference. To me, in this painting, the palms (especially) do seem to impart a "mood". 

Vicki: When I was an art teacher the school system insisted that we teach art without any mention of "mood"! It was just how it was back then (because they had to be able to justify art right alongside math and science).  We were required to assess the students work based on "criteria" like Composition and had to be "measurable"! I think things are better now, I hope so.  For myself, I think mood can often have a lot to do with crispness and color. I am showing two paintings that seem to impart mood. 

Geri: I have been working on a commission (so it can't be photographed for the blog today, it is not turned in yet).  I often choose subjects that "say" something. 

Eunice: Every painting has to have a mood. 

Za: I think "mood" is a good idea ! (Laughter)! We can worry too much about what we see and how to depict it "right" and that might result in a very routine painting. It is important to put your two cents in it! Make what you do your own. I am showing a painting from a life modeling session. The model was young and contemporary...but I intentionally turned her into a old apple seller! (Laughter)! I am also showing the demo I did in my class about negative and positive shape and also the full moon painting that I did (plein air) recently. Bhavani had an app that told her what time to "expect" the moon and it finally arrived (but not before we gave her a lot of crap about "WHERE is it, Bhavani")?? (Laughter). The moon turned out to be red red red!

Eduardo: For myself, I really enjoy the looks of super-strong sunlight..the kind of strong light that totally "blanches" things. I want to capture that and it is a challenge, because as you know, too much white can make things chalky. I like to paint a sunlit painting that gives the viewer the feeling of that strong light. In contrast, here is a painting I did at Tanner Creek. There, even on a sunny day, you are in sort of a tunnel..and everything is cool and darker.

Yong: If it is cold outside...I want the people who look at my painting to really see and feel that cold! Likewise, if it is some other weather condition---I want them to feel that! Last year during the Maryhill plein air event there were these fires all around and oppressive heat. I painted this and I think it succeeds the look of the atmosphere during that time. 

Joanne: Here is a painting of the gorge. Also, whenever I paint my son, the "mood" will be dictated by his mood (and he is a teenager, so there is that). Laughter!


Don't miss "The Erics"sale (Eric Bowman/Eric Jacobsen / sketches, studies, 100s of bargains), Saturday, April 7, 9am - 3pm 7311 SW Pine, Tigard (See image below) These two are both considered Modern Day Masters, so get in on it. Credit cards accepted

Eduardo Fernandez is doing another demonstration, this time on gestures (April 14th beginning at 2pm) (Part one is free, but space is limited). Find out more here (and sign up):

Eduardo's other classes:

Do you have an interest in Za Vue's outdoor painting workshops this summer? She will be doing two and they fill up very fast. Email to get information and to be put on the list. It is first come first served:

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Paint the figure Friday ("Fine Art Friday") at OSA April 6 1-4pm  with Joanne Radmilovich Kollman. The model is Jaime 
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Come paint with 
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Michael Lindstrom
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Next Meeting: Thursday, April 12, 9am O'Connors Suggested table topic YELLOWS. Share your favorite YELLOWS (names and brands) and tell us the reasons. Tell us anything that is cogent or interesting on the subject of YELLOW. (bonus points for bringing any predominately yellow paintings)!

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