Meeting Notes, Thursday, August 21, 2014

At today's meeting: Dave, Tim, Kathy, Jeannie, Diana (new), Anna (new), Erin, Lisa, Diane, Susan, Mandy, Stephanie, Kay, Joanne, Za, Eunice, Nancy, Thomas and me Celeste.

Today's suggested table topic: Art organizations. Do you belong to any? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Comments below are offered in anonymous and random order.

I don't belong to any organizations aside from this one.

I have belonged to organizations. I have won ribbons. Art Organizations absolutely do have a place. They can be a drag, however, if you are a leader type because they will tap into you and try to get you to do all the work. I do belong to OSA.

I don't want to belong to anything.

I’m just visiting today. I found you via your online presence.

I don't belong to any groups. I will join OSA because I believe it will help me to establish myself and help me to understand how to show work. I also like some of the teachers there. I am looking forward to taking some of the classes. You can’t take their classes unless you join.

A celebrated artist told me a long time ago to stay away from guilds and art associations. The artist told me that many associations are stodgy and too full of rules. I really have always adhered to that idea and the only group that I belong to is this one.

I have been involved in several organizations. I even started a couple organizations myself!  I have done it all, from running it to (of course) dealing with all of the hassles that are inevitable. There are politics involved in any organization. I believe that OSA is under-utilized. I wish they could do better and have less politics.

I applied to be a member of a big (prestigious) organization. They rejected my painting when I went to put it in a show. Later, I recognized that the work that they were honoring was indeed different than my work. Their work was a lot tighter than my work. So, I do understand why my work didn't fit in with them. It's okay because I still found value in being a member of their organization. I’m not going to change how I work to try to fit in with them.

I consider this group an organization. I find this group more beneficial than many of the classes I've taken. This group is helpful and fun. There is a danger in all groups that you may become too social and forget to paint! Networking certainly is very important, though. I like finding out about what is happening. I do like OSA. I find it to be a good resource.

I was a member of OSA for one year. To be honest, I did not find it a satisfying experience.

I have been a member of OSA and also the Portrait Society of America. Places like the Portrait Society of America offer perks like Portfolio Reviews. I think it's a good idea to take advantage of some of those things. By and large I am a non- joiner. There are politics in everything. We live in a society where politics are in force. It is up to you to navigate those waters. I had to sit in the gallery once as part of my membership. I enjoyed that day because I liked who I had to share the day with. I enjoy the Portland Art Museum and I had a great time last time at the paint out. I want to support “my” museum! You have to look underneath --not hang on to things; you have to be able to change with things. It is important to be with your friends. (Applause!)

I have been in just a couple of groups. I am a member of OPA and AIS. These are organizations that are important if you want to compete at a National level. You will want to extend beyond your borders! Remember, if you are not accepted into something.. think of it as an opportunity. You can think of it as an opportunity to increase your skill set. Just remember why you are doing things!

I have belonged to a lot of groups. Many, many groups! I just love them. I have been in a Watercolor Society, the California Art Club, OPA, OSA and others. I find value in them all.

The only organization I belong to is this one. I really like this one. I thought about OSA. I am not sure.

I have been in groups. I like groups. But I don't want to belong to many of them.

I don't belong to any official groups. I do consider myself one of you. I have been in online groups like a Facebook group. It is much better to meet in person. I feel inspiration from this group.

I do belong to OSA. I don't really get much out of it. 

I would like to add that I saw a van Gogh exhibit in Portland in 1960.. it is what set me on the course to become a painter. I am so grateful to the Portland Art Museum.

Assorted Additional Notes:

Dave McBride showed us his “canvas book” made by Cottonwood Arts:
Eunice Sause showed us her new Plein Air “Quiver” (a wearable satchel of paint brushes with extra long handles).
Lisa is working on doing a large painting from a small study.
Diane loves her drawing classes with Lisa Caballero
Anna is new to us, an acrylics painter, Welcome, Anna!
Susan made lemonade out of lemons recently when she couldn’t use her car...she painted in her own yard and next door. There are many things to paint right where we are!
Mandy Main is visiting from California—welcome back, Mandy!
Stephanie complimented Za on her great ½ day workshop. Stephanie showed us the color chart and painting she did during the workshop.
Kay thinks the idea of Notan really helps her a lot. She threw a moon into a day-lit scene. It worked! She also showed us a family portrait in graphite.
Joanne shared a new medical clinic (perfect for artists). (click photo to enlarge):

Za showed us the painting she is submitting to a show.
Za recommends the Hillsboro Paint out!
Susan’s 80+-year-old Mom is oil painting and Susan set up a facebook page for her..if you get a chance, please “like” it!:

Jim King is still home mending his broken foot...get well soon, Jim!


Erin: My coffee house joint show is at "Coffeehouse North West" on the corner on W Burnside and Trinity
1951 W Burnside st. Portland OR From Sept 1-30. Opening Reception Wednesday Sept 3rd 6-8 pm. Thursday September 4th 6-10 pm. Many Galleries are open for an art walk as well as an arts and crafts street fair on NW 13th Ave. between NW Glisan St. and NW Irving St. (I will have a "booth" on 13th Ave).
Northwest neighborhood "First Thursday" and Facebook: First Thursday (Portland, OR)

Several artists (Za, Aimee, Celeste, Joanne, Anton, Stephanie, Vicki, etal!) will be painting Art in the Garden at Villa Catalana Saturday for this special event):

Villa Catalana Cellars/Rare Plant Research 
11900 S. Criteser Rd. Oregon City OR 97045

Saturday, August 23, 5:30 to 9:00 pm
Cover charge $10
Dinner and wine available

Nancy Zhang is interested in painting with you. She is in Southeast Portland. She wants to paint a lot during the summer. Her phone number is 503-954-4876. She is available most days.

Thanks to Brenda Boylan for submitting Portland painters for the current issue of Outdoor Painter! Check out Celeste and Kat's "quotes" and Brenda's urban painting:

That is it for today thank you for coming and sharing your ideas and your paintings. 

Next meeting: Thursday, August 28, suggested table topic:  War Stories...tell us something “humorous” or unusual from your painting past. Have you drank your thinner instead of your coffee? Has someone crashed into your palette outdoors? (You get the idea). See you next time!

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