Meeting Notes, August 24, 2017

At todays meeting, Judith, Geri, Tim, Jeanie, Loretta L, Kristina, Ward, Susan, Tom D, Elo, Bonnie, Dotty, Nancy, Joanne K and me, Celeste

Todays suggested table topic: Your eclipse experience...please describe. Bonus points given if you paint the eclipse and/or your impression of the eclipse. Otherwise, just show your current work (we're interested)!

Celeste: I spent the eclipse on Mt. Tabor. (Dave and I were indecisive where to go...but Mt. Tabor turned out the be an ideal place). I painted before the eclipse and during and after the eclipse. I used "artistic license" because it didn't get as dark as I painted my rendition...but some street lights did come on below us, and I painted those in. I'm also showing a recent life portrait.

Tom D: I didn't want to take any trips to see totality and I didn't get any I couldn't partake as others did. It didn't get wildly dark where I was. I was here for the 1979 eclipse and so I have that experience to refer to! I am showing a recent plein air painting. 

Susan: We went to the Alpenrose lot near where I live. It was eerie to me...! I felt like I was on a Sci-Fi set and I sort of felt like someone should yet "CUT"! (laughter)! Seriously, to me, it was awesome and a major thrill. It felt monumental to me. I painted these two vehicles for one of my collectors. He and his wife went to Scotland and visited a Whisky distillery --these vehicles have significance for them. The husband is surprising the wife with these paintings. I also painted this garden scene as a demo for my class.

Bonnie: I'm here to invite people to paint at R. Blooms ! (see announcement below)

Ward: I've just spent three weeks with premier artist Herman Pekel. I got to take two workshops with him and then he came to Portland and stayed with me for a week! I have talked to Celeste and I know that she admires Herman so he recorded this for her! (Ward played a video on his iPad of Herman saying "Hi"!) Applause! I painted these paintings with Herman and finally....I'll just say it now...he is such a generous man, and when made aware of Celeste's contribution...well,  he is giving this painting to Celeste as a present!!!  (Editor's note: OMG!!!!) I bought the other (similar) painting from him! I can't say how transformative my experience with Herman Pekel was. I could write a book about the time I got to spend with him. I got to spend the eclipse with him! We were fascinated by the moon shadows.
(Editor's note): Ward and Herman,  I have been counseled... never hero worship anyone...but I have a next-to-impossible time not "hero worshipping" Herman Pekel. He is at the very top of my list of all-time favorite artists. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Dotty: I watched the eclipse with my family on a roof top deck. We had a three year old there--so I confess, I felt distracted by wanting to make sure the glasses stayed on the little one! For me...I am in awe of nature all the time! Here is a recent plein air painting.

Nancy: I didn't know about the crescent shapes and felt surprised when I saw photos later. We were at a park, there was grass, so the moon shadows didn't show up where I was. We walked to the park --I wanted to experience the whole thing with my kids. I painted this painting recently in my class with Za. She helped me design the space around the flowers.

Elo: I didn't have I fashioned some indirect viewers! I heard that 7-11 still had some glasses...and I phoned--YES! they had some! I jumped in the car and it didn't take any time to get there. I went in and now all of a sudden they were completely OUT--I was flabbergasted and I blurted out "Are you LYING?" (Laughter)! Then he said "I do have some for sale "personally"!  another customer and I haggled for these black market glasses!!! I did get glasses (for a lot more money than what they were originally) and I thought as I left--I've been scalped by a 7-11 Cashier! (Laughter)!! I also made a special breakfast for my family...but they were pretty non-plussed by the day. The lead up and hype was so much more than it really was! I am showing my eclipse painting and another painting done before the eclipse. (The sky was an unusual color)

Kristina: What I learned from the eclipse experience is that there is something to be said for NOT taking photos and NOT painting...I took it all in and was present for it. I am showing two paintings from the Maryhill event. ....and it seems that I sold two paintings so far! (applause)!

Loretta L: I hosted an eclipse brunch! I served Mexican food and I was thoroughly distracted by all that. I was most interested in the shadows. Nature always amazes me...all of it! Every day! I went to Maryhill to see the show and while I was there...I painted this !

Jeanie: I did get some glasses and sat outside of Starbucks! I had a friend who traveled to see totality and it took her 5 hours to return! This is a painting I did recently.

Tim: I got glasses and put them on...and saw a small dot (Laughter)! The REAL thrill for me was seeing the moving moon shadows! They moved! They ran across the was wild. These two recent plein air paintings are watercolor. 

Geri: We were actually IN Salem the day before the eclipse--! We could have just stayed there...but we just decided no. On the day of the felt really eerie to me. My husband and I took scads of photographs. I am showing paintings of my impression of the eclipse.

Judith: I am the only one here who saw "Totality"! I was visiting a couple and the plan was to make the trip to see it...but they had a colossal fight the day before! This was pretty uncomfortable but I found myself in the position of therapist and designer (they were fighting over a home improvement). The next day the woman rode with me--because she refused to ride with her husband (Laughter)! Where we went was perfect. The swallows were "dive bombing" and there was purple and green in the atmosphere. It felt like someone had put a lid on us and there were these phenomenal "web like" lights around the sun...a corona. We were blown away! We saw three planets but no stars. We saw the "engagement ring" at the end. It took us 5 hours to get back! 

Joanne K: I walked around the corner to the park. I didn't see those cool shadows! I took Stella the dog with me and she barked most of the time. (Laughter)! I painted these two paintings of the people in the park waiting for the eclipse. I also brought this recent portrait. I have been working on my website!


Bonnie Burlew invites participants to paint at R. Bloom's (an upcoming plein air event). You are permitted to show your work on site. Please contact Bonnie to inquire:
(Here are some photos from past plein air events):

Susan: I am offering new Saturday classes at OSA. I am offering "Back to Basics" and we'll be covering drawing (for making good paintings)!
Susan: Don't miss Joe Pacquet's workshop Feb 2018 (Painting large studio paintings from your smaller references) details here:

Upcoming Demonstrations at OSA:

Call to Artists for Camas, WA plein air event (Hurry to register...this is for Friday, Sept 1)

There is room in Michael Lindstrom's "Painting the Moment" Workshop (with an emphasis on using more paint and expressive brushwork) One or two days

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman Life Session OSA Friday, August 25, 1-4pm with model Tony

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman: Fresh Flower Saturday at OSA 9-12  (August 26)

Brenda Boylan Pastel series (at OSA): Registration has begun for Winter session. Brenda is also teaching in San Clemente
For all classes/workshops go HERE

The field trip to Maryhill Museum Monday was a great success! See the photos on our Facebook page.

Monday, August 28, beginning 10:30am "The Paint BIG Paint-Out" (bring the biggest canvas* you have--we're going BIG)!* Sauvie Island...specific location: Dike road *Also, smart to bring big brushes and lots of paint. * you won't be thrown out if you paint small! (Here is how Don Bishop describes to get there):
The dike viewing spot with the parking lot right across from the kennels.
You go down past the Cracker Barrel store and turn right on reader road.

About 5 miles down it's right there on the left, right in the road. (circled on map)

You need to stop at the Cracker Barrel store to get a day pass to park. It is going to be hot--so be prepared (water, umbrellas, sunscreen, etc)

Next Meeting: Thursday: August 31. Suggested table topic: The Comfort Zone (as it pertains to painting)... What might make you "nervous" (painting-wise)--and have you ever "gone there"?  What is the riskiest thing you've painted and how did it affect you? Let's discuss!

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