Meeting Notes, August 9, 2018

At today's meeting: Dotty, Judith, Scott, Paula, Tom, Raziah (New), Tim, Jim Eugenia, Mike, Jerry, Tedd, Geri, Kenn, Susan, Jeanie, Genie, Tom K, Quin, Donna, Eunice, Loretta, Rahael, Chris, Yong, Elo and me, Celeste

Today's topic: What is a current goal and what are you doing to reach it?

Celeste: I am showing paintings I did in the Randy Sexton "Figure in the Landscape" one day workshop. He taught how to mass the "most obvious" body shape first (i.e.: the torso) with one color (Transparent red oxide)...we worked from the inside out until the whole figure was massed. After we did that exercise we added color directly on top of it. In the 2nd half of the workshop we painted a longer pose. I was pretty unhappy with the foreshortening in my painting (the legs), so one of my goals is to improve my drawing skills. I'm also interested in trying out different painting surfaces so I will be decisive about which one to use!  I am also showing a recent still life.

Eunice: I pass!

Loretta: My goal: to get back to painting more consistently.

Jerry: I wanted to show you all my pizza box wet canvas carrier. I like pizza boxes so well I have even nailed it to an upright and painting into it (using it as an easel). My goal: Improve my mark making. This is a painting I did plein air at the Yachats river. I am very interested in making every stroke I put down "significant"! No mindless strokes. I have no trouble scraping things off when I think the work is not up to par. As an aside....I must tell you that I recently won the "People's Choice" award at OSA! (Applause)!

Raphael: I tried to find the official people who were painting for the Pacific NE Plein air event. I couldn't find anyone! I went to Mt. Hood, but I was there the day after all the painters were there. I painted alone, but I was really happy with the result. I also painted at a historic house in White Salmon (where I painted this Gazebo) and my favorite painting was this one of this unusual tree. As for a specific goal, I don't know! I know that brushstrokes...each one matters and I want my work to have character.

Elo: The goal thing is hard! What I've been doing lately is responding positively to each and every opportunity that presents itself...and I paint "up" to that! I accept the opportunities and do my best. I am showing a plein air painting and a recent succulent painting (that was surprisingly challenging)!

Chris: I went plein air painting with my friend. She and I couldn't find anything that really felt inspirational to us. It just came time to paint something so we "settled" for a scene....just for the practice. Later I found out that she obliterated hers all together. I don't like so much green....but my goal is to understand green and to get better with green!

Yong: I usually get to these meetings late...but today I am on time...and now I can talk sooner instead of last! (Laughter)! Recently I traveled with my family and I painted things that really touched me. It was a good time. I used watercolor a lot (exclusively). My goal is to do different things from time to time! That is why, when the opportunity presented itself, I did this still life in charcoal.

Tom D: As you know...this is "Winston" our traveling plein air box (that we are passing around amongst ourselves to paint from). From what I understand, this box had never been used before Tim Young bought it at an antique shop. I figure maybe someone once owned it who got it, but then "lost their nerve" (Laughter)! I bought a panel to fit into this slot to paint onto...but this is my first time using a panel like this and I can't say I liked it. I found it slippery and it was weird to paint the painting right into the box...but I did it (for our collective project). I painted this at Cathlament (WA). My goal is to use richer colors...but I also want to remind myself to be who I am.

Jim: This is my "Winston" painting that I did at the coast. There are bugs and sand on this painting! My goals: to be deliberate and mindful of shapes and values. I am also showing a plein air painting from Whitaker Ponds.

Donna: I am showing a collection of note cards of my art. Some are plein air and some are studio. My goals: To stay positive, enthusiastic and confident.

Raziah (new! Welcome)!: This painting that I am showing is part of my "Gypsy Bride" series. I used a limited palette, just 4 colors plus black and white. I like for the paint to "sit" and set up. My goal: I am interested in merging Greek Mythology and the technical world...(and working with glazes).

Paula: I am showing a pastel that I did at Villa Catalana. I will be painting there this Saturday (Editor's note: and you are invited to do the same, see the notes below). My Goal: to continue to work on composition. I have a book and a DVD that I especially like to revisit about Composition.

Genie: My goal: Continue to work on understanding warm and cool! (which, frankly, I do not always understand!!) (Laughter)! I am showing a painting that I did of a scene in Vermont.

Jeanie: I pass!

Judith: As you all know, I am a studio painter....but I do challenge myself every now and then to do what you all go plein air painting! But....I am a prodigy of the Bob Ross school of plein air painting! (Laughter)! I did attend the Whitaker Pond plein air paint out. I was in the parking lot and the woman who runs the place came out to talk with me, and I was near the bathroom so there was a steady stream of people coming and going. I found it all a challenge. And THEN three cops showed up and I learned they were there about something associated with the nearby homeless camp. So this is my painting of the experience. (Laughter! Laughter!). I can make it a more calm scene by doing this (Judith removes the "multi-media" cut outs) (Laughter)! My Goal: I want to perfectly capture at least 5 Renaissance paintings so well that you'd never know that I forged them. (Laughter)!

Tedd: I painted this recently plein air and I took this photo to show you the "audience" that I had while I painted it. (cows)! (Laughter)! My Goal: Keep simplifying.

Tedd's Audience

Dotty: My Goals: Paint with confidence. No noodling! Get to know greens! I painted this vineyard in Lake Oswego.

Susan: I have had mixed emotions recently, because I am selling my husband's business. (My husband passed away 9 months ago). I am dealing with the business and our house and I am teaching. The teaching especially has been so great (and healing) for me! Sometimes I think I should pay my students instead of the other way around! (Laughter)! I have done 3 pastels and one oil recently....and the oil can be seen at OSA with a big ribbon next to it! (Applause! Laughter)! I have to thank Peggie Moje' who convinced me to "get out there" to paint. And also, I credit my painting teacher, Joe Pacquet. I learned a lot from him and my OSA painting seems to reflect that. My Goal: Keep pushing myself positively, keep teaching and painting.

Ken: My Goal: I am setting up a new website. It is 90% done. It is starting to look good! My Goal: to paint more. (I am in Susan's drop in Saturday class, and I highly recommend it)! I took this painting off the wall and made some changes/adjustments to it.

Geri: I am of two minds...! I like detailed work...but I also want to experience what it is to paint in a more loose manner. Tedd recommended that I paint this scene again, painting it from the original photo reference, only this time painting it upside down! This is an effort at painting in a more loose manner. (Geri has a paper with a "2" over the 2nd painting...). So I painted it from the upside down reference and (unveiling #2) TA DA! it's the SAME! (Laughter)!  I went ahead and painted another upside down and (unveiling #3) aaaaannnnddd TA DA! SAME thing! (Laughter, Laughter)!

Scott: I haven't been painting, so I brought this painting from my archives. My Goal: Keep moving and doing! What I have to tell you is that I gave up my day I am a full-time painter now! (Applause)! (Congratulations, Scott!)

Mike: In most aspects of life you make goals and the rewards are win when you work at things! But, does that apply to art? When you paint things you can sometimes ask this worthy of a show? The questions and answers aren't quite as clear as they are for other aspirations. I brought my "learning book" in...I keep notes to myself in here, I do color swatches. Regular and disciplined practice is very important! The truth is, color swatches can be very enjoyable. Not all good painters are good teachers. It's important to find the teacher who resonates with you. I am showing recent paintings (including a demo that I did at a fundraiser for OSA).

Tom K: My Goal: I wanted to improve my website...and I do like how it came out! My Goal: to paint the "weather", to paint temperature.

Quin: My goal was just to get here (Laughter)! Some of you know that I organized the "Beautiful Lives Lost" project honoring the 58 people killed in the Las Vegas shooting. It has taken a lot of my focus and energy...but it has been worth it. The next phase of the project is collaborating with some people in Las Vegas and getting our paintings to the families.  My Goal: To paint more and to properly photograph my work and possibly enter some upcoming events.


Congratulations, Yong Hong Zhong, First Place Winner Pacific Northwest Plein Air 2018 (at Maryhill Museum). The Show is up until August 25.

2nd: Anton Pavlenko, Best Water Yong Hong Zhong, Best National Scenic Area: Aimee Erickson, Maryhill Prize, Thomas Kitts, Best Mountain Za Vue; all results here:

Congratulations, Susan Kuznitsky, Best of Show, First Annual Oregon Society of Artists Plein Air event (2018) The show is up until August 30

Susan Kuznitsky: Painter's Showcase this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Tigard):
Susan Kuznitsky: classes and workshops:

Joanne Kollman figure painting (Male clothed model) this Friday 1:15-4:15, $20 OSA or drop in

Beaverton Art Mix (opportunity):

Winston the traveling Alla Prima box (please always photograph yourself with the box and the surroundings). Don't forget to sign the lid.  The box is currently with Chris Rectenwald.

Paula Hansen is at the West Linn Library August

Brenda Boylan classes:

Paint the trees Elisabeth Jones Gallery

Blick sale (great savings on paint)

(Paint at Villa Catalana this Saturday) Hi Plein Air Painters!
Just a reminder that this Saturday, August 11th is the Art in the Garden Dinner Party out at Villa Catalana Cellars in Oregon City. You have the opportunity to sell your artwork, paint in front of the public and make connections. You can start painting at 1pm out at the vineyard if you want to. Doors open at 5pm to the guests and the event goes till 9pm. I heard that some artists last year had artwork set up next to them for sale while they painted (not just paintings made at the vineyard). The paintings you create onsite will be for sale as well. Villa Catalana does not take a commission and there is no fee to participate. If you would like the buffet it’s $22. 
To participate make sure to sign up by emailing Burl at
Guests will enjoy live Brazilian music, specialty ice cream, a chef prepared buffet and watch artists create! All artwork is for sale. You can send this link to friends/family so they can attend and snag a ticket:…

NO MEETING at Prosperity Pie next week (You must always consult the blog or Facebook for information about paint outs and "discussion" meetings each week)...Paint out INSTEAD August 16 9am meet Host Eugenia Parker at 7020 SW 82nd Avenue...from there you will fan out to a location you like, paint there and then reconvene at NOON for discussion.  Very pretty setting, bring your chair, lunch, umbrella, etc!

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