Meeting Notes, Dec 13, 2018

At today's meeting,  Jeanie, Raphael, Pam, Mike, Loretta L, Tim, Dave, Tom D, Nancy, Lily, Tom K, Wendy, Thomas, Jim, Tedd, Leslie, Susan, Chris, Geri, Stephanie, Yong and me, Celeste.

Today's topic: Your dream destination (as it pertains to painting)...if there were no obstacles, where would you like to go (to paint or gather inspiration)?

Celeste: I would retrace van Goghs footsteps...I'd visit all the places he lived and where the yellow house was. I'd like to see the famous bridge, the asylum and even where he died. I know some places have been preserved (and/or reestablished to be how it was). I saw the Willem Dafoe movie "At Eternity's Gate" just yesterday. When I got home from the movie, I painted this portrait.

Jeanie: I have been to Giverny and I'd like to go back!

Raphael: At this stage in my life...I really like going not far from my house! (laughter)! I've been getting ready for Christmas. This is a plein air painting I did when I first started painting outside. I made this frame. Also, I wanted to share a new acquisition (to my art collection) --this is a Geri Graley painting!

Pam: I've been to Italy...and I would go back. I have been reading Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling. I brought two commissions in that I did recently. The client wanted no color for this painting of Etta James...and in case you don't know....this is Frank Sinatra! (a youngster asked me if this painting was of a leprechaun)! (Laughter)!

Mike: I would go back to England. I am such a fan of traditional English Landscape! Of course, I love France and Italy too. As far as work is considered, I recently did 30 paintings. I can't show them to you because I have mailed them (as holiday greetings). If you didn't get one, that is just because I don't like you! (Laughter)! (just kidding!) 

Loretta L: I like Mexico. I have been there (and I have painted paintings from there). I brought a painting from Taxco (considered the silver capitol of Mexico). I am going to Viet Nam...and I am looking forward to that.

Tim: If I could have a Sherpa, I would definitely go to Tibet. If I went I might discover that it is very different from my romanticized view of what it is like there.  I do think the colors there would be unique! When I first started painting I used acrylic. I moved over into oil, but I revisited acrylic recently when I painted this plein air at Powell Butte.

Dave: I would go to the Cotswold, Switzerland and San Miguel! I have done a fair amount of travel...but these are places I'd go now (to paint there). Inspired by Tedd's recent palette knife paintings, I brought a palette knife painting of my own.

Tom D: I've been to Italy. I'm not sure about going back. I think I'd rather go to another time and if I could I'd go to the 1930's. (Laughter)! Well, the 1930's wouldn't have so many overhead wires and I'd like that unobstructed view. 

Nancy: Anywhere in "the country" is where I like to go. In particular, my dream location is always China (in the country)!

Lily: I would go to Greece...and maybe never come back! (Laughter)! I painted this over an old painting and I like how the texture of the old painting increased the texture of the new painting.

Tom K: Well, I was thinking of Gresham....I've never been there (Laughter)! When I was in Dublin I was walking alone and it was night. I felt like someone was following me. Where I stopped that seemed confirmed because I saw two shadows. I turned around and then I realized that because of some unusual lighting both shadows belonged to me! I painted the memory of the experience. (I liked how the 2 shadows seemed evocative....maybe the imagery feels a little desolate.

Wendy: My dream destination would be Antarctica. I know someone who does giant pastel paintings of icebergs! The colors are amazing...(but I would just do small paintings, not huge ones)!

Thomas: As you know, I travel quite a lot. For the "ideal" location I do have criteria that might include sunlight, rocks, sand, coast, shoreline --oh and good food! (Laughter)! Actually, I like it here quite a lot. I would love to go to Corfu...and I have checked, travel there is cost prohibitive. (John Singer Sargent painted there). If the costs ever come down, I'll go there for sure. I am showing a painting I did at Point Lobos.

Jim: I've been fortunate to travel to some great places...I've been to Italy (with Thomas in his workshop). I have also taken trips to interesting places (but I didn't take my paints)! I'd could go back to Strasberg and Lucerne Switzerland is wonderful. I admire Russian Impressionism, so I'd like to go to Russia. I am showing a painting I did when Tedd and I painted together (it is all palette knife). I'm showing two other paintings, painted from reference. 

Tedd: I'm mad at Thomas for mentioning Corfu---that's *my* answer! Laughter)! I would also go to the hill country in England. I painted these paintings recently. One is at Oak Knoll Vineyard and the other is Unger Farm. The one at Oak Knoll was especially challenging because of the wind. The painting blew completely off my easel several times!!

Leslie:  I went to Israel awhile back. I was illustrating a book there..and I painted indoors from references.  I've been there several times...but always with family.  The light in Israel is so beautiful you can be inside and not need any artificial light at all. I took advantage of the great "indoor" light when I did my illustrations. I will go back. There is so much material there. 

Susan: My answer is anywhere tropical where I can be barefoot in the sand!  ..Tim Young has let me use some of his photographs (with no charge) for paintings --and I have sold a few of those! So, I want to give Tim this painting I did of him as my way of saying Thank you. (Applause)! (I  painted this at Cathedral Park because the bridge did not interest me....I painted Tim instead)!

Chris: I was just in Amsterdam and we were set to visit the van Gogh museum...but I hurt my knee and we couldn't go! (collective groan)! But the rest of my European trip was fantastic and I will return to Amsterdam someday (and see the museum then)! Another dream destination for me is anywhere in Maine, really. I love the idea of visiting Mohegan Isle AND Mexico!

Geri: In Oregon there are over 300 uninhabited towns ("Ghost Towns")...! I like going to very out-of-the-way places and imagining what life must have been like there long ago. My husband and I love to just drive around and one of us will say--"let's stop here"! In Oregon we're less than 30 minutes away from all sorts of interesting places. I brought in a sketch I did during one of our impromptu stops.

Stephanie: I can never pick just one thing.  I could visit British Columbia, I love the Pacific Northwest. Of course, on my wishlist is a workshop with Thomas Kitts in Italy...and my ultimate destination would be Kyoto, Japan. I brought two monotypes that I did at the Monotype Party at OSA. When you do these, there are always unexpected results (plus, they are printed in reverse).

Yong: I like traveling. As an takes me outside of what I might normally do. When I am away...I don't go in search of something grand. I might paint in a parking lot. I paint for the feelings I get from being there. I have recently been painting digitally. I am showing a digital painting. 


David McBride at Jola Cafe (5915 SW Corbett Av) The show remains up until Jan 1, 2019.
(Thanks to all for coming out to on Facebook)

Field trip o Cinema 21 for the van Gogh movie Wed Dec 19, 4pm

Mike Porter is the new Workshop Chair at OSA. Do you have ideas and/or feedback on who you would like to see teaching a workshop at OSA? Email Mike:

In the near future Thomas Kitts will be introducing 4 week classes at his studio. The classes will progress (each lesson building on the last one).  Jan/Feb 2019.  Additionally, there will be announcements about his "Drawing for Plein Air" workshop, A local plein air workshop (that may be scheduled back to back with the drawing week, for those interested). August and Spt 2019. There is also an East Coast Workshop in the works (Mohegan Isle, Maine). To find out more go to the "Early Bird" subscription form on Thomas' website

Single Pose "Fine Art Friday" Figure session with Tony if enough people sign up
20 drop in fee
Fridays: 1 -4pm
Join this “Fine Arts Friday” group.  Enjoy the company fellow artists, share art ideas.  Work in the drawing or painting medium of your choice. Clothed models with an occasional partial nude.
 contact instructor:, 503-752-3708 or OSA: 503-228-0706

OSA classes: Susan Kuznitsky and others

Contact Leslie Elder if you have an interest in painting the figure with her Wednesday group:

Hiatus Drawing club meets after the Alla Prima Meeting at French Quarter

Za Vue's solo show at First Presbyterian Church (1200 SW Alder St, Portland, OR 97205) off of SW Alder St is up until Jan 2019

Elizabeth Jones Gallery sketch show is up until Dec 24

Happy Birthday, Tim Young! We all very much appreciate you!

Next Thursday Meeting: French Quarter Thursday 9am Dec 20 Topic: Diagonals! Do you think about the importance of diagonals? Do you have any examples of how something diagonal in a painting was effective? Let's discuss!

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