Meeting Notes Dec 27, 2018

At today's meeting: Loretta, Marie, Annie, Wendy, Stephanie, Donna, Tom K, Tim, Jeanie, Vicki. Jerry, Ken, Chris, Geri Eunice, Joanne and me, Celeste.

Topic: Your big idea. (for 2019) as it pertains to painting) what is it?

Celeste: Is this a covert way of asking if we have a New Year's resolution? I have some duplicate outdoor easels.  I'm thinking of having a studio sale where I'll offer my surplus equipment for sale. Does that qualify as a "big idea"? I also want to get rid of old art that I don't want (by destroying it).  We may think about how to do that collectively (though...what a bonfire THAT would be)! (Laughter)! I am showing two paintings from my archives.

Loretta: My big idea isn't that big. (Laughter)!  I usually paint 16x20. I am going to do some new paintings at 18x24! I don't make New Year's Resolutions!

Marie: My big idea is to paint my 97 year old Mother. She is in hospice. I know it will be a meaningful project!  I brought a portrait painting. The subject was a woman who had spent much of her life chained in a barnyard in Cambodia! Her gaze was proud and unwavering. I felt that I had to get that.  

Annie: My big idea is also to get rid of unnecessary things. Additionally, I might work on things a bit more, to give my painting more considered thought! If I allow myself enough time one idea leads to another and that leads to another. I am showing some simple watercolors. I did like these "as is"(without any further resolution). I have come to understand how to "see" warm and cool (sort of belatedly!) I do see it now much better than early on. 

Wendy: My big idea is to evolve from literal to interpretation. I'll check back with you a year from now and let you know how that is going! (Laughter)! 

Stephanie: I'm embracing working smaller! I have been downsizing and packing to smaller is better. I also really appreciate a smaller scale for "freshness". I am showing two paintings. I worked from a photograph. I painted the larger painting based on the previous smaller one.

Donna: I really don't have any ideas. I *am* going to take golf lessons this coming year (Laughter)! I got a call recently. I will be the featured during March at the Vallery Art Gallery in Forest Grove. (Applause)! I am showing a painting I did from a photo (from a trip we took).

Tom K. I have a big suggestion I want to share. I suggest we leave our comfort zones. Whenever I leave mine I feel a combination of energy and fear. Maybe we should paint opposites. Paint the grass red or paint the sky orange. I brought the first painting I painted in Dublin. I feel compelled to paint there, what else would I do there? Drink? (Laughter)! This tree is in the heart of Dublin. (Tom added later that he has been learning to knit and finding it tough going. Also, a Gallery owner told Tom that best sizes to generate interest are small or large (no "medium"). 

Tim: I brought this book that explains a process that I am interested in. Linseed oil currently isn't made how it was originally. I want to make my own linseed oil, replicating the process used when it was first made. In the end I will have "water-washed Linseed oil" and I will use it as my medium.  I am showing a painting I did of the Anderson Dairy Farm and also two recent miniatures. 

Jeanie: I bought a big new easel... I had to. I continue to work on a large scale.  

Vicki: I notice when I look at art I am most drawn to expressive paintings. I am going to get bigger brushes! I am showing recent paintings. (I painted over black gesso).
Jerry: I want to move into more portraits. I have a big idea to go systematically through the book "Alla Prima" by Richard Schmid. I could work on each chapter for a period of time. There is a chapter on portrait. I'd try to do everything Schmid recommends in each chapter. I'm showing two paintings from the high desert. 

Ken: I ready to market my paintings. I have a new website and I'll soon have a show up at NECC. I've had a show here in Multnomah Village and I'm on the lookout for more opportunities. I am showing a painting from my archives. 

Chris:  I'm not caring as much as I used to about what others think of my work! Recently I've had a feeling of some urgency. It's time to get on with things.

Geri: I think getting out of my comfort zone is a great be warned, you may see some crappy work coming from me! Laughter! I painted with the Winston box and painted this.

Eunice: Since knitting season is nearly over, I'll start painting again. (Joanne and Chris were recipients of handmade "outdoor painting" knitted caps/gloves from Eunice today). 

Joanne: I am always striving to be in the present moment! I have been teaching art in High School. I was a substitute and that job is coming to a close. I am showing gestural paintings of "the same guy" (Sean)


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Next Meeting Thursday Jan 3 Topic Share a moment when things really clicked for you (as it pertains to painting) ..what do you think accounted for it? Did you understand something that you did not previously understand? Why? Describe !

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