Meeting Notes, Dec 28, 2017

At todays meeting: Loretta, Jim, Susan, Tim, Diane, Lisa, Vicki, Becky, Joanne K, Joanne T, Judy, Annie, Eunice, Donna, Judith, Tom D, Tom K, Tracie and me, Celeste.

Today's suggested table topic...share something whimsical, funny, offbeat or weird with us (as it pertains to painting).

Celeste: When I first began painting I went to an organized paint out at an Iris Garden in Salem (a long drive).  I met the group there in the morning. I barely got set up and a reeling drunk came up to me and slurred: "Are you having any pfhhun??" I answered, "Yes, sure... I guess. I am having fun" He continued: "Because..... theres a  lady over there... (fanning his arms to indicate some rows over) "that ISN'T having any pfhhun"(Laughter)! (It was easy to guess which lady he had tried to talk to). 
Beyond all that, I had a challenging day painting and had wiped out all my paintings except one small painting of a single iris. I was pretty happy with that one. When I got home (after something like 9 hours) I put my painting on the mantle to dry. My husband said: "You are aware, aren't you, that there is an iris in our back yard?" (Laughter)! I'm showing a recent life painting and some Strada paintings from last year.

Loretta: I'll pass!

Jim: Recently my wife brought me a cup of tea and I (inexplicably) put my paint brush in it (Laughter)! I am showing a painting of the Columbia Gorge Creek and a still life. I am also showing this covered bridge...I learned that this covered bridge was once slated for demolition but the farmers in the area rallied around and fought to keep it intact. 

Susan: I was at the Toledo Plein air event painting away when a woman came up and asked me: "Where is the Airplane show"? I replied.."um..I don't know, this is a Plein Air event". It took me a little bit to realize she must have heard of the "Plein Air" event but "heard" it as "Air Plane" instead. (Laughter)! (She seemed disappointed that there wasn't an Airplane show) Laughter!

Tim: I was painting in Hood River and it was windy. I had talked to a slew of people. Later when I was packing up I realized I had red paint all over my beard...very obvious... you'd think someone might have pointed it out, but they didn't. (Laughter)! I brought in a couple (of my more whimsical) paintings.

Diane: I've been trying to think of anything that has been funny--and I guess I've been pretty serious about all this, because I am coming up short. I *have* gotten paint in my hair too, so I guess that counts! I am showing two recent studio paintings of birds. I'm thinking of doing this as a series. 

Lisa: Many years ago my husband and I took a volleyball workshop. I am a "type A" and I always want to do things 100%. I was committed and doing my absolute best. After awhile, however, the workshop instructor said to me: "Are you having fun...?....I hope you are...because you are really bad!"  Instead of being angered by her question/statement, I laughed and I said "Well, out of all these people someone has to be the worst!" (Laughter)! Then years later I was enrolled in a plein air painting workshop and the workshop teacher seemed to be at some sort of loss with what to say to me. Once again, I thought..."Well, someone has to be the worst--!" That thought has served me well! (Laughter)! I am showing a recent painting from Robin Damore's workshop.

Vicki: I went early to a paint out that was at Lone Fir Cemetery. I was dressed in raggedy painting clothes and rolling around my painting "cart".  I was just kind of wandering around looking for scenery. In retrospect, I'm sure my wandering looked aimless.  I kept walking around and around and a man approached me and said "Are you all right, dear"? (Laughter)! 

Becky: I was at George Rogers park on my own plein air painting.  These people came up and were just gushing over my start..they kept going on and on about how wonderful and fabulous it was --but really, it was barely blocked in! It looked like absolutely nothing! (Laughter)! They said "Can you do a commission!? We need a giant elk head! We have the frame"! (Laughter)! I did not accept the giant elk head commission! (Laughter)!

Donna: I haven't been here in awhile...I came to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I brought a work in progress...I'm thinking about how to resolve some areas.

Tracie: I'm going to go way back to art school for my story. As you know, life drawing features a completely nude model. None of us were used to that... but, also it didn't take long before we all got serious to draw in ernest, having gotten over the initial jitters. It was quiet and everyone was concentrating. Then (Tracie acts this out) a guy comes into the room (apparently having gotten mixed up/lost from the non-art related section of the campus). He steps inside the room, looks at the model and turned immediately around to leave but runs directly into the WALL! (Laughter)! then he turned around again, facing us again, but then runs directly into the wall AGAIN. (Laughter)!

Joanne K: I was at Laurelhurst park at a paint out when someones cart rolled slowly past me --ultimately into the Laurelhurst pond!  We all kind of just watched this happen in slow motion, not fully taking it in that it could and would reach the water. (Laughter)! It did! The whole thing was submerged.  Another time at a plein air event Michele and Za were trying to hammer a painting into a frame (Those plein air events have you framing your paintings out in the field under a deadline). Well, they got it hammered in, and congratulated one another...only to turn it over and discover that all the mitered corners were pulled apart (Laughter)!  I'm showing some recent paintings and a painting that Mike Sowers did of my son Tony (he gave it to me/Tony).

Joanne T: I was at the Scottsdale Artist School taking a workshop. In the workshop with me was Qiang Huang (a well known artist). He helped me by showing me how to resolve one of the areas in my painting with palette knife. I did as he said and the painting got noticed! I got a scholarship to take another class (because of that painting)! I am showing a recent studio painting.

Annie: Years ago I had an assignment to do some book illustrations. I finished the project--it represented many hours of work. When the illustrations got turned in they said "But, wait. You've done these on regular mat board, it needed to be on illustration board"! I found out the illustrations had to be put on a round drum in order to be scanned. The illustrations were returned to me and thank goodness for my husband...because he figured out what to do. He got a belt sander and meticulously sanded the back side down (incrementally) until they were flexible and could be put on the scanning drum! I am showing a sketchbook that I did years ago. It is quirky what you see when you are really looking and observing. I saw that ducks have layers and layers of feathers even on their eyelids. I am also showing a painting where I wanted to show a red dress in deep shadow.

Tom D: Two weeks ago I went painting with Ward. I ordered $60 in new brushes and this was to be the first time I'd use them. I don't know how it happened, but I knocked all my brushes into the water! They were irretrievable ! (collective groan)! Luckily I had my old brushes with me and I painted these buildings. I also painted this other recent plein air. 

Judy: I was at a art festival in a booth and some young (irreverent) teenagers chanted (in front of my booth) "slap slap 50 dollars!/slap clap 75 dollars!" You had to be there! It was memorable. Recently I was intrigued with thinking how artists came to paint on fabric. I decided to stretch a plaid shirt, gesso it and paint on it! I painted this. I liked the surface!

Judith: I've told you some humorous stories in the past--I won't subject you again. (Laughter)!

Tom K: I was 17 when I first attended a Life drawing session. The model dropped her robe and a fellow student ultimately asked me if I was all right. I had been shaking the entire time--I guess it was noticeable! (Laughter)! I am showing a study I did while on my trip to Spain. This has to do with bullying. I am not sure why it was on my mind...bullying has to do with being different and being abused for it. Elements in the study are "after" the subject. In the larger painting I have expressed this same concept.


Thanks Joanne, for the Birthday flowers!

Show Opportunity-If you are a member of Alla Prima Portland, bring a small or medium sized painting to NE Community Center on Jan 5 at 10am. Bring a card with completed details (name, cost contact info) to hang next to your painting. Questions:

Paint the figure tomorrow, Friday at OSA 1-4pm Dec 29 with Joanne.  The model is Tony $20 drop ins are welcome.

Fresh Flower Saturday at OSA is "off" this Saturday but will resume during the new year (to be announced)

Expressive Portraiture at Oregon Society of Artists
Joanne Radmilovich Kollman, instructor
This 4-week session will give beginning students a leg up on working on portraits from photos and from life. Intermediate portrait and figure artists will gain hands on help working out problems occurring from life and from photos.
Session #1-Choosing your photo, surfaces and mark making; Session #2-Getting a likeness;  Session #3-Mixing Flesh tones; Session #4-Putting the pieces together.
It is highly recommended (but not required) that students also attend the $20 Friday-afternoon model sessions to apply the lessons with a live model.
dates: January 5 - 26
 time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
cost: 4 weeks: $100 | drop-ins: $30 with RSVP
classroom: upstairs studio
for details: Joanne Radmilovich Kollman,, 503-752-3708

registration: contact instructor

New classes with Susan Kuznitsky at Oregon Society of Artists
Wednesdays Pastel beginning Jan 10
Saturdays at OSA (all Media) beginning Jan 13

Other Classes /workshops at OSA

Here is the link to the Strada Challenge. Sign up-! It is free and if painting everyday sounds daunting..remember they allow drawing too. (Everything must be from life, not from photo reference). Bonus...if you make all 31 days you qualify for a chance to win a Strada easel

Upcoming 2 person show at Clackamas Community College Joanne Radmilovich Kollman and Celeste Bergin beginning Jan 9, 2018 29353 SW Town Center Loop East Wilsonville 97070

Check soon for Show opportunities at Art on Broadway:

Sign up for Joe Paquet at OSA in Feb:

Next Meeting: Jan 4, 2018 9am suggested table topic: What area (as it pertains to painting) do you want to "brush up on" (improve)? ( Bonus points if you will share specifically what you intend to do to improve. Let's discuss!

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